“Free speech,” French style

At this moment it’s 6:00 am Sunday morning in Paris. The bankers, elitists, and neoliberals are confident that they will be able to rig today’s election in France so that their puppet Emmanuel Macron will win.

Still, just to make sure, the corporate media outlets in all European languages have spent weeks claiming that Marine Le Pen has no chance against Macron.

All day today, every commercial radio and TV station in France will announce every fifteen minutes that “Macron is far ahead” in order to make people stay home and not vote. (Usually this trick works.)

This will be a popular vote, and will therefore be easy to rig, unlike the U.S. Electoral College vote.

As you probably heard, there was a massive dump of Macron’s emails that reveal the depth of Macron’s corruption. It includes business documents and incriminating photos about financial swindles and offshore accounts. The French election commission is warning everyone not to discuss Macron’s corruption – or else. (If the Russian government did this, there would be a global outcry.)

Speaking of Russia, the media outlets are also repeating the standard nonsense that “Russia did it.” Therefore to vote for Le Pen is to vote for the evil Putin. And North Korea. And ISIS.™ And Hitler. And Trump.

Naturally Obama is endorsing Macron who, in terms of being an elitist and pro-banker, is ultra-right-wing. And, being right-wing, the corporate media outlets call Macron a “centrist.”

Meanwhile Le Pen opposes banker fascism. Therefore the corporate media outlets call her a “fascist.”

It’s all routine garbage, but what’s depressing is that many so-called “progressives” actually believe this filth. (Or do they? Do you believe it?)

Are you scientific?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a “science popularizer” who is featured in countless YouTube videos.  Tyson has twenty honorary doctorate degrees, and has published several books on science. He is a frequent keynote speaker in national science conferences, and a frequent guest on TV talk shows, where he often gets a standing ovation as he walks onto a stage.

Tyson is also an idiot.

He says you are “anti-science” if you question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, even though no vaccine has ever been scientifically tested for safety and efficacy.

That is, no vaccine has ever been subjected to double-blind placebo-controlled testing. Not one. Not ever.

Therefore Tyson’s claims about vaccines are anti-science.

In a double-blind test (or trial, or experiment) neither the participants nor the researchers know which participants belong to the test group, and which belong to the “control group” who get a placebo.

No vaccine has ever been subjected to this, or even to a single-blind test, where researchers know who gets the vaccine, and who gets the placebo. There has never once been a study done in which two controlled populations are compared, one with vaccines, and one without. NEVER.

If Tyson were “scientific,” he would retract his idiotic defenses of Big Pharma. However Tyson knows this would end his career. Therefore he remains a professional liar.

You can see this by Googling the words “vaccination” plus “Neil deGrasse Tyson.”

Example: “Neil deGrasse Tyson comes down on firmly on the side of science, which has shown that vaccines are both safe and effective.”

Example: “Tyson lists the anti-vaccine movement, alternative medicine and opposition to genetically modified organisms as examples of left wing anti-science.”

(“Alternative medicine” means anything other than what Big Pharma trains its puppet doctors to say.)

Big Pharma is continually being sued for harming and killing people in its quest for profits. Two days ago (4 May 2017) a St. Louis jury awarded a Virginia woman $110.5 million in the latest lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, whose baby powder, the jury concluded, causes cancer. This comes after three previous St. Louis juries awarded $197 million to plaintiffs against Johnson & Johnson. About 2,000 state and federal lawsuits are in courts across the country over concerns about health problems caused by prolonged use of talcum powder.

And that is only one item (talcum powder, which in its natural form contains asbestos, a known carcinogen). Pharmaceutical companies are continually killing and harming people, and must pay endless millions in fines. They consider this the cost of doing business.

But when it comes to vaccines, those same companies are protected from lawsuits by federal statute. Pharmaceutical companies are legally infallible. No one can touch them, no matter how many deaths and injuries they cause.  (If you think this is an exaggeration, then please stop gulping the Kool-Aid.)

Since Big Pharma has 100% federal protection, to even consider questioning their vaccine products is to be “unscientific.”

This is what passes for “intelligence” in the USA.  With a population like this, it’s no wonder that Tyson gets standing ovations.

Incidentally the vaccine fanatics admit that no vaccine has ever been tested for safety and effectiveness. They say this is because safety tests would be “unethical.”

Got that? We test regular drugs for safety and effectiveness, since it would be unethical not to. But with “harmless” vaccines, it is “unethical” to test them to see if they are indeed “harmless.” If this seems absurd to you, it is because you are not “scientific.”

Re. the “good war”

Here’s an example of why people should be careful about supporting the Empire’s wars, including the so-called “good war” (WW II).

According to the BBC documentary at bottom, Winston Churchill and some of his closest cronies trained and equipped the Japanese military in order for Churchill to have his world war. The British gave Japan the know-how to attack Pearl Harbor and capture Singapore, which caused 100,000 British soldiers to be sent to POW camps.

This was not an accident. It was all planned.

According to the BBC program…

The first British aircraft carrier was the HMS Argus (I49) launched in 1917. This was at the end of the First World War, and the British government tasked William Forbes-Sempill  with showing the Japanese how to build their own aircraft carriers and naval fleet, using British technology. 

Over the next 20 years, Sempill spied for the Japanese, at first legally, and then illegally, all with the knowledge of the highest levels of the British government MI5 knew that Sempill was conducting espionage, but Sempill was always protected. Although his crimes were monumental, he was never charged or prosecuted.

When WW II began in Sept. 1939, Sempill (who had spent years passing secrets to Japan) was assigned to the Department of Air Materiel at the Admiralty Office. This gave Sempill access to secret information about the latest British aircraft. By June 1941, MI5 had intercepted messages between London and the Mitsubishi Company in Tokyo proving that Sempill was on the Japanese payroll. And still Sempill was always protected by the highest levels of British government — especially by Winston Churchill, who was very tight with Sempill. Sempill also had the protection of Churchill’s foreign secretary Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain.

On 5 Aug 1941 Special Branch arrested Satoru Makehara (a high-level Mitsubishi operative) for espionage in London. Sempill made a phone call to Paddington police station, and ordered MI5 to release Makehara two days later.

On 13 December 1941, six days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Special Branch raided Sempill’s office and found secret documents from the Admiralty that Sempill was supposed to have surrendered over three weeks earlier. Two days later Sempill was discovered making phone calls to the Japanese Embassy. Despite the evidence of treason in wartime Sempill was never charged. On the contrary, he became an MP in the House of Lords.

The Japanese initially did not know how to build aircraft carriers. Sempill helped them build their first carrier, the Hosho, using British technology. Japan next needed needed training on how to handle planes at sea. The British sent them Frederick Rutland, who was an experienced carrier pilot, and who became the first person to land a Mitsubishi Zero on a Japanese aircraft carrier.  Rutland had been squadron leader of the HMS Eagle, which was the second aircraft carrier the U.K. built.  All this continued while hostilities built up between the U.K. and Japan.

Frederick Rutland designed aircraft chassis for Japanese naval planes, and showed the Japanese how to take off from and land on carriers. Rutland worked closely with the Mitsubishi Company, which built the famous Mitsubishi A6M “Zero.” In the early part of the war this was the most capable carrier-based fighter in the world, combining excellent maneuverability and very long range. All designed with British help.

MI5 had bugged Sempill’s phone, and had known about Semple’s espionage since 1923. For example, MI5 knew that Sempill was passing British secrets to Japan’s naval attaché in London (one Teijirō Toyoda). However MI5 could so nothing, since Sempill was protected by the top levels of the British government. The secrets he gave to Japan included plans, diagrams, and manuals stolen directly from British military contractors.

Sempill’s contact, Teijirō Toyoda, also received massive amounts of information from Sir Eustace Tennyson d’Eyncourt, who was a designer of British aircraft carriers. MI5 knew about all of this, but could so nothing.

[This is all in the video below.]

Sempill furnished Mr. Toyoda with key technical details of Britain’s newest (and secret) aircraft engine, the 365 hp fully supercharged Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar IV which went into development in 1925. This was a breach of the Official Secrets Act, but MI5’s hands were tied.

On 30 Oct 1925 Sempill went to the Blackburn Aircraft Company in Brough, Yorkshire to spy on the Blackburn Iris, a new biplane flying boat that was being secretly built. MI5 knew about it all. They knew the Japanese were regularly paying Sempill for information. In 1926 MI5 had a chance to challenge Sempill without giving away MI5’s game. Sempill confessed to espionage and violating the Official Secrets Act. Despite this, at a high-powered meeting in Whitehall dated 13 May 1926 chaired by the foreign secretary (Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain) (who was very tight with Churchill) it was decided to let Sempill continue doing espionage for Japan.

With Sempill’s help, in seven years the Japanese built a carrier fleet equal in size and strength to the UK carrier fleet.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s right hand man in planning the Perl Harbor attack was Takijirō Ōnishi who had been personally trained by Mr. Sempill. After the Japanese attacked Pearly Harbor, they used British technology (provided by Sempill) to sink the British battleships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, killing 900+. Simultaneously the Japanese army was invading Malaysia and pushing south to take Singapore, the British stronghold in Asia. Also simultaneously, Sempill was caught making calls to the Japanese embassy. And still he was protected.

On 15 Feb 1942 Singapore fell, and 100,000 British prisoners were sent to Japanese concentration camps, where a third of them died. Back in England, Sempill comfortably sat out the war. In the House of Commons, MPs demanded an inquiry to determine has Singapore was lost, but Churchill blocked it.

Sempill died peacefully in 1956 having never faced punishment or public criticism for his monumental crimes, since he was protected by the British government.

Here is the BBC program…

Correcting Michael Hudson

Economist Michael Hudson has posted an article that warrants some translation.

Hudson also lapses into severe error, which I shall correct.

Hudson correctly notes that orthodox economics (the kind taught in today’s schools and textbooks) pretend that (private) debt does not exist. For example, when textbooks discuss the supply and demand of goods and services, textbooks pretend that (private) debt is irrelevant, when in reality, (private) debt is crucial at all times. This omission is intentional, and is part of today’s climate of rampant neoliberalism.

By contrast, classical economists (e.g. Adam Smith) were fully aware of the catastrophe of (private) debt, although today’s textbooks omit that part of Smith.

Unfortunately Hudson fails to clarify the difference between private debt and public debt, thereby making his readers falsely think that the two are the same thing.

Private debt includes mortgages, credit card debt, student loan debt, car loans. “payday loans,” and so on. These have reduced most people to debt slaves, and are crippling the U.S. economy. When Hudson speaks of “debt,” he means private debt, although he fails to clarify this.

Meanwhile public debt (the so-called “national debt”) is not a burden on anyone. It consists of money that investors deposit in Fed savings accounts when investors purchase T-securities. These deposits have no bearing on the U.S. government’s ability to create money out of thin air, and they have little or no effect on the economy.

The public debt is trivial, whereas private debt is catastrophic. Neoliberals pretend that the reverse is the case. Neoliberals want you to think the public debt is a disaster, and that private debt is trivial. Are you crippled by lifelong student loan debt? Quit whining about it, since the public debt is “much worse.” Each of us supposedly “owes” $500k on the “national debt.”

It’s all lies. The “national debt crisis” consists of private debt, not public debt. Neoliberals want you to think the reverse.

As you read further, always remember the distinction between public and private debt. Hudson  fails to differentiate between the two.

By the way, if a city, county, or state sells bonds, they incur private debt, since the money to buy bonds comes from private sources (e.g. Wall Street) and not from the U.S. federal government.

The U.S. government does not issue loans. It does not indebt. The U.S. government creates dollars out of thin air, and spends them into existence. The entities that create loans are private banks.

Could the public debt ever become a problem? Not for the USA, since the U.S. government creates dollars out of thin air, and since U.S. dollars are accepted worldwide.

However public debt can become a problem for nations whose currencies are not accepted outside their borders, and in nations that have racked up debt in foreign currency. Greece, for example, has a huge public debt problem, since Greece cannot create euros out of thin air. Since Greece has a huge trade deficit, Greece must borrow euros in order to buy imports. The U.S. government borrows from no one.

Neoliberals and the corporate media outlets claim that Venezuela has a national debt problem because of socialism. Nonsense. The Venezuelan government creates as many bolivares as it likes out of thin air. Venezuela’s national debt problem is strictly in foreign currency, which Venezuela must borrow in order to buy imports, since Venezuela is not self-sufficient. (If Venezuela was self-sufficient, then the Empire would consider Venezuela to be a “threat,” and Venezuela would have been bombed to rubble years ago.)

Let’s move on to Hudson’s article…

Neoliberal economics is a pretend view of the world. Its glib mathiness is a gloss for its unscientific “don’t worry about debt” message. The refusal to recognize that debt matters is at the heart of U.S., British and southern European inability to achieve economic recovery.

Hudson says that neoliberal economics pretends that debt doesn’t matter. And yet, we constantly hear neoliberals scream about the “national debt crisis.” What gives? Neoliberals mean the public debt, which is trivia. Hudson means private debt, which is disastrous.

Incidentally Hudson has a poor understanding of monetary sovereignty, and the role of government money creation. More about this below.

Mainstream models are unable to forecast or explain a depression. That is because depressions are essentially financial in character. The business cycle itself is a financial cycle – that is, a cycle of the buildup and collapse of debt.

Mainstream models are unable to forecast or explain a depression because they [1] pretend that private debt does not exist, and [2] pretend that government spending does not exist.

Below, I shall insert the word private for clarification…

The mathematics of compound interest cause the volume of private debt to exceed the rate of GDP growth, thereby diverting more and more income to the financial sector as debt service.

The growth of private debt cripples society, as more and more human energy is siphoned off by creditors, and is not used to buy and sell goods and services. With the growth of private debt, everyone and everything exists to serve the bankers.

If private debt grows faster than GDP, the debt/GDP ratio will rise. This stifles markets, and hence employment. Wages fall as a share of GDP.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: When mainstream economists refer to “debt-to-GDP ratio,” they mean the public debt-to-GDP, which is meaningless for nations like the USA. Economists do not mean private debt-to-GDP, which is extremely important, and which mainstream economists pretend does not exist.

Mainstream models ignore the overgrowth of private debt, as if the economy operates on a barter basis. Steve Keen calls this “the barter illusion.”

Hudson then discusses the lie of Paul Krugman, which I shall ignore, since Krugman is a worm.

Economies can prolong a private debt-financed boom and delay a crash by providing more and more credit. This makes the ensuing crash worse, more long-lasting, and more difficult to extricate. For this, Keen blames Margaret Thatcher and Alan Greenspan as, in effect, bank lobbyists. But behind them is the whole edifice of neoliberal economic brainwashing.

Crashes and depressions can be eased via increased government spending. However politicians want to reduce government spending (on things that help everyday people) in order to maintain mass slavery to the bankers.

Keep in mind that banks create credit (i.e. loans) out of thin air, just as the U.S. government creates dollars out of thin air. Financial bubbles consist of banks creating more and more credit out of thin air until the debt cannot be paid, at which point the bubble pops. This is how the “business cycle” operates. When an unmanageable debt load causes the “business cycle” to crash, the damage can be eased via government “counter-cyclical” spending. But neoliberals and their puppet politicians don’t want government spending. They want to keep us enslaved, even if it destroys the real economy.

Steve Keen shows how stable UK private debt/GDP was for a century, until Margaret Thatcher deranged the UK economy. Private debt soared, and mainstream economists applauded the boom. (Steve Keen suggests that instead of referring to neoliberal “reforms,” we call them neoliberal “deforms.”) Mass privatization forced the population deeply into private debt to afford their basic needs. The financial City of London ended up the big winners, while industry and labor have suffered a private debt squeeze.

Neoliberal brainwashing is so deep that even people who call themselves “anti-neoliberal” often attack Keynesianism, which is the antithesis of neoliberalism.

Steve Keen’s model shows that a long buildup of private debt creates the appearance of prosperity until the crash comes. And when the crash comes, voters blame the party in power, not the earlier promoters of nationwide private debt peonage.

Everyone is happy as long as the bubble is inflating. Then Wall Street insiders bet that the bubble will pop, and they make it pop. In this way they make money on the inflation and on the deflation, while the rest of us sink into a depression.

By 2008, the financial bubble was due to burst sooner or later. Therefore top-ranked insiders on Wall Street and in the US Treasury intentionally caused the financial bubble to burst by allowing Lehman Brothers to collapse. They had bet that the bubble would burst, and then they made it burst so they could collect a fortune. 

The needed escape from the private debt deflation is a private debt write-down.

Coupled with a reversal of gratuitous austerity via a massive increase in U.S. government spending.

And now Hudson screws up…

The problem is that the public is brainwashed to imagine that it is the banks that need saving, not the indebted economy. Keen proposes a “Modern Debt Jubilee” that is essentially a swap of equity for debt. The intellectual pedigree for this policy to keep debt within the ability to pay was laid two centuries ago by Saint-Simon in France. His solution was for banks to take an equity position in their clients, so that payments to backers could rise or fall in keeping with the fortunes of the enterprise. Keen urges that this become the basis for future banking. 

NONSENSE. The only solution for the endless cycle of credit bubbles and crashes is to make all banks publicly owned. Banks are an essential public service, like police, fire departments, utilities, schools, prisons, and the military. No essential public service should ever be privately owned.  

As a transition from today’s debt stagnation, Steve Keen suggests that the central banks create a lump sum to put into everyone’s account. Debtors would be required to use their gift to pay down the debt. Non-debtors would keep the transfer payment – so as not to let demagogic political opponents accuse this plan of rewarding the profligate.

MORE NONSENSE. Why give out money to pay the bankers? Why not break up the banks and make them all public? And please let’s dump these meaningless bullshit terms like “transfer payments.”

If this solution is not taken, then most people’s wages will continue to be siphoned off to pay the bankers. The circular flow between producers and consumers will shrink – being siphoned off by debt service and by government taxes to bail out bankers instead of their victims.

Federal taxes do not pay for bank bailouts, or for anything else. The U.S. federal government creates its spending money out of thin air. I have written to Hudson, explaining this, but at age 79 he is too old to lean anything new.

Debt relief should be what today’s politics is all about. It should be the politics of the future. But that requires an Economics of the Future – that is, Reality Economics.

It’s coming sooner or later. The neoliberal Empire cannot withstand the endless growth of the neoliberal debt cancer. Extinction is only a matter of time.

Rare and precious points

I’m still very ill, so this post must be brief.

Below is the door to a typical vault that is used to store points for sports scoreboards in the state of New York. The vaults also store points for newspapers, magazines, radio announcers, and anyone else who mentions sports scores and sports statistics.  Because points are precious and rare, points vaults reassure sports fans that points are secure, and that no one without authorization can stuff a bag with points, throw the bag over his shoulder, and make off with points.

Every point on a scoreboard must first be taken out of the vault, and be rigorously accounted for. Otherwise the scoreboard will run out of points, in which case we will have no game.

Before each game, points are obtained from the vaults, and are loaded into trucks like that seen below, so they can be shipped out to stadiums, to newspapers, and to everyone else who uses points. During the game, if the score is changed from “5” to “4,” then the subtracted point is loaded into the truck. At the end of the game, all points are loaded into the truck and are returned to the vault.

BELOW: Each and every point is under guard for the entire time is it outside the vault. This assures sports fans of a smooth and orderly game.

The system of points storage and distribution is not perfect. Sometimes scoreboards run out of points. This is so embarrassing that fans are not told the truth. Instead fans are told that the game has been “rained out.”

I could continue with these silly images, but you get the idea. We create and destroy points by changing the numbers on a scoreboard. It would be absurd to pretend that points were physical and limited. Points are limitless.

Money is exactly the same. We create and destroy dollars by changing the numbers in bank accounts.

Everyone knows this, since they can see it with their own eyes, but most people pretend not to know it. They like to see vaults in banks, since they like to think of dollars as physical and limited. As a result, they meekly submit when politicians tell them there is “no money” for Medicare or Social Security.

This delusion is one of the deepest and most pernicious of all, and it is the primary means whereby most people today are impoverished and enslaved.



Trump wants to assemble a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that would improve roads, bridges, airports, schools, housing and broadband access, among other things. Aides have said this would be financed by roughly $200 billion in federal money, with the rest coming from private financing. In other words, rich investors will put up 1% of the money in return for 100% of ownership.

On the other hand, today (1 May 2017) Trump today said he was open to raising the federal tax on gasoline to pay for an infrastructure plan.

(The federal tax on gasoline is 18.4-cents per gallon, and for diesel it is 24.4 cents per gallon. On top of this federal tax, states charge additional taxes.)

Of course, the U.S. government could easily create the money out of thin air for infrastructure upgrades, without raising anyone’s taxes.

However 330 million Americans pretend that this is not true.

If rich people and warmongers want something, the federal government creates the money for it.

If the lower classes want something, then the U.S. government is suddenly “bankrupt.”

Comment re. vaccines

I’ll continue blogging because several people asked me to (much appreciated). Just now I can’t do a proper blog post, since I am very ill.

Someone today asked me about vaccines. I’ll quickly write my opinion below. If you are pro–vax, then I cannot reach you, and you will likely be angered by my opinion. Sorry about that, but remember that this is only one topic. It is not possible for us to agree on every topic.

My opinion, quickly stated with no illustrations this time…

[1] The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 made pharmaceutical companies totally immune from lawsuits for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines. Therefore if vax makers loaded their syringes with deadly plutonium, and called it a “vaccine,” they could not be sued. (Most people think this is an exaggeration.) Hence the vax makers have no need to maintain quality control. They put whatever they like into vaccines. In 2011 the US Supreme Court reaffirmed this total immunity (Brusewitz vs. Wyeth) and formally designated vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.”

[2] The vax makers’ total immunity means they have no need to spend any money conducting safety tests. This, plus mandatory vaccination laws, make vaccines extremely profitable for Big Pharma. After vax makers were made immune from lawsuits, they began to bribe politicians to pass mandatory vax laws, while concocting all kinds of new snake oil toxins they claimed were magical “cures.” The result was an explosion of autism, asthma, SIDS, Crohn’s disease, Type I diabetes, food allergies, speech delay, transverse myelitis, and other maladies associated with compromised immune systems.

[3] In any population, resistance to vaccines increases with income level. Hence Big Pharma mainly aims its vax scam at lower classes, who are more naïve than are higher income people, more submissive to authority, and less able to resist exploitation. When state legislatures pass mandatory vaccination laws, they usually exempt private schools for rich kids. Otherwise legislatures could not get away with passing mandatory vax laws. Rich people would not allow it.

[4] The more powerful Big Pharma becomes, the more its executives fear that one day the peasants might awaken from their trance, and end the vax scam. Therefore anyone who questions today’s vax mania is condemned as part of a “vast, highly dangerous underground anti-science cabal.”

In reality, it is the vax fanatics who are anti-science. If vaccines were safe and efficacious, then vax makers would not object to independent studies that tracked the health histories of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations. No such study has ever been done. Vax fanatics say there is no need, since “the science is settled” (even though true science undergoes continual revision, and is never “settled”).

Big Pharma’s fraud and greed are routine, as are fines and penalties. But when it comes to vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies are saints.

[5] In the USA, the strongest champions of mandatory vax laws are Democrats. The reason for this is that Republicans get power through money, whereas Democrats get power through leveling — that is by crushing the lower classes beneath a steamroller of political correctness and intolerant “tolerance.” Everyone in the lower classes must praise homosexuals, and must honor the “right” of “transgender” men to invade women’s showers. Everyone in the lower classes must honor the Jewish “holocaust,” and must pay federal taxes, even though the U.S. federal government has no need or use for tax revenue. Everyone in the lower classes must get shot with toxic vaccines. In all these cases the goal is not everyone’s welfare, but on getting power over others.

Vax mania is a manifestation of the Communist spirit which, taken to extremes, creates a Kafkaesque nightmare of insane bureaucracy with disposable drones. In the Communist (and Democrat) paradise, party bosses are above all. (In the Republican paradise, rich oligarchs are above all, and workers are again disposable slaves.)

This Communist spirit manifests in average people who are vax fanatics. They cannot stop the oligarchs from enslaving them via neoliberalism, but they can righteously condemn their fellow slaves as “terrorists” if they avoid vaccinaton. At all times the goal is not everyone’s welfare, but on getting power over others. That’s why average people push so strongly for mandatory universal vaccination (for the lower classes).

[6] No disease has ever been conquered by vaccines. On the contrary, vaccines help keep diseases alive (and therefore profitable). All victories over disease (no exceptions) were won by improved hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. Vaccines had nothing to do with it.

Today we send vaccines to “third world nations,” but we do not improve their hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. In this way we intentionally keep the natives sick, and thereby sustain a pretext for still more vaccines.

Average Westerners consider vaccines to be “silver bullets” that “prove” Western technological superiority, and therefore Western overall superiority. Westerners imagine that the “magic bullets” are what keep the natives alive, when in fact the “magic bullets” help to make the natives dead. Vaccines allow Westerners to pose as divine “saviors” as they shoot their snake oil into “inferior savages.”

In centuries past the natives were crushed by shooting them full of Christianity. Now they are crushed by shooting them full of vaccines.

[7] England made smallpox vaccinations mandatory in 1853, and thereby caused mass epidemics of smallpox. (Vaccines contained the smallpox virus.) Anyone who refused to be poisoned with smallpox was imprisoned, fined, and forcibly shot with smallpox (unless they were rich). Between 1857 and 1859, vaccinations caused 14,000 deaths from smallpox. From 1863-1865 they caused 20,000 deaths. From 1870-72 they caused 45,000 deaths. The higher the smallpox death rate from vaccines, the more the vax fanatics screamed that not enough people were being pumped full of smallpox.

In 1855 Massachusetts made smallpox vaccinations mandatory. Again this caused an explosion of smallpox. Explosions happened wherever smallpox vaccinations were made mandatory. Smallpox was finally eradicated by containment, quarantine, and sterilization. Vaccines had nothing to do with it.

[8] Doctors are mere technicians for Big Pharma. They get no vax training in medical school. None. Any doctor who refuses to dispense the toxic snake oil (or who hands out medical exemptions) will be ruined by the state medical board, which is always on Big Pharma’s payroll. Even if a doctor grants you a medical exemption, the state medical board will immediately reject it.

Most medical journals are funded by Big Pharma. Therefore every issue features articles that praise Big Pharma’s snake oil.

Speaking of journals, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his twelve co-authors never claimed that “vaccines cause autism.” They said there might possibly be a correlation between vaccines and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and that there might possibly be a correlation between IBS and autism. They concluded by recommending further study.

[9] Before the rise of vax mania, everyone had mumps and measles, and therefore developed lifelong immunity. This was part of nature’s process of building up our immune systems. Diseases like mumps and measles are harmless in their natural (i.e. wild) form. When a corporate media outlet claims that someone died of measles, or mumps, or the flu, it is a lie. Something else killed the person. Since the person had lifelong immunity to measles, he or she had measles antibodies in his system. Therefore “measles killed him.”

The purpose of vaccines is to checkmate nature’s process of immunity-building, such that vax recipients remain perpetually sick and in need Big Pharma’s drugs.

It works like this…

When you ingest a mild virus from the environment (like measles) your immune system first sends white blood cells to attack the virus, and also creates antibodies to mop up the stragglers. This becomes a lifelong template for that particular virus. The way your immune system first reacts to a virus is the way it will always react to that same kind of virus. Vaccines, however, cause your body to react with anti-bodies (your mop-up system) but not white blood cells (your main system). Therefore vaccines prevent you from ever developing real immunity. Big Pharma does this deliberately. They want you to remain sick all your life, so that you need their drugs all your life. Rather than create “immunity,” Big Pharma prevents immunity. This is calculated and intentional.

[10] Vax fanatics claim that autism rates are not skyrocketing. Rather, we just got better at autism diagnosis. Nonsense. Brain damage, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and so on are not things that doctors simply “missed” before. They were not caught before, because they had not existed before.

[11] All cultures (no exceptions) consist of fairy tales that are maintained by laws and taboos. Each society has its own form of the emperor’s-new-clothes. One example was geocentrism. Another example is the WW II “six million” narrative. Another example is the lie that the U.S. government is “insolvent,” and the claim that climate change is a “hoax.” Another example is vax mania. To question the emperor’s new clothes is to be a heretic, blasphemer, terrorist, traitor, anti-Semite, fascist, conspiracy theorist, and so on.