Witch doctors

The people above would call me insane if I told them there is no such thing as a “Social Security Trust Fund,” and that the U.S. government does not run on loans or on tax revenues.

This is why the Republicans will be able to cut Medicare and Social Security. The masses want to be lied to. They feel lost when politicians tell new lies that contradict their old lies. The masses demand that politicians resume lying to them “straight.” They know that politicians are full of shit, but it’s familiar shit. It’s “safe” shit.

The peasants cling to the shit, saying, “Republicans are no longer the party of balanced budgets! They raised the deficit so they could cut Medicare and Social Security!”

If I tried to reassure them that there is no need for cuts, they would reject me. How dare I expose their beloved lies?

They cling to the lies so they have something to complain about. They believe in Santa Claus so they can say that Republicans killed Santa.

They say, “US deficit hawks are hypocrites! They have created more debt and deficit during the past three decades than the US experienced since its founding.”

If I tell them not to worry about the federal deficit and the “national debt,” because it’s all a bunch of lies, they become angry at me.

They say, “We need a balanced budget! Republicans only call for it when Democrats are in power. When Republicans are in power, they forget the need for a balanced budget. They bankrupt the U.S. government via tax cuts!”

They attack Republican lies in order to defend Republican lies. “The Republicans lied about their tax scam! Republicans tell nothing but lies!”

If I agree with them, they become angry.

ME: “I agree that Republicans are liars, starting with their false claims about the federal deficit and the so-called national debt crisis.”

THEM: “You’re a conspiracy theorist!”

Oh well. We cannot defeat stupidity in the world. We can only work on defeating stupidity in ourselves.

Speaking of mass insanity, since today is Christmas Eve, you’ve heard about the famous World War One “Christmas truce” in which French, German, and British soldiers crossed trenches to exchange cigarettes, food, souvenirs, seasonal greetings, and simply to talk. There were prisoner swaps, carol singing, soccer games, and joint burial ceremonies.

Meanwhile politicians and senior commanders never had to risk their lives. So when they heard about the spontaneous Christmas truce in the trenches, they were furious. How dare the soldiers not march to their deaths? How dare they act like humans, with an attitude of live and let live? Their compassion for one another was evil!

And so the senior commanders took measures to stop this “evil.” The scene below is from the 2005 movie Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas). An English Bishop instructs the troops about the “love of God,” saying…

“The sword of the Lord is in your hand. You are the defenders of civilization. The forces of good against the forces of evil. This is a crusade; a holy war to save the freedom of the world. The Germans do not act or think like us, for they are not children of God. We must kill the Germans good or bad, young and old. Kill every one of them so that it won’t have to be done again!”

The bishop’s madness is the same madness that maintains the mass denial of the truth about money.


In this blog I have often critiqued vax mania — i.e. the drive to boost Big Pharma’s profits by mandating that everyone in the lower classes be shot full of Big Pharma’s poisons. I have discussed how the peasants are so fanatically pro-vax that they become furious if you question their cult.  Their blind faith in vaccines operates the same as their blind belief that the U.S. government has a “debt crisis,” and needs tax revenue.

Here and here I explained that rich people don’t shoot their kids with Big pharma’s toxins.

One guy in a different blog has an explanation for the global vax cult. I shall paraphrase his account below. To begin with, he implies that people get vaccine shots for the same reason they get tattoos: to become official members of the herd, and to ward off evil spirits.


Vax mania is a revival of ancient symbology. It is a conferred seal, a sign of moral righteousness. Like a sacred tattoo, it is a mark on the arm that signifies tribal inclusion, and which protects against evil spirits (viruses).

Constant warnings of mass pandemics promote tribal cohesion. The spirits of alien tribes (from unknown and evil places in the jungle) want to destroy our tribe, which is the good tribe. Mothers, as keepers of the children, confer the tribal seal on their offspring through vaccination. Mothers who don’t vaccinate their children must be forcibly cast out and excommunicated for the good of the tribe.

The ceremony of vaccination is a rite of passage for the child. It is a graduation from being mere offspring to becoming an official member of the tribe, and the official property of the village (the State). As years pass, periodic booster shots reconfirm this status.

Some ancient rituals were designed to be dangerous, just as many vaccines are dangerous. A boy on his way to becoming a man would be sent out to live alone in the forest for a period to survive on his own. Vaccination symbolizes this: toxic chemicals are a passageway into immunity from evil spirits. When shot into the body, toxic viruses are magically changed into protective spirits. If these toxins cripple or kill a child, the loss is regrettable but necessary. Child sacrifices protect the tribe from evil spirits (viruses).

Vaccination lets people subconsciously return to older times when life was more vital and immediate. It awakens sleeping memories of an age when ritual and ceremony were essential to group order and cohesion. No one was allowed to defect. Survival was All. Refusal was unthinkable. Mandates were inviolable. On a deep level, parents today experience that same power, and they find it satisfying.

The doctor giving the injections is the priest of the tribe, the medicine man, the holder of secrets, the witch doctor. He is the connection to “unseen realms” where opposing spirits battle for supremacy. Without the medicine man, the tribe would face annihilation.

The medicine man is permitted to say and do anything. He can manipulate language, truth and meaning. He can turn day into night. He can present paradox and contradiction. His lies are “truth,” since they ward off the evil spirits.  His pronouncements, however ridiculous, may not be questioned. His divinity, however contrived, must not be challenged. Obedience to him must be absolute and unthinking. Failure to show loyalty means exile or death.

People living today in industrial societies are comparatively numb. Their options and choices are confined to a range of products they can buy. They yearn for absolutes. They want commands from the medicine man that taps into the adrenaline-stimulating need for risk. This need for risk, and for protection from risk, is satisfied by vaccination, and by the constant fear of genocidal epidemics caused by the evil spirits.

Modern parents need symbols of demons. Ebola, Zika, West Nile, SARS, Swine Flu — these evil spirits haunt the jungle beyond the village clearing, and they are always preparing to attack. Always. (“Terrorists” are a variation on this. Whenever one person attacks another, the first question people ask is, “Was he a terrorist”? Again, this enhances tribal cohesion.)

“We must go the medicine man for the magic ritual to protect us from the demons. He will put the magic seal of protection on us and our children.”

The magic ritual sometimes causes marks of shame. A child who shows rashes, swellings, or worse is highly suspect. Is he a mutant? Did he not participate in the protective ritual? Are his parents evil? Are they possessed? Did they displease the gods? Should the child and his parents be shunned? Will the medicine man help them, or we he put a curse on them for being defectives?

Subconsciously and archetypally, the “modern science of vaccination” is alchemy. It is magic mumbo jumbo that forms the basis of life in the tribe. To question the magic is to threaten the village.

Rebels who do not vaccinate are promoters of evil spirits (viruses). They carry cosmic plague. They invite evil spirits into the village. They threaten the whole tribe with annihilation. Yes, the medicine man is doing all he can to protect his people (through vaccination), but with the evil spirits, this is war. Nothing is guaranteed. We must bolster the medicine man’s power and prestige. We must cling to him. We must praise him, and do whatever we can to increase his glory and privileges. He defends the tribe by using magic remedies that we cannot hope to fathom. His occult struggles are beyond our feeble grasp. He is our hero.

The witch doctor’s magic remedies are so powerful that they present numerous risks (side effects). Every night in collective meetings (television ads) we are told of the problems that could arise (ask your doctor if X is right for you). This helps the medicine man, since it lets us feel the thrill of danger, which is preferable to feeling nothing. Give us more threats and warnings and predictions of doom. Let us experience a return to ancient days when we faced extinction, and we knew that the blood coursing through our veins was alive.

The needle is the magic transmitter. The syringe plunger is the righteous force. The toxic fluid in the syringe is the alchemical transformer. Be silent in their presence. Accept their mysterious grace. Shut up. Submit. Pay.


Source of comments I just paraphrased above.

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The U.N. vote explained

On 18 Dec 2017 fourteen members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) voted in favor of a resolution that condemned Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people. Nikki Haley vetoed it.

On 21 Dec 2017 the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) voted in favor of the same resolution. Nikki Haley couldn’t veto it, but unlike the UNSC, the General Assembly vote is not legally binding. It is merely symbolic. However, since the U.S. government consists of delinquent children, they scream whenever someone questions Israeli atrocities.

There were nine votes against, and twenty-eight abstentions. This explains something about the nature of various governments.


Guatemala: This was the first nation to formally recognize Israel after the Jews usurped Palestine. The government is staffed by more Jews than even the U.S. government. Immediately after the UN General Assembly vote, Guatemala announced that it would move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Honduras: The government is so corrupt and so hated that it would collapse without U.S. support.  Therefore the government dares not vote against the USA or Israel. In 2009, Hillary Clinton sponsored a coup to restore right-wing oligarchs to power.

Nauru: With ten thousand people in an area of only eight square miles, this is one of several Pacific Ocean island-nations whose governments are propped up by the USA simply to have a consistent pro-U.S. and pro-Israel vote in the United Nations. Nauru was controlled by Australia until 1968, after which it became a client state of Australia and the USA. The government and most of the population speak English. Their currency is the Australian dollar.

Palau: Same story as Nauru. 20,000 people on an island of 177 square miles (about three times the area of Washington DC, but only 11% the size of Rhode Island). In 1994 the USA created Palau as a separate nation in order to always be assured of another pro-U.S. and pro-Israel vote in the United Nations. Palau is a popular place for money laundering, and for offshore accounts (similar to Panama, or the Cayman Islands). Politicians passed laws against money laundering, which means that banks must notify local politicians of all transactions, so the corrupt politicians can take their cut. Palau’s currency is the U.S. dollar, making the government 100% subservient to the USA. Most of the population speaks English.

Micronesia: Created by the USA in 1990 in order to have another assured vote in the U.N. 105,000 people living on thousands of small islands in the Pacific Ocean. All speak English, which is the official language. Their currency is the U.S. dollar.

Marshall Islands: Created by the USA in 1965 in order to have an assured vote in the United Nations. 53,000 people living on islands that total 70 square miles (equal to the city of Washington DC). English is the official language, and their currency is the U.S. dollar.

NOTE: In all these island nations, poverty and inequality are extremely high. The rich depend on U.S. help to maintain their status. The rich would lose their status if they allowed their politicians to vote against Israel or the USA. All four of these island nations (Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands) are puppet states that always vote with Israel and the USA. That’s the only reason why the USA allows them to exist.

Togo: Eight million people packed into one of Africa’s smallest nations (22,000 square miles; slightly smaller than the U.S. state of West Virginia). Extreme poverty and inequality. With U.S. help, gained independence from France in 1960. The people still speak French. Their currency is the West African CFA franc. Ruled since 1967 by dictators Gnassingbé Eyadéma and Faure Gnassingbé (father and son). The USA supports the dictator Faure Gnassingbé in exchange for him always voting with the USA and Israel in the United Nations.


In some of the following nations, the rich and their puppet politicians love Israel, but their citizenry does not. That is, their governments face political pressure from their own people on one side, and pressure from the USA and Israel on the other. Caught in the middle, they abstained. In other cases the government is not a fan of Israel, but for various reasons it relies on U.S. protection, and therefore abstained.

Antigua and Barbuda – an island nation whose people speak English. Not a U.S. puppet, but small enough (170 square miles) and weak enough to be hurt if the government directly defied the USA or Israel. Hence they abstained.

 Argentina — Has more Jews than any Latin American nation by far. British billionaire Joe Lewis (Jewish) has acquired immense territories in Argentina and in neighboring Chile for the future when all Jews must inevitably leave Palestine. The original Zionists considered seizing Argentina for their nation, but they settled on stealing Palestine because of its Biblical connotations. Since the citizenry is not fond of Israel, the government abstained.

AustraliaA disgraceful act of cowardice. Even the UK and New Zealand had the guts to condemn the declaration of Jerusalem-as-Jewish-capital. The U.K. and France condemned Trump’s declaration because if they had not, their Muslim populations are large enough to cause problems.

Bahamas – A collection of islands smaller than the state of Connecticut. Extreme poverty and inequality. English widely spoken. The rich owners and their puppet politicians are pro-USA, but average people are so anti-Israel that the government abstained.

Benin– African nation the size of Ohio. The rich owners and their puppet politicians are pro-USA, but average people are so anti-Israel that the government abstained.

Bhutan – A nation the size of Maryland. Not a fan of Israel, but since Bhutan is wedged between China and India, the government relies on U.S. for protection. Therefore it abstained. The government just wants to avoid trouble.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – created by the USA, which used military force (i.e. mass bombing) to forcibly steal the land from Yugoslavia in 1992. Not a fan of Israel, but the government depends on U.S. protection.

Cameroon – African nation the size of Maryland. Rich people and politicians are pro-Israel, but the people are not. Great poverty and inequality.

CanadaAnother disgraceful act of cowardice. Rich people and politicians are pro-Israel, but most of the people are not. Hence Canada abstained.

Colombia – Client state of the USA. Rich people and politicians are pro-Israel, but most of the people are not.

Croatia – Created by the USA in 1992. Same situation as neighboring Bosnia & Herzegovina

Czech Republic – Rich people and politicians are pro-Israel, but most of the people are not. Also, local Jews have great power. Hence the government abstained.

Hungary – Same as the Czech Republic. Opposition parties and most of the people are anti-Israel, but the ruling politicians favor Israel, and are owned by rich Jews. Hence they abstained.

Dominican Republic – (not to be confused with Dominica, which is a different nation, and is not a fan of Israel). The people are not fans of Israel, but the government has long consisted of pro-U.S. dictators who rely on U.S. support. Upper-class white people identify with Israel because they are as racist as Israel itself. The government abstained to avoid causing social unrest.

Equatorial Guinea – The rich owners and their puppet politicians are pro-USA, but average people are so anti-Israel that the government abstained.

Fiji – An archipelago of more than 330 islands plus, more than 500 islets, amounting to a total land area of about 7,100 sq mi (smaller than New Jersey). Official language is English. Not a fan of Israel, but cannot afford to displease the USA. Has its own currency, which the USA could destabilize if it chose to. Therefore it abstained.

Kiribati – Yet another Pacific island nation that speaks English, and is too small (one fifth the size of Rhode Island) and too weak to dare defying the USA. Hence they abstained.

Haiti – Government is a puppet of the USA, but since the people oppose Israel, the government abstained. Whenever the Haitian people elect a leader who is not a U.S. puppet, the USA sponsors a coup to eliminate him. Extreme poverty and inequality.

Jamaica – An island nation with extreme poverty and inequality. The rich rely on U.S. help to maintain their status, but since the people are anti-Israel, the government abstained.

Latvia: An eastern European nation so economically devastated by corruption, inequality, and banker-imposed austerity that there would be social unrest if the government voted in favor of Israel. Therefore the government abstained.

Lesotho – A tiny nation (smaller than Maryland) completely surrounded by South Africa. English widely spoken. The people are not fans of Israel, but the government relies on U.S. protection, and therefore it abstained. Creates its own currency, which the USA could easily destabilize like it did with Zimbabwe.

Malawi – Same situation as Lesotho, but larger population and area (a bit smaller than Pennsylvania).

Mexico – The rich owners and their puppet politicians are pro-USA. However poverty and inequality are so high that social unrest is always a potential problem. Therefore the government abstained in order to avoid problems.

Panama – Same situation as Mexico.

Paraguay – Same situation as Panama and Mexico. Extreme poverty and inequality.

Philippines – Neither the government nor the people are pro-Israel, but there is always some form of social unrest, usually sponsored by the USA.  To avoid adding to that unrest by displeasing the USA, the government abstained.

Poland – The people are not fans of Israel, but many politicians are owned by rich Jews. Since Poland relies on the USA for protection from neighboring Russia, the government abstained in order to avoid displeasing the USA.

Romania – Same situation as Hungary and the Czech Republic,

Rwanda – The people are not fans of Israel, but the government relies on U.S. protection, and therefore abstained. Also the Tutsi tribe relies on U.S. support to maintain their power over the Hutu tribe. Creates its own currency, which the USA could easily destabilize like it did with Zimbabwe.

Solomon Islands –Pacific Ocean nation consisting of six major islands (plus over 900 smaller islands) whose total area is slightly bigger than the state of Hawaii. Official language is English. Too small and weak to dare defy the USA. Hence the government abstained. Creates its own currency, which gives it freedom, but also make the nation vulnerable to financial attack.

South Sudan – Created by the USA in 2011 in order to punish Sudan, which is anti-Israel and anti-USA. Since then, South Sudan has had disastrous poverty, hunger, corruption, and non-stop civil war. The government is a U.S. puppet, and dares not defy the USA. Hence they abstained.

Trinidad and Tobago – A twin-island country in the South Caribbean Sea. Official language is English. Creates its own currency. Not a fan of Israel, but too weak to dare displeasing the USA.

Tuvalu – Pacific Ocean nation. Speaks English. Same situation as Solomon Islands.

Uganda – Ruled for the last 31 years by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a U.S. puppet dictator. However the people are anti-Israel. Therefore the government abstained.

Vanuatu – same situation as Fiji, Tuvalu, the Solomon Islands, and Antigua & Barbuda. Most island nations are too weak to dare displeasing the USA. Hence most of them vote with the USA, or else they abstain.


Always the masses deny the one thing that would truly throw a wrench into the machine…

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Your patriotic duty

According to Business Insider, 15 people donated a total of £180,393 between January and March 2017 to “pay down” the U.K.’s £2 trillion national debt.

That figure compares to £14,558 donated in 2016 and £7,823 in 2015.

About 200 such donations have been made since 2000, for a total of £8.3 million.

Poor fools. That £8.3 million was debited from their checking accounts, and it vanished into the thin air from when it came. It was literally destroyed. Flushed down a toilet.

The U.K. national debt (i.e. money on deposit in Bank of England savings accounts) does not need to be “paid off,” since each T-certificate (called a “gilt” in the U.K.) is paid off as it matures.



The following paragraph is an example of how you are lied to every day.

The tools that Turkish President Erdogan has used to make himself into a sort of modern day Ottoman sultan are backfiring. The state of emergency is scaring off foreign investment. The loss of experienced government workers has put an enormous strain on the functioning of the bureaucracy. And the promises he made to the electorate in order to get his referendum passed are coming due with very little in the till to fulfill them.

The Turkish government has no “till” and no “coffers,” nor does any other government that creates its own currency out of thin air. Perhaps the article is referring to foreign currency, but it doesn’t say that. Like most articles, it fails to distinguish between foreign and domestic currency. Therefore it leads you to believe that the Turkish government needs to “earn” the Turkish lira that it creates from nothing, simply by crediting accounts. Therefore you believe politicians who claim that there is “no money” for social programs that help average people.

Very little in the till, aye?

Incidentally Erdogan did not “ram through” the constitutional referendum. Referendums involve a public vote.  The corporate media outlets vilify Erdogan because he often defies the West. He participated at first in the Empire’s proxy war against Syria, but withdrew his support when the Russians turned the tide. Erdogan also opposed the Greater Kurdistan project (aka Israel 2.0). And although Turkey is part of NATO, Erdogan refuses to participate in the Empire’s sanctions against Russia. Therefore the Empire calls Erdogan a “dictator.” And most of the peasants believe these lies.


I have often noted how military contractors collect trillions of federal dollars for intentionally producing garbage, so their projects remain forever “in development.” This is true of large-scale projects like the F-35 fighter (which has been “in development” for 25 years), and of myriad smaller projects that produce nothing at all.

If these scams and boondoggles add dollars to the economy, is that so bad? The issue is hypocrisy. According to Republican politicians and right-wing peasants, a single mom collecting $500 a month in Food Stamp benefits is a “parasite,” but idiots collecting $ millions a month from the Pentagon for doing nothing are “patriots.”

Regarding the book at right, the “scientific underworld” refers to the Pentagon’s countless boondoggles and voodoo science projects that occur under a veil of secrecy. Rarely do any of these projects produce anything of value. Their purpose is to keep the federal dollars rolling in. One example is the ballistic missile defense hoax, which I have discussed before.

Almost every new weapons proposal gets funded, no matter how ridiculous, since it means more money that flows to many different people, including politicians who get kickbacks. The different branches of the armed forces conjure up fantasy weapons, setting technological requirements far beyond human ability. Contractors promise to fulfill visions that do not remotely comply with the laws of physics. On very rare occasions the planned weapons are actually produced, although the cost is always far higher than promised.

UFO research. ESP and psychic phenomena. Telepathy. Start Trek-style teleportation. Anti-gravity devices, Zero-point gravity manipulators, cold fusion, perpetual motion machines  – it’s all bullshit designed to get grants from the Pentagon.  And it always works, since politicians and bureaucrats get a piece of the cash pie.

Imaginary Weapons discusses one project to supposedly make nuclear weapons the size of hand grenades. Carl Collins was a physics professor from Texas who had been bumping around the lower echelons of military science for 35 years, collecting cash for various harebrained schemes that went nowhere. In 1998 Collins published a paper in the prestigious physics journal Physical Review Letters in which he claimed to have used a dental X-ray to machine to trigger the release of an enormous amount of energy from a trace of the isomer of hafnium-178. Isomers are atomic nuclei in an excited state. They hold tremendous potential energy. The trick is unlocking that energy.

Everyone from the CIA to the DIA to the State Dept. became excited by the potential for a new wonder weapon. An isomer bomb! A hafnium bomb!

Independent scientist looked into Collins’ claims, and pronounced them 100% bullshit, but Collins was given $30 million anyway, because everyone gets a piece of the cash. This is why no one wants a project to stop once it has started (no matter how ridiculous). With these voodoo schemes, a “major breakthrough” is always “just around the corner.” Just a few million dollars more and we’ll be there. Just a few million more. A few million more. A few million more.  All of it is classified for reasons of “national security” (i.e. so everyone can keep collecting the loot). And all of it is justified by mathematical bullshit (just like in economics).

Imaginary Weapons says the Pentagon rarely consults scientists anymore, since everyone wants to keep the money flowing. No one wants the voodoo projects debunked. That’s why the Pentagon budget gets bigger every year, and why the Pentagon has never been audited, and never will be. There’s too much money involved, and too many people on the take. It’s a trillion-dollar money grab by scammers who are camouflaged by “national security.”

But remember, programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Food Stamps are “unsustainable.”


Trump’s daughter Ivanka says that tax cuts and deregulation will eliminate the national debt. Ivanka appeared on Fox News’ morning show, “Fox & Friends” for the second time this week to promote the GOP tax bill. She said that she and Sen. Bob Corker, a longtime deficit hawk, believe the tax cuts, combined with deregulation, will “ultimately eliminate” the country’s $20.6 trillion debt (as though it needed to be eliminated).

Republican Sen. Bob Corker was longtime deficit hawk who had previously vowed never to support legislation that adds “one penny” to the national debt (unless Corker personally profits from it, as he does with this tax bill).

Corker agrees that tax cuts, combined with deregulation (i.e. decriminalization of financial fraud) will “ultimately eliminate” the US’s $20.6 trillion debt.

If that’s true, then why must we cut Medicare and Social Security?

Meanwhile the nonsense keeps flowing. I just read these items. All are loaded with errors from start to finish…

The GOP once cared about reducing debt. Now it’s pouring gas on the fire. (NBC News)

Why Republicans Love Debt (Common Dreams)

Tax Cuts to Cost $1 Trillion After Growth, Official Study Finds (Bloomberg)

Middle class will pay for growing federal deficit (Marietta Times)

Are you worried about the federal deficit? (NJ.com)

By the way, Republicans are now saying they may not cut Medicare and Social Security right away.

Politicians love to keep everyone on edge with threats of starting a nuclear war, threats of cutting social programs, threats of ISIS™ coming to your town, and so on. It brings them attention. It makes them “matter.” It makes people listen to their every word. It’s pathetic.

In still other news,  Trump says he has no plans to fire Robert Mueller. Why should he? Russia-gate is a fabulous way to keep public attention diverted from poverty and inequality. If you agree with establishment lies, you are a “patriot” and an “expert.” If you question the lies, you are a “Kremlin stooge.” Millions of Americans remain obsessed with this nonsense because they are desperate to escape  the miserable reality of their lives. And Democrats use Russia-gate to divert public attention from Democrat corruption. Now Democrats are also using the (fake) “national debt crisis” for the same reason.


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Grand re-opening

The Republican tax scam would be a good thing if the tax savings translated into jobs.

Unfortunately the rich and the corporate CEOs will use their tax savings to simply buy back more stock, and pay themselves more dividends, and award themselves bigger bonuses. If there is any industrial investment, it will be in automation and self-service devices, in order to lay off more workers. (But there is one growth industry, as we’ll see below.)

For a few months while Republicans were secretly and furiously crafting their gifts to themselves, federal deficits didn’t matter, and the (fake) “national debt crisis” was, well — fake.

Now the lies about federal finances are returning with a vengeance.  They will soon eclipse even the Russia-gate buffoonery, and the idiotic speculation about how many Diet Cokes Trump drinks.  Democrats will say, “See? Republicans expanded the federal deficit and the national debt crisis! It’s like we’ve been telling you all along! You need us to protect you from Republicans!”

Democrats may even consent to cuts to Medicare and Social Security because “their hands are tied.” Then Democrats can say, “See? Despite our boundless corruption, and despite the fact that we are the same as Republicans in every way that matters, you still need us to protect you from Republicans!”

Yes indeed, the lying has returned. Below are some headlines from today alone. All are based on the lie that the U.S. government runs on loans and on tax revenue. And most of them confuse the federal deficit with the so-called “national debt.”

Deficit could hit $1 trillion in 2018, and that’s before the full impact of tax cuts (USA Today)

How bad is the tax bill for the deficit? (National Review)

Who are the deficit hawks now? (L.A. Times)

Blowing up the deficit is part of the plan (The Atlantic)

Cutting taxes is great, Republicans, but deficits do matter (The Daily Beast)

Paul Ryan on whether the tax bill will add to the deficit: ‘Nobody knows the answer to that question’ (The Hill)

There are many more, but you get the idea. I didn’t read any of them, since we’ve heard the lies a million times before, but I was curious about the last one, since I despise Paul Ryan.

Republicans said don’t worry about the increased deficit, because tax cuts will boost the economy, and therefore cuts in tax revenue will increase tax revenue (as though that’s a good thing). Now Ryan has done an about-face, saying nobody knows if the tax cuts will create enough economic growth to negate its “cost.” Ryan says nobody knows because “it’s in the future.”

Got that? Ryan says that Medicare and Social Security must be cut because they will become “insolvent” in the near future. But when it comes to justifying the tax scam, “nobody knows what’s in the future.”

This crap would be hilarious if average people weren’t so eager to believe liars like Ryan.

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One of my frequent complaints is that if you are an average person who gets federal benefits of any kind, no matter how small, society calls you a “parasite,” and (falsely) claims that your benefits are “unsustainable.”

However if you are a billionaire, you get millions and even billions in government handouts. And no one calls you a parasite, or calls the handouts “unsustainable.” It is an iron rule of life that the richer you are, the more parasitic you are.

For example, ex-Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) cooked up a scam to send $22 million a year to a billionaire buddy of his in Nevada (one Robert Bigelow) to supposedly “study UFOs” (!). The scam was classified for “national security reasons” (i.e. classified so no one would question the money flow).

For $22 million a year in handouts, what (if anything) did Robert Bigelow learn about UFOs? Sorry, but that’s classified for “national security reasons.” Washington corruption is always classified for “national security reasons.”

Seventeen different intelligence agencies collect nearly $100 billion a year. What do they do to earn such a monster handout?  That’s classified for “national security reasons.”

Robert Bigelow says he is “absolutely convinced” that aliens exist and that UFOs have visited the Earth. Why does Bigelow say that? Classified. What exactly did he do for $22 million a year? Mr. Bigelow told the New York Times that he studied UFOs from his ranch in Utah. Doing what exactly? Classified. How many billions of federal dollars are funneled to other scammers like Bigelow? Classified. Did Harry Reid collect any of that loot? Classified.

In an interview with 60 Minutes (May 2017) Bigelow said he has probably spent more money on the topic of UFOs than has any other individual. Well NO SHIT. Who else do you know who gets $22 million a year to supposedly “study UFOS”?

Bigelow said he doesn’t care if some people don’t believe in space aliens. NO SHIT. Would you care what other people think if you were collecting $423,000 a week for doing nothing? (No doubt that loot was non-taxable for “national security reasons.”)

Bigelow claimed to have had personal encounters with extraterrestrials from UFOS. Could he be more specific? No. Bigelow refuses to say anything more, for “national security reasons.”

In a recent interview, ex-senator Harry Reid said he was proud of his scam. “I think it’s one of the good things I did in my congressional service. I’ve done something that no one has done before.”  Why does he say that? Classified.

This month the Pentagon acknowledged the scam, and claimed that it ran from 2007 to 2012. Could anyone prove or verify that the scam had ended? Sorry. That’s classified.

The Pentagon also claimed that a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, was involved with the scam. Mr. Elizondo told the New York Times that the project continues, and he has a successor. Who is the successor? Classified.

Bigelow says, “The USA is the most backward country in the world on the topic of UFOs. Our scientists are scared of being ostracized, and our media is scared of the stigma. China and Russia are much more open and work on this with huge organizations within their countries. Smaller countries like Belgium, France, England and South American countries like Chile are more open, too. They are proactive and willing to discuss this topic, rather than being held back by a juvenile taboo.”

No, you parasitic creep. UFOs are like Russia-gate. Without any actual evidence or proof, I am not interested. No more money for you, asshole.  You’re already a billionaire.

The issue here is not UFOs, but hypocrisy. A single mom collecting a few extra dollars per month in Food Stamps is a “parasite.” But a billionaire like Bigelow collecting $1.83 million per month for sitting at home masturbating is a “patriot.” How often does he masturbate?

That’s classified.


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Mental habits

House Republicans will need to pass their tax plan for a second time after the Senate parliamentarian ruled that provisions in the bill violated the rules governing the legislation. The Senate will approve the plan after Senators learn how everyone will vote. If Bob Corker knows that the tax bill will pass without him, he may vote against it for the sake of appearance, and reap the benefits anyway. He plans to retire in 2018.

The Republican theft is so blatant that it has even shocked neo-liberal propaganda mills. Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute declared, “There has never been a more outrageous, revolting, unfair process to pass a corrupted bill in the entire history of Congress.”

When Congress last adopted major tax reform in 1986, it held nearly 70 committee hearings. This time around, Congress held no significant committee hearings, and no extended debates.

No politician has actually read the tax plan. Each politician is only familiar with the part (or parts) that will benefit him directly and personally. This is why the tax bill is so incredibly long. It’s a massive list of goodies for various politicians, and for their rich donors.

Meanwhile many Democrats remain focused on their Russia-gate farce, which only morons care about.

Next month Social Security benefits will include a 2% cost of living increase, but Medicare premiums (which are deducted from Social Security benefits) will increase by 4%. Therefore the 2% Social Security “increase” will actually be a 2% decrease.

Republicans want to further cut Medicare and Social Security benefits to “pay for” their tax cuts.

Average Americans allow all this because most of them have bad mental habits, which they developed as psychological mechanisms to cope with their misery. (I call these bad habits the “peasant mind-set.”) We pretend to be rational, but we are governed by our mental habits, most of which we form in our youth. Developmental psychologists say that 80% of our emotional identity is formed between ages zero and eight. The other 20% develops through the rest of our lives.

We can change our mental habits, but it’s not easy. Most people don’t even realize that they are habit-bound.

BELOW: the person on the right was born into advantageous circumstances that gave him many head starts. The person on the left was born poor, and was mistreated, and therefore developed a set of self-defeating habits as a coping mechanism.

People born into advantageous circumstances are motivated because their youth was not filled with abuse, frustration, heartbreak, and disappointment. Hence they don’t form negative coping patterns. For them, work is exciting, inspiring, and fun. Hence they are lying when they tell poor people, “You just need to work harder.” For poor people, the harder they work, the more they fall behind.

Rich people’s thought habits are not self-destructive, but often are other-destructive. Many are thieves. Many are incredibly selfish. The more money they steal, the more they want. Many are extremely arrogant. Many are sociopaths with no empathy for others. Many don’t feel wealthy unless the lower classes are miserable. For the latter, is not enough that rich people succeed; others must fail.

The relationship between rich and poor is like that between animals and plants. The human animal thinks he is a “superior life form,” when animals in reality need plants far more than plants need animals. Plants colonized the land a billion years before animals did, and plants only developed things like fruits and flowers later, when animals invaded the land. If all animals vanished, plants would survive. But if all plants vanished, taking all the oxygen with them, animals would all become extinct. In the same way, the rich need the poor far more than the poor need the rich. But society pretends that the reverse is true.

As I said, the problem with the poor is they develop self-defeating thought habits in order to cope with their suffering. (“How will you pay for it?”) When we explain to them the facts about money, they dismiss us.  They even ignore what they see with their own eyes, since they grew up in bad circumstances that caused them to form lifelong attitudes of, “It will never work.”

If you explain to them that the U.S. government creates its spending money out of thin air, they resort to the inflation bogeyman. (“It will never work.”) If you debunk the inflation bogeymen, they dismiss you as a “conspiracy theorist.” (“It will never work.”) Anything to maintain their coping mechanisms. Meanwhile rich people do what they can to reinforce poor people’s negative thought habits.

Throughout history the greatest leaders are those who have managed to change the thought habits of the masses. Rich people hate such leaders, since rich people hate equality. They call such leaders “dictators.” Peasants in foreign lands agree with the rich, since it reinforces the peasants’ self-defeating mental habits.

This is just something we have to live with. Average people spend all their time just trying to survive. Rich people spend all their time trying to screw the lower classes. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions on how to change this. I’m only trying to understand it.

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The future

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