The McFollies

I was just about to write a post when I suddenly had a plumbing problem here in the house. I’ll try to come back later today, after I fix it.

In the meantime, I hear that Sen. John McCain is having to spend more and more time in the hospital for cancer treatments. Here’s a couple of satirical images until I get back…

The image below is not mine. I saw it on the Internet.

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2 Responses to The McFollies

  1. Beaner says:

    What do you make of some one like him that has seen the atrocities of war and is still a warmonger? I guess becoming a politician may be the answer.


    • Liz Harris says:

      Yes, for politicians like McCain it is necessary to have no moral conscience, and no empathy for others.

      The reason I ridicule McCain so often is that he remains evil despite being 81 and dying of cancer. (His type of tumor, glioblastoma, is aggressive and nearly always fatal.) Also I am disgusted that so many things have been named in McCain’s honor (buildings, naval ships, etc.) No doubt after he rejoins Satan, there will be many elementary schools named after McCain.

      Just put him in the radiation treatment thing and forget it. Go out for a long lunch with lots of cocktails and let him cook for the rest of the day.


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