Ignore at your peril

In connection with the horrific video below, here is my advice, based on personal experience.

[1] In 1998 I was desperate for a job, any job, so I signed up for the Los Angeles Police Dept. I quit after 365 days (exactly one year) because I could not stand the cop mentality, an example of which you can see in the video below.

Most LAPD cops hated me because I was very popular with the community, even though, as a rookie, I was put in the roughest part of L.A., which at that time was 80% black. A couple of times I was in life-threatening situations, but instead of shooting people, I simply called for backup. No one was ever shot or injured by the cops in any incident that I was involved with.

In any police department (no exceptions) 20% of cops are subhuman. An example is the cop in the video below. Their poison infects the entire department, making all cops unhappy, and driving them mad, sometimes causing them to be as bad as the 20%.

If you think I exaggerate about all this, then you are part of the problem, and I have no pity for you.

[2] The police are not your friends. They are cowardly little punks that fear you and despise you. I witnessed this from the inside. They think that every citizen is either [a] a bug to be stomped on or [b] a heavily armed terrorist with super-human strength and abilities.

Therefore you must do everything possible to avoid having any contact with the police. Never make idle chat with them anywhere at any time. Never call 9-11 unless you truly fear for your life. If you happen to walk past a crime scene, never ask a cop what is going on. The cop may explode at you in rage, and threaten to arrest you or shoot you. (This happened to me after I quit the LAPD.) In their cowardice they think they own you. And if they murder you, at least 20% of your neighbors will defend the murderers, 60% will shrug in apathy, and the remaining 20% will be powerless to help you.

While driving, never give a cop any reason to stop you. Never have a broken tail light or expired plates. Obey all signs, all traffic lights, and all speed limits. No illegal turns.  If someone flips you the bird, ignore it, because if the police show up, they may decide to gun you down. That’s how insane they are. Afterward, as with the asshole below, a jury of your peers will find him innocent, even if his body camera proves that he murdered you.

Being white gives you no protection. The murdering cop and his victim below were both white.

If you think I exaggerate about all this, then you are part of the problem, and I have no pity for you.

Incidentally, in my state, if a cop cites you for drunk driving, the state Department of Motor vehicles automatically suspends your driver’s license for a minimum of 90 days, even though you have not been convicted or even arraigned; only accused. And there is no appeal. To get your license back, after 90 days you must go through alcohol abuse classes that, when all is said and done, will cost you an average of $4,500. And this is for your first offense. It’s a scam for local governments to suck money from you. Never get behind the wheel if you have any alcohol in your system. Not even one beer.

[3] If you drink alcohol at home or in a hotel, be super-careful before you start drinking. Know that you are always drunker than you think you are. Do not go near guns or weapons of any kind, including toy guns. A cop may show up and start screaming at you. Since you are drunk, confused, disoriented, and terrified, he may decide to murder you, even though you are unarmed, and on your knees, and you are in full compliance with his orders.  You will see this below.

Remember that most cops are stupid cowards. Being behind the weapon, they cannot understand why anyone would be terrified by a cop with an assault rifle screaming in rage, “I’m going to shoot you!” Cops have never had this experience. They are mental cripples.

In the video below, the killer cop, Philip Brailsford, 26, is on an out-of-control power trip as he tortures his victims. One of them (a woman) he lets go. The other was Daniel Shaver, 26, a pest-control technician from Nashville Tennessee, and a father of two little girls. Shaver had been drinking in his hotel room, and he was terrified. Therefore Philip Brailsford used his personal AR-15 to murder him. Inscribed on the assault rifle were the words, “You’re fucked.”

Brailsford murdered his victim on 18 Jan 2016 about 9:00 pm about one mile from where I was living at the time.  Google street view of murder site. It was on the 5th floor of the hotel.

The video shows about 4 1/2 minutes of Philip Brailsford  torturing his prey. Shavers is unarmed, weeping in terror, and begging for his life.  “Please don’t shoot me!” Brailsford has nothing but contempt for Shavers, and puts five rifle bullets into him. Afterward Brailsford said he was proud of having “performed his duty,” and he would do it again.

Yesterday (7 Dec 2017) a jury pronounced Brailsford innocent of all charges.

Idiot juries are one reason why this nightmare continues. Learn from it. 

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4 Responses to Ignore at your peril

  1. Steve says:

    Idiot jury? Perhaps. I believe Maricopa County paid off jury members (via $$$/?) to lessen their potential financial hit from future litigation. Bet this happens all the time. NOTHING else makes any sense when it comes to cases like this. CORRUPTION

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liz Harris says:

      Perhaps the jury was paid off (or threatened) like you suggest. Or perhaps the jury didn’t see the video. The judge ordered the video sealed from the public until the end of the trial.

      We don’t know if the jury saw the video of the killer cop being “threatened” and “afraid for his life” as he sadistically played “Simon Says” with his victim.

      “Simon says put your hands on your head! If you make a mistake again, I’ll kill you! Simon says put your hands on the carpet! On your head! On the carpet! Get up! Lie down! Shut up!” BLAM BLAM BLAM

      Fortunately for the police, society remains divided. Black Lives Matter people say, “See? This is what we go through. We must all unite against this madness!” In response, racist whites defend the murderous cop who should not be allowed in society, let alone be given guns.

      I’d like to see a transcript of the trial to learn how a P.O.S. like this could be declared innocent of all charges. I saw a few seconds of the female prosecutor’s closing arguments. Weak. Did she see the video? Did anyone other than the judge see the video before the trial ended? If so, WTF use are body cams?

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      • Liz Harris says:

        Incidentally this was the Mesa P.D., not the Maricopa County Sheriff deputies. The wife has filed (or intends to file) a civil suit against the city. Her odds of winning are not good. According to several studies, Mesa AZ (pop. 440,000) is the most conservative city in the entire USA.

        Google the words “mesa az most conservative city.”


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