Pole shift

Before I get going, have you ever tried to spare someone from going through an experience similar to what you did, but they ignored you, and now they must go through the same thing themselves?  It’s very sad.

There’s a Mexican who I see almost every day. He’s here illegally, and he speaks no English, but he has a pickup truck that he uses to get to work. I have told him at least twenty times (literally) that when he is on the road he must be extremely careful. It’s war out there. The police are predators. He is the prey. Cities are desperate for revenue, and the cops will do anything to collect it. If a speed limit sign says “40,” he must do 40 or less. If he has a broken taillight, he must fix it immediately. He must not do anything to attract attention. He must give no policeman any reason to ever stop him. If he has any alcohol in his system, he must stay off the road.  We are always drunker than we think we are. No exceptions.

He always nodded when I spoke to him about this. He said he understood. One time when he was drunk, he said, “I have good relations with the police here.”

I looked at the ground and thought, “He’s not listening.”

A week ago his truck disappeared. He told me that the police impounded it after they cited him for speeding. This morning he asked me a question about his court papers. I asked to see the papers, and I saw that he was actually cited for extreme DWI, and for having no driver’s license.

Here’s the thing. When it comes to drunk driving, my state is arguably the strictest state in the USA. If you are cited for extreme DWI, you are charged with three separate crimes.

[1] Driving drunk (blood alcohol .08 % or higher)

[2] Driving with blood alcohol of 0.15% or higher

[3] Driving with blood alcohol of 0.2% or higher (“extreme DUI”)

Plus, he was charged with having alcohol in his vehicle, plus having no driver’s license. Five separate charges in all. On 20 Dec 2017 he must go to court for his arraignment, where he will be formally charged. One of two things will happen…

[1] The judge will automatically enter a plea of not guilty, and will set a date for a conference between this guy (or his attorney) and a prosecutor. At the prosecutor conference they will arrive at some deal involving fines, or jail time, or both.

[2] He will be arrested in court, handed over to ICE, and deported within a week.

This is not “educated guesswork.” These are the facts. I have seen it many times.

I explained all this to him before he was caught. Many times. Moreover he is the sixth Latino I have seen this happen to after my repeated counsel. Some were caught drunk driving. Some got into fights, or were involved in domestic disturbances. Some got caught with drugs. None of them listened to me.

Sadly, we humans rarely learn from other people’s counsel. In many cases (perhaps most) we only learn from our own experiences. If we have not experienced something, then it is not true for us. Not real.


Let me turn to a less depressing topic: the end of the world — i.e. the (fake) “national debt crisis” and Social Security.

Social Security’s worst enemies are those who try to use false premises to defend it. Or as I often say, if you don’t understand federal finances, then anything you say about it, good, bad, or neutral, will help to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

In fact, the people who most reject the truth are not deficit hawks, but “progressives” who have false notions. One example is the victims of Ellen Brown Syndrome (EBS) who think that all money is created by banks as loans.  At some point this falsehood was planted as a seed in their minds, and it grew into a crippling illness.

Vast amounts of money are indeed created by banks as loans, but EBS victims say that all money is created as loans. For them, government spending is government borrowing. Hence they uphold the “national debt crisis” hoax.

Other people say that yes, we have a “national debt crisis,” but it is caused by endless war, not by Medicare and Social Security.

This tactic will always fail, because war is sacred to most Americans, and with it, military spending. Military contractors will never give up their endless trillions of dollars. If necessary they will nuke a U.S. city and blame it on Somalia or Venezuela. (Not Russia, since global nuclear annihilation is not profitable.)

These people say it is a lie that Social Security is bankrupt. Instead, Social Security will last until 2032 (or until some other randomly chosen year).

Like everyone else, they echo the falsehood that the U.S. government runs on loans and on tax revenue. And because they start with a false premise, they can write endless bullshit that no one reads, and no politician heeds. Example…

These false beliefs are not simply errors or misunderstandings. They are part of the “fabric” of global human society at this point in history. This “fabric” cannot be altered with logic, or proof, or reasoning, or military force. It cannot be swept aside via a revolution. If the errors are ever reversed, it will be a result of a spontaneous “pole shift” in the human psyche. No one knows for sure if this will happen, or when it will happen, or what will cause it to happen (if it does happen).

The sun flips it magnetic poles every 11 years on average. No one knows exactly why. The earth has flipped its magnetic poles every 250,000 years on average, but the last time was 780,000 years ago. The current delay is unusual. There is evidence to suggest the earth may be in the early stages of a pole reversal right now. Again, no one knows why.

The earth’s magnetic poles are analogous to the change in the human psyche (if it ever happens). At first it will be quiet and unnoticed. One day people will start to suspect that something has changed.  They will not be as selfish and warlike as they were before. No one will know exactly why. It just “happened” with no known cause.

If we ever do change, this is how I see it happening.


The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA, seen below in red) is where the earth’s magnetic field is weakest. It has no effect on the earth’s gravitational field, but spacecraft must nonetheless take the SAA into account if they pass through it, as it can affect radiation levels in “space weather.”

QUESTION: The cause of the SAA in unknown, but what if the same mechanism (whatever it is) causes the mysterious “great red spot” on the planet Jupiter? The planet is a big ball of gas, and has an extremely powerful magnetic field. I’ve never seen anyone pose this question.

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4 Responses to Pole shift

  1. Beaner says:

    Hard to feel sorry for the guy if he gets deported. If people don’t help themselves, then it is impossible for anyone else to help them.


    • Liz Harris says:

      Agreed, but I still sympathize, since I have often been foolish in my own life. I’m guessing that this Mexican I mentioned is about 30. He’s a Capitalino (he doesn’t like the word Chilango). I tried to prevent this from happening to him.

      “If people don’t help themselves, then it is impossible for anyone else to help them.”

      Exactly so.


  2. Lela K says:

    What about unconscious people who are in harm’s way?


    • Liz Harris says:

      Yes that is a factor we must always take into consideration, since all of us are unconscious to one extent or another. There is no clear division between conscious and unconscious. There are only varying degrees of wakefulness.


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