Are you insane?

Perhaps no one is totally free of mental illness. I know a women blogger with whom I agree on most issues, but who has recently devolved into endless man-bashing and endless rants about what she calls our “rape culture.” I don’t know what she means by “rape culture,” since I don’t read her blog posts when she has mental seizures (which is more and more frequently). However I skimmed a few reader responses. Her male readers use courteous and diplomatic verbiage to try and let her know that she has become boring and hateful, and is losing readers. In her dementia she responds by tripling her rants, which drives away more readers, which further inflames her dementia, which drives away more readers. All of this is bizarre, because this woman and I agree on most other things (e.g. Russia-gate).

So it occurs to me that each of us has his own psychosis. No matter how level headed we seem to be, each of us is perhaps insane in one way or another. I know a male blogger who I agree with on most economics issues, but who is quite insane outside the field of economics, with grave mental problems. Actually I know several bloggers like that: intelligent in some respects, and tragically crippled in others.

My point is that each of us is perhaps crippled in one way or another. The female blogger I mentioned above has written about how we should be aware of our own personal bullshit, and our inner echo chamber. I agree with that, but she forgets about it when she has her mental fits, and she lapses into man-bashing. This is more than hypocrisy and self-contradiction. It is mental illness. Maybe we all have this illness individually. Certainly we have it collectively. All societies are insane. They only differ in the form and severity of their madness.

Also, none of us seem to be totally immune from all social fads. The woman above is immune from the Russia-gate craze, but she indulges in the #metoo craze. The male blogger I mentioned is free from the “national debt crisis” hoax, but he indulges in the World War II “holocaust” hoax. I could give many more examples, some of which you will agree with, and some of which you will disagree with. What I’m saying, yet again, is that perhaps these are not mere differences in opinion, but are manifestations of incompatible neuroses.

Of course, it is possible for a person to simply be in error.  If I say the U.S. government does not run on loans and tax revenue, and you say it does, then this is not a product of incompatible neuroses. It is a product of your neurosis. Still, whereas you are insane in one way, I am perhaps insane in a different way, involving a different topic.

This is just something we have to live with.


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8 Responses to Are you insane?

  1. John Fiegle says:

    Do you have a personal profile available that shows your background, education, work experience and so forth? I enjoy your articles very much and am amazed at the variety of subjects you write about and the certainty of your opinions on what is a “hoax” and what is not.

    Perhaps a short list of your most trusted sources of the “facts” you present would also be of great interest to your readers (especially me).

    In any case, if you keep writing, I,ll keep reading. Thank you.


    • Liz Harris says:

      Thanks for your question. Some things are undeniable hoaxes, such as the “national debt crisis” hoax, for reasons that I repeatedly explain in my posts. Other things are debatable, such as anthropogenic climate change. These I do not call hoaxes, nor objective facts, although I may have strong opinions about them one way or the other. (Personally I am convinced that climate change is real.)

      Or consider mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas. Some people say it was a hoax. I myself do not know. There are many questionable things about it, but I do not have enough information to make a judgment, and I say so candidly. Indeed I have written posts asking people to avoid rushing to judgement while they still do not have all the facts.

      One time a reader asked me why I dismissed the official accounts of 9-11. I considered listing myriad sources that demolish the official account, but I knew that the person wouldn’t read them, so I didn’t bother.

      In any case, if someone reads the word “hoax” in my blog posts, and does not agree with me, then I invite the reader to challenge me on that specific item. That way we can keep these topics manageable.

      Also, in the post above I accused two individuals of having mental illness, but I conceded that I too may have a mental illness. I suggested that perhaps we all do.

      The most important thing, as I see it, is to add a bit of satirical humor in these posts, which I usually do through the imagery.


  2. LeeLak says:

    John, she said she used to work at a Minot, ND missile base in the USAF, or something.


  3. LeeLak says:

    PS, AGW is undeniably FALSE. See John Casey’s books etc.


    • Liz Harris says:

      Many thanks for your comments. Why do you think AGW is false? Do you say there has been no climate change, or do you say that there has been change, but it is caused by sunspots, or what? If it’s all a hoax, then what is the motive for sustaining it?

      There are two questions here. I am more interested in question 2…

      [1] Is AGW real or a hoax?
      [2] What makes people decide one way or the other about AGW, and about many other issues?

      The hoax claim would be greatly strengthened if countries started imprisoning people for questioning climate change the way countries imprison people for questioning the WW II “holocaust.”


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