The joy of misery

Many people worry about non-problems so they can avoid thinking about real problems. For such people, Amazon sells the key fob below. Suppose you feel worried every time you light up a cigarette, because you know that tobacco is deadly.  You can always glance at your handy key fob below, and watch the little numbers whir meaninglessly while you think, “What the hell, the national debt crisis will kill me anyway.”

Or suppose you’re in a supermarket and you see a single mother using an EBT card (aka Food Stamps). You can shove your key fob in her face, saying, “You’re selfishness is killing us, and here’s the PROOF!”

Or here’s an idea: there are clock radios that project the time and temperature on a wall or ceiling. Let’s have them project the national debt, so people can spend all night staring at the (non)crisis. Every time they wake up they can feel anguish.  (“We’re doomed! The writing’s on the wall!”)











Indeed, why stop there? National debt clocks should be put everywhere. They calm people down, since most people love to worry about the (fake) “national debt crisis” in order to avoid thinking about their personal debt crisis.

Think of the people we could soothe by making them worry about nothing.  The possibilities are endless. How about those “heads up” displays on car windshields?

Seriously, this crap really does calm people down. It steadies them. Average people in the lower classes think to themselves, “What if I win the lottery? No, I probably won’t. What if something wonderful happens to me tomorrow? It probably won’t. But what if it does? What if – no. What if – oh forget it. No matter what happens, I’m screwed by the national debt crisis.”

Most people are peasants because they collectively think like peasants. They are are comforted by pessimism and defeatism. Their mental prison sustains their physical poverty. They are slaves because they choose to believe their owners’ lies.












Since most voters falsely believe that the U.S. government runs on loans and on tax revenue, many voters are dismayed by the current push in Congress for tax cuts. For average Democrats a tax cut for the rich means a tax increase for the rest.  For average Republicans a tax cut means that “entitlements” are more “unsustainable” than ever. What about the (fake) need for a balanced budget? What about the (fake) need to reduce the deficit and the national debt?

These hoaxes are basis for many people’s beliefs, be they Republican, Democrat, or whatever.

Therefore all sides in the lower classes are screaming in panic.











Incidentally I have heard no one talking about reducing the FICA tax, which would directly help all workers in the lower classes. Workers don’t want a FICA tax cut anyway, since they falsely believe that FICA taxes fund Medicare and Social Security. (FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act.)

In fact, the ones who scream loudest against tax cuts are liberals and Democrats in the lower classes (especially when Republicans want to cut taxes). On 17 Dec 2010 Obama signed the Tax Relief Act of 2010, which lowered the FICA tax by 2% for one year. Democrats complained that this one-year tax reduction “cost” America $858 billion, when in fact it let American workers keep $858 billion that the U.S. government would have destroyed.

Some people believe that the U.S. government enacted the FICA tax in 1935 in order to prevent future politicians from gutting Social Security. Workers could claim they had “paid into” the (non-existent) “trust fund.” However this is no protection against cutting or privatizing Medicare and Social Security. Politicians can simply claim that that the (non-existent) “Social Security trust fund” is empty because beneficiaries exceed contributors. And the peasants believe this lie, since they believe that their FICA taxes pay for Social Security.

I have seen pundits give speeches claiming that the (non-existent) “Social Security Trust Fund” is “broke” because the U.S. government “spent all the money.” Clearly the pundits are lying, because they smile in amusement as their audiences erupt in anger and outrage.

For example, Laurence Kotlikoff (seen below) goes around giving speeches about “generational war” between older recipients of Social Security benefits, and younger FICA taxpayers. Kotlikoff falsely tells his audiences that older Americans have “bankrupted” Social Security.  His mission is to impoverish the lower classes by making young people hate their parents and grandparents.

Look at that smirk.

Finally, here are some cartoons that deal with the (fake) “national debt crisis.” Cartoonists love this crap, since it’s something they can feel righteous about. In all cases the cartoonists focus on the trivial “national debt” while ignoring the disastrous private debt (student loans etc).

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