Why empires fall

If a military contractor wants an extra $10 billion, the U.S. government says no problem. If the public wants free college, or Universal Medicare, the government says, “How will you pay for it?”

And the public echoes this lie.

Therefore people are forced to take loans to go to college. If people stop making payments for whatever reason (such as a serious illness, or simply because they cannot afford to continue making payments) then in nineteen U.S. states, government agencies seize professional licenses from firefighters, nurses, teachers, lawyers, massage therapists, barbers, psychologists, real estate brokers, etc.

South Dakota revokes people’s drivers’ licenses, making it impossible for people to get to work, since South Dakota has very little public transportation.

Student loan debt is now the largest source of household debt outside of mortgages. The aggregate debt is now close to $1.5 trillion, and keeps exploding. So do defaults. So do the number of Americans who are having their professional and drivers’ licenses revoked so they cannot work.

Lenders have always pursued delinquent borrowers by filing lawsuits, garnishing their wages, putting liens on their property, seizing tax refunds, and now, blocking licenses.

NOTE 1: All these lenders are backed by the U.S. government. If you don’t pay back the lender, the U.S. government pays them back. Bankers can’t lose. Therefore we already have federally funded college. It’s just that the funding goes to bankers. And even though the U.S. government has paid off your loan, the bankers are still free to go after you. With interest and penalties, your $5,000 loan balloons to $50,000 in debt. And because student loans are so available, college keep increasing their tuition, which keeps increasing the student loan amounts.

NOTE 2: Evidently this does not apply to doctors in default, since doctors are too well paid to penalize. Doctors are notorious for defaulting on loans.  Years ago I was a mortgage loan officer. When a client happened to be a doctor, I sent him elsewhere, knowing I would not be able to get him or her a mortgage, since his or her credit would be very bad.

NOTE 3: If you default on a mortgage, the bank seizes your house. If you default on a student loan, the bank seizes your life.

This happens because of selfishness. If a lender targets you, then people around you say, “Good! You made a promise to pay back your student loan, and you deserve to be destroyed!” People assist the blood-sucking bankers.

If you try to explain that the U.S. government can create infinite money, people smugly dismiss you, since the truth makes them look like the selfish assholes they are. They echo the mantra, “Universal Medicare? How will you pay for it?”

This is how empires fall. Greed, selfishness, and corruption start in the upper classes and their puppet politicians, and gradually spread downward to the lower classes. A larger and larger percentage of the population is barred from working because of debt. Whoever is targeted by greedy lenders is shunned and hated by everyone else, until the entire Empire collapses.

And so we can sum up in one word why Empires fall: selfishness.








Speaking of student loans, I want to mention something about would-be funny man John Oliver. I don’t mean you to watch the garbage below. It’s 18 minutes of boring trash. Just looking at that creep is a downer. (And what’s with those ridiculous plaid shirts?)

At 04:50, Green Party candidate Jill Stein says, “We’re the one party that’s calling for cancelling student debt, and bailing out a generation of young people like we bailed out the bankers on Wall Street. It was about four trillion in free money in the form of quantitative easing.”

John Oliver responds with the standard lie of “there is no money.”

I despise these cowardly creeps who think they’re smarter than you by claiming that there’s no way out of hell, nor should there be.

Oliver says it is “dangerous to print new money,” even though the U.S. government creates almost $11 billion a day in “new money,” 365 days a year. And that’s not even counting the new money created as bank loans.

There are endless trillions for war and weapons makers but according to Oliver, there is no money to pay off student loans.

Oliver is an obnoxious zero. Nonetheless he has received a Peabody Award, nine Primetime Emmys, and three Writers Guild awards.

Lame, lame LAME!







Let me lighten the mood and change the subject. I was going to ignore this, since it’s another example of the corporate media outlets conniving to keep us fighting each other, rather than uniting against our rich owners.

However I want to make a separate point in connection with this.

Ekow N. Yankah is a black professor of law.

On 11 Nov 2017 Mr. Yankah published a New York Times op-ed which asks, “Can my black children be friends with white people?” Yankah concludes that they cannot be friends, since all whites are violent racists, and no whites can be trusted.

The corporate media spews similar trash every day, and conservative-leaning whites usually take the bait. They attacked Mr. Yankah’s hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and double-standards. (“Imagine if a white person had said that about blacks! And if this overpaid black professor thinks the USA is so awful, then why doesn’t he leave?”)

I myself am not totally immune from racism. A couple of months ago I had an altercation with a very rude black person in a supermarket parking lot.  As I departed, I angrily thought to myself “Fucking monkey!” My next thought was, “Wow, I thought I had matured past that racist crap.”

I rationalized that my ugliness was a product of habit. In my youth I had been a flaming racist, because I had had many experiences with blacks. I was too young to understand that their bad attitude resulted from socioeconomic factors like those noted at right. –>

However I suspect that my “monkey” thought was not merely a product of old habits. I suspect that filth remained in my mental cellar. I suspect that cleaning out such filth is a never-ending job which requires empathy — i.e. the attempt to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

This does not mean we must love everybody. It means that we should not so easily take the bait whenever it is dangled before us.


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