America divided

The above article claims that the Republicans’ proposed tax cuts will “cost” $4.5 billion, which the lower classes must pay for one way or the other.

Nonsense of course, since the U.S. government does not run on tax revenue, just as a sports scoreboard does not run on “points revenue.”











When you start with a false premise, you can do countless “analyses” without ever getting anywhere.

Of course, the real issue here is not tax cuts, but Trump. Tax cuts are evil because…Trump.

Indeed the American lower classes have divided themselves into three camps.

LIBERALS:  These are the Trump-bashers whose hatred is so blind and that they imagine the USA would become a paradise if Trump vanished. For liberals, George W. Bush was a saint compared to Trump, Hillary was an arch-angel, and Obama was God.

If you are not a fanatical liberal, then you are a racist, sexist, fascist Nazi. For liberals, Democrat corruption is irrelevant, as is Democrat loyalty to the neoliberal 1%. For liberals the entire universe revolves the evil that is Trump. Everything bad in the world is caused by Trump. If you don’t care about Trump, then you worship Trump. You are a racist, sexist, fascist Nazi.

CONSERVATIVES: These people despise social justice warriors and political correctness, plus Democrat hypocrisy, corruption, and self-righteousness. They are tired of being unjustly dismissed as racists and Nazis. They are racially mixed (as is Camp One), but people of color here are doubly attacked for their “treachery.”

EVERYONE ELSE — i.e. people who ignore this stuff, which is the vast majority of Americans. They regard fanatical liberals and conservatives as equally crazy.

A couple of points here…

[1] Everyone in all three camps is downwardly mobile. All are suffering from powerlessness, poverty and inequality. However liberals and conservatives are divided by how they express their anguish. Each side regards the other side as evil, insane, and full of hate. Each side blames the other side for the downward mobility that we all suffer.

Each side regards peacemakers as members of the opposite camp. For example, if you note that social bickering keeps the lower classes in slavery, liberals will regard you as pro-Trump racist, sexist, fascist Nazi.  Conservatives will regard you as a “snowflake liberal.”

If you do not like war, then liberals will accuse you of being a Russian agent, while conservatives will accuse you of being pro-terrorist.

If you do not like Israeli atrocities, then both sides call you an “anti-Semite.”

[2] Liberals are furious that conservatives and ordinary people dismiss Russia-gate, itself fueled by hatred of Trump. How can you deny the “evidence” that Russia controls U.S. elections, and the “evidence” of “sonic attacks” in Cuba? How can you not share a blind hatred of Trump? If you deny the “evidence” (or if you simply remain silent) then you are a sexist, racist, fascist Nazi.

[3] Conservatives falsely regard you as a liberal if you favor a more socialist style of government, or if you want programs like Universal Medicare.

Meanwhile liberals don’t care about Universal Medicare. They just hate Trump.

The people who care most about Universal Medicare are those in the middle. They are by far the majority, but they are drowned out by bickering between liberals and conservatives.

[4] Liberals and conservatives all echo the lie that money is physical and limited, and that the U.S. government runs on loans and tax revenue. Therefore each side accuses the other side of “wasting” federal dollars.

[5] Liberals say that the media outlets are pro-Nazi. Conservatives complain about the media’s liberal bias.

In reality the corporate media outlets hate everyone in the lower classes, but they give special support to liberals in order to keep the two camps fighting with each other, rather than uniting against their rich owners. The media outlets act liberal, but in fact they are neoliberal — i.e. fake progressives.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans only care about widening the gap between the rich and the rest. However Democrat neoliberals embrace regular liberals in order to divert public attention from Democrat crimes.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, the activities of the opposite side have little effect on your personal life. If you are angry about Nazis being everywhere, or if you are angry about “gay pride,” then you have been inflamed and “punked” by the Internet.

Because of the Internet, one small event in a small town far away from you can seem outrageous. A gay pride parade or a Nazi march far away from you means that gays or Nazis are “taking over.”

Because of the Internet, if a conservative wants to make a speech, he will be met by thousands of “Antifa” thugs. Antifa itself has no clear ideology, just like the “Occupy” movement before them. Their goal is to vent their anguish in the form of violence, which they legitimize by claiming to be warriors for “tolerance.”

The engine of all this bickering is downward mobility.

Liberals and conservatives form cultish gangs in an attempt to feel less powerless and less frightened. They use hatred as a means to avoid facing material and economic reality. I propose that the same phenomenon happens in all Empires that are dying from their own internal rot, caused by extreme inequality.






















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