The #MeToo phenomenon

I just read a feminist diatribe by a woman I had previously thought was intelligent. Since I am a woman, I can say things in response that society does not allow men to say.

First of all, abuse of power occurs in both men and women. With men it often manifests as leverage in order to get sex. With women it manifests as leverage in order to get groveling and obedience.

For example, male engineers in Silicon Valley have long complained about the corporate pecking order. At the top are male and female executives. At the middle level are the angry women of human resources. At the bottom are regular males, which is 99% of all males.

The angry women at mid-level serve the men at the top level by making sure that no male at the bottom level can climb higher. No males at the bottom can present the top males with competition. And yet the angry women claim to be victims of all males.

It is the same in society at large. Powerful males often subject women to sexual harassment, but women condemn all males as rapists.

Women also complain about the “glass ceiling,” but the top levels are just as closed to 99% of males as they are to women. Males cannot complain about this, since they will be called losers and whiners. Only women are allowed to complain. Only women can be “victims.”

Most feminists are utterly consumed by selfishness and hostility. Example…

Human civilization is made of rape. For millennia, all over the world, women have been commodified and kept as property for the purpose of receiving male reproductive fluids and raising their progeny, regardless of our will. Civilization has been arranged so that each man receives a woman to own, with whom he may have sex whenever he wishes.

In this person’s hateful mind, each man throughout history has been issued a woman as a “right.” Men never have to compete with each other for women, money, or power. Men never have to occupy the lower ranks of society. Men are always guilty by default. Sex and marriage always occur via brute force, with no consent from female “victims.”

Garbage. Most average (single) males consider themselves to be sexually deprived. They never get any ‘tang at all. And yet women call them Neanderthals and evil rapists.

Meanwhile a woman can destroy a man by merely accusing him of rape, with no proof or evidence. And yet only women can be “victims.”

The hypocrisy, injustice, and sexual frustration experienced by average single males can become so extreme that they wig out. They use a gun to exterminate people. Or they use a vehicle to run over people.

And still the false and unjust shaming of average males continues, as do the massacres.

And now we have the #MeToo phenomenon, in which almost every female (and gay male) claims to be a victim of rape.

All this is an example of the peasants attacking each other, rather than uniting against their rich owners.

I can’t even keep track of all the men who are facing sexual misconduct accusations anymore as women gain more and more confidence to call it out.

It is not “confidence.” It is hostility caused by economic inequality. Women are venting their hatred on all the men around them, even though men are just as crushed by poverty and inequality. Both men and women are victims of rich oligarchs — but while the men blame the oligarchs, women blame men. All men. This female hostility is a product of female cowardice and selfishness, which in turn prevents social unity, which in turn helps to sustain the gap between the rich and the rest.

Hillary Clinton claims that she lost the election because of “sexism,” not because of her endless corruption.  And many women agree with her, including women who don’t like Hillary. It’s fun to be a “victim.”

Especially nauseating are male feminists who praise hateful women in order to advance themselves at the expense of their fellow males, or simply because they hope that if they grovel enough, they won’t be so despised by women. Sorry guys, but groveling won’t get you sex. Groveling gets you stepped on. No one respects a toilet.

Bottom line: Women who consider themselves progressives with never make any progress by constantly vilifying all the men around them as rapists.




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