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A question for you

The purpose of this post is to ask you a question. First, some background… Every single day there are news articles about how the drug industry is one of the greediest of all industries, and how it has totally captured … Continue reading

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Magic charms

People in the lower classes use magic charms to cope with their suffering. For example, when anyone proposes tax cuts, the public screams: “What about the national debt?” This is a variant of “How will you pay for it?” It is a magic … Continue reading

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Berlin’s bitch

Spain will use military force if necessary to prevent Catalonia from having independence. Catalonia has appealed to the European Parliament and European Commission for help. So have several other independence movements in Europe. An Irish writer says this appeal is … Continue reading

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It’s not a “paradox”

It’s a shame that so few economics bloggers are able to write in a clear and concise fashion. Do they fear they won’t be respected? Is verbosity simply a habit? Or do they just get infected from their environment? Here is … Continue reading

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The Whitefish scandal

The Whitefish scandal is a typical case of disaster capitalism, in which greedy corporations exploit disasters to gain private ownership of public assets, public resources, public utilities, and public infrastructure. Some basic points… [1] A month after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, … Continue reading

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Heroes die alone

I’ll explain the title of this post at bottom. but first, I note that MMT proponents and opponents are both paralyzed by dogma, and they become angry if you question their foolishness. For example, MMT cultists have their unworkable “jobs … Continue reading

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Tulsi gets her mind right

On Wednesday (25 Oct 2017) the US House of Representatives voted unanimously for new sanctions against Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Iran. This is proof that the Empire has definitely lost its battle against Syria, and that the Kurds have lost their battle to … Continue reading

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