The AEI proposal

QUESTION: Will we ever get Universal Medicare or Universal Social Security?

ANSWER: Yes, if public pressure builds up enough. Then the money-powers will use such programs to further screw us.

How? The neoliberal American Enterprise Institute has a suggestion: give us Universal Social Security, but make it “budget neutral.” Better yet, make it “budget positive,” such that for every dollar we get through Universal Social Security, three or four dollars will be cut from other social programs. Food stamps must be eliminated, along with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and veterans’ benefits.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) says this would “free up” $2.54 trillion dollars a year. That is, eliminating the social programs mentioned above would suck 2.54 trillion dollars a year out of the U.S. economy, thereby making the lower classes even poorer than they are now.

The AEI also suggests increasing income taxes on the lower classes, and eliminating 23 different tax benefits such as the Student Loan interest deduction and Earned Income Tax credit. This would suck even more money out of the U.S. economy.

Of course the Universal Social Security benefits themselves would be taxed, since the U.S. government “needs revenue.” Right?

That is, the benefits would be taxed to “finance” the benefits.

The AEI suggests a basic income of $13,788 for individuals over the age of 18. Therefore if you are elderly and you have a major illness, you will be screwed, since you will have no Medicare, and you will have nowhere near enough money to pay for medical treatment.

The beauty of this scam is that the peasants are so stupid they might eagerly put their heads in the hangman’s noose. For example, the peasants believe the lie that the U.S. government needs revenue, and needs to “save money.” The peasants will also believe the lie that this scam is “efficient,” and “eliminates government waste.” (Wasteful programs like Pentagon spending will continue as always.) The peasants will believe the lie that in order to have one federal benefit, they must lose a different benefit, and that their taxes must be increased to “finance” Universal Social Security. And they will believe the lie that the American Enterprise Institute cares about them.

The art of the swindle is to steal everything a man has, while tricking him into believing that he is benefitting from your theft.–>

BOTTOM LINE: The peasants will never get Universal Medicare and Universal Social Security as long as they believe the lies about federal finances.

And even if they did get Universal Medicare and Universal Social Security, they would still be screwed as long as they believe the lies about federal finances.

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