Re. the movie industry

I want to say a word (farther below) about the movie industry. But first…

The Budget Control Act of 2011 was supposed to cut (i.e. “sequester”) federal spending on the Pentagon, so that politicians would have an excuse to cut social programs for the masses. The cuts in social programs were enacted, but not the cuts for the Pentagon, since “national security” would be “threatened” if rich executives of military contractors got seven-figure salaries instead of eight-figure salaries. Indeed, each year those executives are given even more money than they ask for. This is unlawful, since it violates the Budget Control Act of 2011. However laws only apply to the little people.

My point: if I seek Universal Medicare, then everyone (including “progressives”) responds with, “How will you pay for it?”

However if I point to the Pentagon’s endless trillions and I ask, “How will you pay for it?’ everyone responds with, “What are you, a terrorist?”

On Friday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $696 billion spending bill for the Pentagon, which is considerably more than the Pentagon asked for. And no one asked, “How will you pay for it?”

We are also chained by social custom. For example, it is socially acceptable to support the filling of prisons with Black people, but you may not say the ‘N’ word in public. You may not question 9-11 lies, or U.S.-sponsored terrorism, or lies about federal finances, nor the Supreme Holy of Holies…

On a different note, what’s wrong with the following paragraph? I saw it here.

A bill introduced by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) would allow taxpayers to earmark a portion of their taxes to reduce the federal deficit. Taxpayers would make the selection to push ten percent of their taxes toward the deficit on their annual income taxes. The bill, called the Debt-Buy Down Act, would also force Congress to make cuts to match the amount contributed by taxpayers to ensure the money goes to reducing the deficit.

Wow. If you’re going to whine about the fake national debt “crisis,” then please understand the difference between the deficit and the debt. At the federal level, tax revenues reduce the federal deficit, but have nothing to do with the “national debt.”

Congressman Flake obviously means the “national debt,” but his bill remains absurd. If you want to send money to “pay down” the “national debt, you can already do so at this web site. Of course, you might as well flush your money down a toilet, since the money you send will be destroyed, and since the “national debt” will not be “paid down,” and doesn’t need to be.

According to the U.S. Treasury, here is what various parties contribute each year to “pay down the debt”…

Since these donated millions are tax deductible, it doesn’t matter whether you pay taxes, or you donate instead to the “national debt.” Either way your money is effectively destroyed upon receipt.

Such idiocy is why we can’t have things like Universal Medicare.

Let’s move on to a different topic…

Today in a supermarket checkout line I saw DVDs for sale. The discs had “The Fate of the Furious,” a movie released in the USA on 14 April 2017. I didn’t see it, and I have no interest in it. (I haven’t gone to a cinema in 16 years.) Multiple sources agree that “The Fate of the Furious” was a lousy movie. Nonetheless it is the second biggest money maker in 2017, close behind “Beauty and the Beast.”

How can a movie be so awful, yet so popular?

The answer is that 82% of “The Fate of the Furious” profits were collected in China, where audiences love movies with lots of explosions in 3D. (In Asia, 78% of movie screens are 3D. In the USA only 39% of movie screens are 3D.)

The movie industry involves politics. One movie, titled “The White Helmets,” refers to U.S.-sponsored terrorists and head-choppers that masquerade as “humanitarian workers” in Syria. The movie’s lies served U.S. government propaganda purposes so well that the movie was given an Academy Award for Best “Documentary” (sic) Short Subject.

On the Chinese side, Hollywood may be controlled by Jews, but the Jews dare not offend their Chinese benefactors. That’s how dependent the Jews now are on Chinese financing for movies. This means that Richard Gere, for example, cannot get movie roles (despite being a Jew) in any movie that involves Chinese financing (which is half of all movies now.) Gere has been a longtime critic of China’s control of Tibet.

Year after year the sales of theatre tickets continue to plummet in the USA and Canada, while sales skyrocket in China. The Chinese are building theaters faster than they can fill them with movies. In 2016 they added more than 7,500 cinema screens, pushing China’s national total beyond the USA’s total, which has stayed at 40,000 screens since 2013.

Very soon (projections range from a few months to two years) China will overtake the U.S. as the largest generator of box­-office revenue in the world.

The Fate of the Furious made $388 million in China (the most of any Hollywood film there to date) but China’s own The Mermaid (a sci-­fi romantic comedy) made $527 million in China.

The Mermaid was made in Qingdao China, where the Dalian Wanda Group (headed by billionaire Wang Jianlin) is building the world’s largest movie­ production facilities. The Chinese call it their “Movie Metropolis.” The studio at the heart of the giant complex will be surrounded by hotels, a yacht club, a theme park, a celebrity wax museum, and a hospital.

Although Chinese audiences prefer foreign movies to be full of action and explosions, many of the movies made in Qingdao are drama for adults. Americans like some of these (e.g. Ocean Heaven) and dislike others (e.g. Beauty Remains and The Great Wall).

The Great Wall was the most expensive feature ever shot in China. It was popular in China, but it flopped in the West. Overall, Chinese investors took a $75 million loss on it.

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9 Responses to Re. the movie industry

  1. IC says:

    “Since these donated millions are tax deductible, it doesn’t matter whether you pay taxes, or you donate instead to the “national debt.” Either way your money is effectively destroyed upon receipt.”

    Like I said before, taxation is taking money out of circulation by US government – deflationary action. With current low inflation rate, any increase of taxation and donation to national debt are counterproductive to Quantitative easing (QE). Deflation can potentially trigger another financial collapse.

    Fed should inject more money into economy with QE through universal healthcare, or universal basic income, or just paying people to play sports with big cash award for champions. Let people focus on sports and earn money by playing and winning. This can reduce unemployment and even crime rate.

    During Roman time, Roman citizens were entitled free breads (kind like universal income stuff). Coliseum sports occupied people’s mind to keep them from making trouble. Julius Caesar advocated the free bread for everybody.

    It was done before. it can be done again. If we can provide free public toilet paper, we can afford some free money for everybody. Yes, Fed government can create money without generating debt (indirect taxation on everybody).


    • IC says:

      I am not alone in this kind of thinking. Ray Dalio also has similar idea about sending money directly into hands of consumers by Feds.


  2. Beaner says:

    What’s with the HOLOCAUST® obsession? Almost every post you make has to make reference to that.


    • It is western society that is obsessed with the holocaust.™ My point in mentioning it is to note that it functions exactly the same way as the lies about government finances.

      If it makes you feel any better, I’m thinking about deleting this blog, since you and others seem to dislike it so much. My intention has been to inform and entertain. If I have failed, please let me know.


      • Beaner says:

        Whoa relax there woman, I was simply asking a question; and if it makes you feel better I actually do enjoy the blog, I read it everyday.


  3. L Kinder says:

    Elizabeth, are you the Resultist? Regardless, I’d like to get in touch with you to discuss how to help make your knowledge available to the general public and to use it for the common good.


  4. L Kinder says:

    Sorry, I didn’t realize you replied to my comment under your Crash blogpost on June 24. I wasted all this time not realizing that. I’ll have to compose another comment now. There’s another Elizabeth Harris around Seattle, I think, who calls herself the Resultist and she gives business advice. I was trying to contact her, because I thought she must be you.


  5. L Kinder says:


    I write a lot (mostly links to articles) on this forum:

    That’s with the Free State Project based in New Hampshire. It’s a libertarian movement. I’m kind of a progressive libertarian and don’t favor their free trade mantra. I like Michael Hudson, but you seem even smarter than he/him.

    One of my threads on the forum is called Future School (Get Smart Blog), where I posted some highlights of your blogpost on POVERTY BY SLOPPY THINKING at:

    On June 24 you replied to my comment, saying you’d like to do speaking and at least one Youtube video. Have you looked into doing a TED talk? They may be too “liberal” (neolib) for you though. Your blogposts are well done. Can you do videos well too? Or do you need help?

    I like StyxHH’s videos at . He’s been on Youtube for ten years or so. He had 50 thousand subscribers last year and now has almost 150 thousand. He seems to understand marketing pretty well. He had another video maker on his daily video recently. Maybe he’d be willing to have a discussion with you on his video likewise. Would you be willing? I don’t know if I can contact him. All I can do is leave a comment under his latest video. He gave advice a few months ago on how to succeed on Youtube like he’s doing. He mostly does political commentary, sometimes discussing economic topics etc too.

    I wish I could meet you in person and discuss strategies. Feel free to email me, if that’s a possibility. The FSP is trying to make New Hampshire a “free state”, i.e. libertarian. There are quite a few FSP members in some towns that have talked about making them “free towns”. So I think if a “free town” would start a bank owned by all the residents (eliminating taxes as much as possible) and passed ordinances against interference by outside corporations and state and federal governments, as advised by (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund), and promoted freedom via online videos and social media etc, such towns could prosper, using your economic knowledge, and freedom could overtake states and the country and the world. Trump completely turned around the Republican Party in one year, with help from the internet, so I’m hopeful that similar progress could be made in local and regional areas soon and more widely soon thereafter. What about you?


  6. L Kinder says:

    Forgot something.


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