Addicted to suffering

The article above is full of lies from beginning to end. In reality, Social Security has no “funding woes.” The FICA tax does not pay for Social Security, any more than a “points tax” would pay for points on a sports scoreboard.

There are several reasons why the corporate media outlets tell nonstop lies. One reason is that average people want them to lie, since average people like to worry and complain. They are bored by excessive peace and tranquility, since it deprives them of things to hate.  They prefer to be miserable, and to blame their misery on something other than themselves.

Not all people are this way, but enough people are to keep the lies going.

Thus, when you explain the facts about money, people attack you, since you have challenged their misery.  They say, “You’re wrong! The dollar is about to collapse! The end of the world is near!”

Israelis and Westerners (especially Britons and Americans) get nervous when they are not at continual war, and are not living with imaginary “threats.” This is why Israel will never completely exterminate all Palestinians. Israel needs them. (Incidentally the Israelis have now cut all electricity to the Gaza Death Camp. But remember, Jews are “victims.”)

When the USSR collapsed in 1991, Westerners became anxious. What would they do without their beloved “axis of evil”? Finally they were saved by the 9-11 false flag.

Some people fantasize that if extraterrestrials visited the earth, it would lead to global peace and brotherhood. Nonsense. Humans would incorporate the extraterrestrials into the common need to suffer. The “global war on terror” would become the “galactic war on terror.” Poverty, inequality, and the police state would increase. The more benevolent the extraterrestrials were, the more they would be condemned as a “cosmic threat.” Everyone would believe whatever lies the corporate media outlets told them, since people love to worry. People make sense of their world through lies, hate, and misery.

Again, not everyone is this way, but enough people are to sustain the nightmare.

If you tell people there is no need to worry, since there is no such thing as a Social Security “trust fund,” people act like children who are told there is no Santa Claus.

Wisdom, it seems, consists in learning how to live among fools.

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4 Responses to Addicted to suffering

  1. IC says:

    “Wisdom, it seems, consists in learning how to live among fools.”

    Yes, no idiot can be talked into genius. Changing mind is always impossible task. Most new belief is result of indoctrination of young fresh mind instead of true enlightenment. Old belief only die with believers die of old age. There is no way for ordinary people, based on common sense, to figure out which is correct regarding geocentric belief vs heliocentric belief. It is brain-washing to younger minds at early stage of life to make public accept heliocentric idea as correct.

    All you can do is take the world as it is instead of as you wish. Also ignorance of mass creates inefficient market for investors who know better. Human society as it is, there are numerous opportunities for people with larger brains than average.

    You have to accept that sizable people will never understand what you know. So take advantage of it.


    • IC says:

      In society,

      “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”― Voltaire

      However in investment

      “It is a bless to be right in investment on which the established authorities are wrong.” – me.

      So called Graham-Doddsville value investment by Warren Buffet is based on such principle of taking advantage of inefficient market (or others stupidity).


    • IC says:

      There is reason that most geniuses lived a lonely life. Most of them prefer solitude for good reason.


  2. L Kinder says:

    I guess I’d better share links to this blog on and maybe elsewhere.


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