Classic Krugman

Before I mention Paul Krugman, last Saturday in Panama Beach FL six members of a single family plus four other swimmers were swept out to sea by rip currents. A few people tried to save them, but they too became stranded in the water. Finally beachgoers formed a human chain and pulled everyone to safety. Now everyone’s hugging and hive-fiving and — wait a minute! If people think this Good Samaritan stuff is so sweet, then why do so many people hate social programs that keep individuals from drowning? Screw their hypocrisy.

It’s like when people place flowers at the scene of a shooting. I call bullshit on that too. The time to have compassion for people is when they are still alive.

Anyway I just saw a blog post by Paul Krugman, the arch-neoliberal who calls himself a “progressive.”

(Krugman’s bullshit won him a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008. The prize itself is bullshit, since it has no connection with the Nobel Committee. Friedrich Hayek was given it in 1974 and Milton Friedman in 1976. It comes with $1.5 million in cash for dispensing bullshit.)

In the article, Krugman praises Romneycare ObamaCare and attacks Universal Medicare. “Bernie Sanders is wrong about this and Hillary Clinton is right.”

(Krugman was sure that Hillary would be crowned, and he praised Hillary every single day, hoping she would repay him by giving him a cabinet post. But Hillary lost.)

Single-payer would require a lot of additional tax revenue — and we would be talking about taxes on the middle class, not just the wealthy.

Like I said: bullshit. Elsewhere Krugman has said, “MMT people are just wrong in believing that the only question you need to ask about the budget deficit is whether it supplies the right amount of aggregate demand. Financeability matters too, even with fiat money.”

Lying like this gets you a Nobel Prize.

It gets worse…

Switching to single-payer would impose a lot of disruption on tens of millions of families who currently have good coverage through their employers. You might say that they would end up just as well off, and it might well be true for most people — although not those with especially good policies.

Classic Krugman. Most workers today have no healthcare at all, even with Romneycare ObamaCare. (I don’t have any myself.) Some workers do have it, however, and Single Payer would save their employers billions per year, which would boost the economy. Everyone would have coverage, and workers would not have to stay in awful jobs just to keep their healthcare.

Then Krugman praises Romneycare ObamaCare again, which was cooked up by the insurance giants.

Not everyone agrees with Krugman’s lies, but thousands of people read those lies each day. Below is his daily blog…

Of course, Krugman is not the only liar out there. A couple of days ago I saw this…

The Washington Compost is so obsessed with lying about “Russiagate” that for them to mention Single Payer shows that they are very worried the masses might demand Single Payer, even with the lies about federal money.

The Compost writers are so stupid that the more they drone on about “Russiagate” (which no one cares about), the more the masses will call for Single Payer.

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5 Responses to Classic Krugman

  1. IC says:

    There is no Nobel prize for math. Math has their own award – field medal.
    There is no Nobel prize for economics. Yet economists have no problem counterfeiting.


    • IC says:

      Even real Nobel prize is not very noble. Any achievement that is evaluated with subjective judgment is not very credible. For example about human intelligence, your subjective perception of someone’s intelligence can be quite off mark. That is reason IQ test was invented to give more objective measurement like human height. Without IQ test, anyone can claim they are smarter than others (Dunning-kruger). Low IQ people are suffering illusory superiority more likely due to Dunning Kruger effect.

      So Nobel prize is not very good measurement of achievement. Some people even called it “Nordic prize”.
      I call it as:

      “My mom says I am the best”


  2. L. Kinder says:

    Looks like Elizabeth is on vacation. I hope her wisdom gets publicized better.


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