The P.E.P. phenomenon

I am disgusted by what I call the “PEP” phenomenon (Progressive Except for Palestine) in which people cry for refugees, immigrants, minorities, the poor, the sick, the elderly and so on, while they also cheer Israeli atrocities, and U.S. wars.  I am thinking of one blogger specifically.

Every two or three years the Israelis bombard the Gaza Death Camp. They destroy schools, hospitals, day care centers, apartment buildings and so on, round the clock for two months. They call it “mowing the grass.” Many Israelis gather on hilltops to watch with glee as their victims are exterminated below.  Politicians throughout the West cheer the slaughter, proclaiming that Israel has a “right to defend itself” against its victims.  Elizabeth Warren said this during the last major bombardment. (This is why she is beloved by the one blogger I have in mind). Bernie Sanders is even worse.

My point: if you claim to care about the poor, the sick, the elderly and so on, but you support Israeli atrocities (or U.S. wars), then you are a lying, psychopathic P.O.S. just like that one blogger.

I mention this because the Israelis are preparing yet another cowardly bombardment of Gaza. It’s been three years since their last attack, and they are overdue. The proxy war against Syria has bogged down, and Netanyahu badly needs a distraction, since he is mired in three different corruption scandals. Netanyahu says he may call for early elections. Anything to distract the masses.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE (all of them Israeli allies) are angry with Qatar for, among other things, giving humanitarian support to the Gaza victims.  These four nations will bless an Israeli attack.

On 12 June the Israelis cut electricity to Gaza to four hours per day, hoping to provoke a response from their victims in the Gaza Death Camp. When the Palestinians didn’t take the bait, the Israelis cut their electricity to two hours per day, and at random hours. This during a heat wave. The power can come on in the middle of a workday, or late at night when everyone is trying to sleep. No power means no fan and no fridge. When there is electricity, it has been cut from 120 megawatts down to 80. The normal strategies for cooling off in the summer heat — including showers, swimming, air conditioning and electric fans — have disappeared. Drinking water is rare. If the Palestinians in Gaza don’t respond soon (so that Israel has a pretext to start bombing them) the Israelis will cut them off completely.

But remember, Israel has “a right to defend itself.”

Water reaches Gaza homes only once a week, and for a few hours. Desalination plants are functioning at only 15% of their capacity. More than 108 million liters of untreated sewage flows every day into the Mediterranean. Without access to clean water, 1.45 million people in Gaza are at risk of contracting diseases from drinking contaminated water. They have been sealed up in Gaza for eleven years now.

So I think “fuck you” when I see that blogger give lip service to “progressive” issues, while he also fanatically supports Israeli atrocities.

Perhaps you know who I’m talking about.

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One Response to The P.E.P. phenomenon

  1. Beaner says:

    Sweet baby Jesus, RODGER MALCOLM MITCHELL really hit a nerve didn’t he?


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