Democrat behavior

Many people are angered and confused by Democrat behavior.

“I know that Democrats are owned by moneyed interests, but don’t Democrats want to win elections?”

Yes they do, but “winning” for the typical Democrat does not mean winning a majority in Congress, nor winning a victory for progressive ideology. “Winning” means simply staying in office. It means preventing an electoral defeat by a Democrat challenger. This requires money (i.e. bribes). The more money behind you, the more easily you can stay in office. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are not common.

To get bribes, you must obey the money masters. For example, you must make sure that the American masses never get Universal Medicare. You can pretend to want Universal Medicare, but you may never vote for it, unless you want to be defeated in the next election, which comes every two years in the House of Representatives.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers has 112 co-sponsors for his “Medicare for All” bill, but the co-sponsors put their names to the bill merely for show. Their game is an old one. Conyers (now 88 years old) has introduced this bill in almost every session of Congress for the last fifty two years.

Democrats are permitted to give half-hearted support to “Medicare for All,” but they must not whip the masses into a frenzy of hope. They are permitted to co-sponsor a bill, as long as they prevent it from coming to a vote, while they keep the masses distracted by endlessly lying about Russia, Iran, North Korea, “ISIS,” and so on. Democrats also distract by blaming everything on Republicans, even as Democrats act exactly like Republicans.

In short, most Democrats act for purely selfish reasons. They are motivated by self-interest, not by ideology. Can we blame them? After all, the American public is willfully stupid. Most Americans refuse to admit what they see with their own eyes: that the U.S. government can create infinite money, and thus has no “debt crisis,” and no need for tax revenue.

And most Americans are ungrateful. Suppose you were a Democrat in Congress who championed Universal Medicare, and it passed. If Americans got Universal Medicare, they would give you “the bird” (screw you) and say, “It’s about time, motherf–ker! What took you so damned long?” Therefore why not collect the bribe money?

If we feel angered and confused by Democrat behavior, it is because we live in a dream-world in which we imagine that Democrats “care.” We imagine that Democrats are “better” no matter how Republican they become. (In some respects Democrats are more Republican than are Republicans — e.g. pushing for mandatory vaccination.)

Our delusion is basically that we would be lost without Democrats. This delusion traps us in a co-dependent relationship. We stay with our partners no matter how much they abuse us. (“Democrats are always better.”) I know one pro-Democrat blogger who spent an entire post lambasting Democrats for their resistance to Single Payer, only to blame Democrat resistance on Republicans at the end. This is mental illness. And this illness is what keeps us from having Medicare-for-All, since the illness makes us support Democrats no matter how much they block Medicare-for-All. If we were free of this illness, then we would not give our energy to any opponent of Medicare-for-All. We would express our freedom in myriad ways, from our choice in consumer products to TV shows to blogs, and so forth.

Oh, and speaking of bullshit distractions…

Democrats are not “clueless.” It is the public that is clueless. We see this in people who still cheer for Bernie Sanders, despite Sanders being a 100% sell-out and a warmonger. (Also, when it comes to Palestinians sealed up in the Gaza Death Camp, Sanders is a Jewish supremacist.)

So if Democrats and Republicans are identical, and Greens don’t have a chance, what can we do? As individuals, nothing, except to not give any energy or attention to the lies and the bullshit.

You see, I don’t blame the rich or the politicians for our woes. I blame average people who participate in the lies.

One candle on the dark (for good or ill) cannot be seen more than a few feet away, but millions of candles can be seen from outer space.

The item below is not relevant to the post above, but I thought it was funny…


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