Is there really a difference?

Democrats and Republicans are both neoliberal, yet many people continue to imagine that Democrats are “better.” Even people who admit that both camps are functionally the same, still insist that Democrats are “better.”

One blogger ludicrously claims that if you do not agree that Democrats are better than Republicans, then you are automatically part of a pro-Trump cult.

Anthony Rendon, Democrat, is the Speaker of the California State Assembly. This makes Rendon the second most powerful politician in California, after the CA governor.

Rendon has long claimed to favor Single Payer healthcare, but when the Democrat-controlled California Senate moved forward with Single Payer at the state level, Rendon (Democrat) killed it, even though nearly all aspects of the CA government are controlled by Democrats.

As chairman of the Assembly Rules Committee, Rendon will not let the State Assembly vote on Single Payer, since Rendon knows it would pass, and will thereby cause Single Payer to gain nationwide steam. Therefore it was killed by a Democrat.

No matter how Republican the Democrats become, many people still think that Democrats are “better” than Republicans. Rich people exploit this delusion to advance neoliberalism. If rich people want something (such as privatized Social Security) they use Democrats to get it when Republicans fail. Democrats get away with this because they “care.”

Of course, some people are finally waking up to this fact. This is why Democrats steer public attention away from themselves…

Actually there is no way that any state can pay for Single Payer health care without imposing massive tax increases on the middle and lower classes. (The rich pay no taxes.)

Meanwhile the federal government can pay for Single Payer with no tax increases, since the federal government can create infinite money out of thin air. However no one wants to admit this. Not even the staunchest advocates of Single Payer want to admit it. Therefore health care and health insurance gets more expensive every day.

All I’m asking is for people to be honest and logical. When Democrats act like Republicans (which is almost always) just admit it.


Poverty is making the world’s masses increasingly unhappy. Therefore governments are increasingly brutal, always claiming that repression is necessary to protect our “national security.”The more our police state becomes a dictatorship, the more it condemns its foreign targets as “dictatorships” and its domestic targets as “terrorists.”

For Western governments there is the so-called “threat” from “terrorists,” and from Russia and China and North Korea, and whatever nation that Western governments want to destroy.

The South Korean government represses its citizenry by claiming to defend them from the North Korean “threat.”  However a Counterpunch article explains that South Korea’s government is far more repressive and warlike than is North Korea’s government.

The article explains that South Koreans (including members of parliament) can be imprisoned for…

[1] Questioning government lies, such as the lie that North Korea torpedoed the Cheonan, a South Korean warship that was accidently sunk by a U.S. mine.

[2] Speaking favorable about North Korea, or about North Korea’s anti-neoliberal Juche philosophy.

[3] Recognizing North Korea as a political entity.

[4] Expressing any desire to visit North Korea

[5] Questioning South Korea’s aggression toward North Korea.

[6] Having any form of contact with North Korea (phone calls, emails, letters — whatever).

[7] Possessing a movie from North Korea, or possessing an even-handed documentary about North Korea.

[8] Failing to report someone who violates any of these measures.

South Korean politicians preach hatred of the north, in order to control the masses in the south.  In 2011 South Korean politicians shut down 178 South Korean websites for allegedly pro-North Korea content. In 2012, New York Times reported that South Korean police deleted 67,300 web posts they believed were too positive about North Korea and too negative about U.S. imperialism.

North Korea has repeatedly asked the US to engage in talks to cool off the tension.  The U.S. refuses, since it needs the North Korean “threat.” North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear research if the US agrees to end the annual war games along the border of North Korea. Again the USA refuses.

My purpose is not to defend North Korea, but to condemn the average Westerner’s eagerness to believe the lies of politicians and corporate media outlets.  Not just about North Korea, but about everything.

Politicians need “threats” and enemies. If none exist, they create them, or fabricate them, or imagine them.  Indeed most people need “threats” and enemies so they can live in a comic book world.

No doubt the U.S.-led sanctions cause average North Koreans to face hardships that average Americans do not face, but on any given night, 600,000 people in the United States are homeless. In North Korea there are no homeless.

Spiritual evolution consists of developing the willingness and ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that we outgrow this kind of idiocy.

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3 Responses to Is there really a difference?

  1. IC says:

    Charlie Munger had following:
    “Another thing to avoid is extremely intense ideology because it cabbages up one’s mind. You see a lot of it in the worst of the TV preachers. They have different, intense, inconsistent ideas about technical theology, and a lot of them have minds reduced to cabbage. And that can happen with political ideology. And if you’re young, it’s particularly easy to drift into intense and foolish political ideology and never get out. When you announce that you’re a loyal member of some cult-like group and you start shouting out the orthodox ideology, what you’re doing is pounding it in, pounding it in. You’re ruining your mind, sometimes with starling speed. So you want to be careful with intense ideology. It presents a big danger for the only mind you’re ever going to have.”
    “Avoid extremely intense ideology because it ruins your mind.” -Charlie Munger

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    • Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Munger is referring to the world of business.
      In the world of politics, however, each person has his own definition of “intense ideology.” One man’s “centrism” is another man’s “intense ideology.” With warmongers, for example, anything other than extreme militarism is an “intense ideology.”


  2. IC says:

    Amazing, I had a lot of similar thoughts like your posts presented here regarding money, politics, faith. This is the very reason I attracted to your site. Certainly I have some different opinions on some other things naturally. I will show you some thing I said before at other blogs to show similarity.

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