Leftist elitists

Leftist elitists camouflage the neoliberal plague.  That’s their job. I just saw an article by a leftist elitists titled, “The long term threat to Europe isn’t Le Pen. It’s capitalism,” which has been reprinted in all the supposedly “progressive” blogs.

You and I know that the problem is not capitalism, but neoliberalism, with its privatization frenzy and its “free markets” (meaning owned markets).  Neoliberals seek to own everything and everyone.

Emmanuel Macron pledges to cut 120,000 public jobs, reduce spending by 60 billion euros, end the 35-hour workweek, raise the retirement age, weaken unions’ negotiating strength, and cut corporate taxes. This will certainly worsen the plight of jobless youth and seniors.

The article’s author (a leftist elitist) worries that these conditions could make France ripe for a future victory by the National Front, which the author thinks would be much worse than  Macron, because the National Front is “racist and nationalist.”

Got that? Leftist elitists regard poverty and inequality as preferable to racism and nationalism (i.e. preferable to a sense of shared community in which we rely on each other, instead of relying on our leftist elitist “protectors”).

Leftist elitists like this author don’t care about workers or equality. And they don’t care about racism. They care about staying on the neoliberal payroll, and about getting praised as “centrists” by the corporate media outlets, and as “progressives” by the naïve masses. For example, the SYRIZA liars in Greece (who call themselves “radical leftists”) are paid by the bankers to steer public attention away from what would really promote leftist equality, which is ending the euro-scam. Fake leftists are enablers of neoliberalism, and their lies have seduced many people, especially the would-be “sophisticates” in urban areas.










When leftist elitists attack “capitalism,” they keep the public distracted and confused while neoliberals privatize everything.

They also camouflage the fact that as long as France uses the euro, and has a trade deficit, France will have more poverty, austerity, and inequality no matter what.

The neoliberal’s ultimate weapon is the euro, and his ultimate camouflage is leftist elitists,  for whom “nationalism” (i.e. populism) is as evil as racism.

Leftist elitists are enablers of neoliberals like Emmanuel Macron.

Let me further clarify this. Juan Peron (below, speaking) was president of Argentina from 1946-55, and again from Oct 1973 – July 1974.

Peron gave women the vote, made social security universal, made education and health care free, and gave working students one paid week before every major examination. He commissioned vast low-income housing projects, made paid vacations standard, and gave mothers three months paid vacation before they gave birth, and another three months after giving birth. (Incidentally my own father lived in Buenos Aires for several months when Peron was still president. My father said it was the most beautiful city he had ever seen, and its people were the most friendly he had ever met. That was in 1954. I myself have never been there.)

Juan Perón also took some of the power away from the Catholic Church. This angered the clergy and the rich, since they depend on reach other for power over the masses.

Peron’s populism and nationalism are anathema to today’s neoliberals, who condemn Peron as a “communist.”

They are also anathema to leftist elitists, who condemn Peron as a “fascist.” They do this in order to stay “relevant.” Leftist elitists make sure you can never have free education and health care, so that leftist elitists can pretend to be your “only hope” and your “only protection.” For example, when U.S. President Nixon tried to enact a universal basic income, Democrats in Congress killed it, fearing that a basic income would make Democrats superfluous.

Bernie Sanders is a leftist elitist who pretends to oppose austerity, but actually promotes austerity by calling for higher taxes and lower deficits. This is how he satisfies both the neoliberals and the masses, even though he never gives anything to the masses.

Sanders promised to submit a Universal Medicare bill to the U.S. Senate, but he never did. Not that it would matter, since Democrats in the Senate would not let such a bill pass.

Over in the House, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) submitted a Universal Medicare bill (HR 676) on the first day of the current (115th) session of Congress.  The bill has 110 Democrat co-sponsors, but this is just for show. Democrats have no intention of actually pushing for Universal Medicare (aka Single Payer). Democrats are owned by the insurance companies — and besides, if the masses got everything they wanted, then they would not need Democrats to “protect” them.

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