Comment on vax mania

A word of warning before we get going…

One of my tenants works in a restaurant, where he is paid in cash. This week his salary included a pair of hundred-dollar bills that — unknown to him — were counterfeit. When he tried to use one of the bills at a money-place to send money to Guatemala, the money-place confiscated the bill.  When he tried to use the other bill to buy something at a small neighborhood store, the store confiscated it.

The tenant asked me for advice about this.

The money place was closed today, so I went to the second place (the small store) and I asked them for a piece of paper that confirmed they had confiscated the counterfeit hundred-dollar note. My tenant speaks no English, and the Korean owners of the restaurant where he works speak no Spanish. I wanted my tenant to have proof when he asked his Korean boss for reimbursement for the counterfeit notes. The small store refused to give me any such proof, and they refused to explain why. This angered me. A shouting match ensued. (I am still angry as I write this. I had gone to that store for many years, and everyone there knew me. Today they permanently lost my business.)

I wanted to call the police, but my tenant said no, the police might arrest him for innocently passing a counterfeit note, or just for having a counterfeit note.

He was correct. The penalty is up to 20 years, plus a fine. A court must prove that you acted with the intent to defraud, but until then, you stay in jail. If you want a lawyer, you must pay for one. (Also, depending on your city, you be charged fees for your jail time, court time, prosecutor time, police transport time, etc. etc.  even if you are innocent.) Under state, county, municipal, and federal laws you will be charged with multiple crimes, including forgery, fraud, or other theft-related offenses.

How can a court prove that you had criminal intent? The law allows a jury (or judge, if you choose to have a trial without a jury) to “make reasonable inferences” (i.e. guesses) from circumstantial evidence presented at trial.

All of this can apply to anything counterfeit, from car titles to concert tickets. Therefore…


On a different topic, I note that Bernie Sanders has congratulated the U.K. Labor Party for doing better than many people expected in last Thursday’s parliamentary elections.

Sanders praised the British people for “rising up against austerity and massive levels of income and wealth inequality.”

This is typical Sanders nonsense. Sanders and the British Labour Party seek deficit reduction – i.e. austerity.

Republicans want austerity via funding cuts for programs that help average people. Democrats (and Labour Party types) want austerity via tax increases. Sanders’ own web site list the “top ten ways to reduce the deficit” (i.e. to increase austerity) and they all involve tax increases.

This is how U.S. Democrats and U.K. Labour Party types work for the rich (who pay no taxes anyway) while they pretend to represent average people.



In this post I want to discuss vaccines again, this time in the context of mass psychology.

But first here is one more comment on the side…

Last month (May 2017) the Italian government barred all children aged 0-6 from attending public schools in Italy unless they are fully vaccinated. This angered the people of South Tyrol,  which is a semi-autonomous province in Italy, on the border with Austria.

During World War One the Allies promised that if Italy came into the war on their side, the Allies would take South Tyrol from Austria and give it to Italy. The Italians coveted South Tyrol because it was an industrial, agricultural, and financial powerhouse, and remains so even now.

In World War One, during the Battle of Caporetto  (24 October to 19 November 1917) the Italians suffered such extreme losses that they were knocked out of the war. Nonetheless the victorious allies gave them South Tyrol in 1919.

That was a hundred years ago, and the people of South Tyrol (population 511,750)are still angry about it today. Almost two thirds of them speak German (not Italian) and they often talk of seceding from Italy and rejoining Austria, or else becoming a separate nation.  Italy will not allow this, since the Italian government sucks about 120 million euros a year out of South Tyrol in the form of special taxes and fees on crop production. This is a violation of South Tyrol’s semi-autonomous status, but the Italians don’t care.

Here is my point…

South Tyrol is among the wealthiest regions in Europe, with a GDP per capita of €32,000.

In a previous blog post I explained that rich people don’t vaccinate their kids, because [1] rich people have the power to defy “authority figures”  such as doctors, and [2] rich people do not live in dream-worlds. (Poor people cope with their misery and their slavery by withdrawing into delusions and dream-worlds, and by foolishly trusting that authority figures will “take care of them” when in fact they rape them.)

Rich people do not believe everything that idiot doctors tell them. Rich people care so much about their kids’ health that they do not shoot their kids full of poisons simply to boost Big Pharma’s profits. And rich people usually get away with this defiance because politicians depend on rich people’s bribes.

Sure enough, South Tyrol, being one of the most affluent places in Europe, has one of the highest resistances to vax-mania of any area in Europe.  The people of South Tyrol already want to secede, and the mandatory vax law from Rome has made them even more eager to do so.  But they know that Italy will attack them militarily if they try to leave. There’s too much money at stake.

Therefore, using the laws that are part of South Tyrol’s semi-autonomous status, 130 families will seek vax asylum in Austria. They don’t want to shoot their kids full of mercury and other poisons.

Vaccination is not mandatory in Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, or Germany — although Big Pharma is working on German politicians.  Last month as Italy was making vaccines mandatory, Germany passed a law saying that parents who don’t want to poison their kids must prove that they have consulted a doctor about it, or else the parents will be fined up to €2,500 (USD $2,800).  The German law also encourages children to report their parents to the police if the children aren’t fully poisoned by their parents. The next step will be to make German vaccinations mandatory, period.

Since the parents in South Tyrol defy the politicians in Rome (who are owned by Big Pharma) the politicians call them “conspiracy theorists.” Politicians claim that mercury is harmless, and besides, mercury has been removed from most vaccines for kids. (If toxic mercury is harmless, then why was mercury supposedly removed from most vaccines for kids?)

Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s prime minister, said the mandatory vaccination law was introduced to tackle “anti-scientific theories” that have lowered Italy’s vaccination rates.

Slight change of topic

Regarding vaccines, the video at the bottom of this post shows an example of vax mania, and how, for the sake of Big Pharma profits,  vaccines continue to be administered even when they are known to cause cancer.  The video includes an excerpt from a CBS News broadcast from Tuesday 16 Nov 1971. News anchor Roger Mudd reports…

“Today doctors at the Federal Communicable Disease Center  acknowledged that the flu vaccine in the recommended dosage is ineffective, while in larger doses it can be harmful. However the flu vaccine is still recommended for old people and the chronically ill.”

That’s vax mania for you. We must vaccinate everyone, even if vaccination is ineffective. (Incidentally the CDC was created a year before this broadcast, but the CDC was not widely known. Hence news anchor Roger Mudd incorrectly calls it the “Federal Communicable Disease Center,” which was one of the CDC’s previous names.)

Roger Mudd: “Last month the Senate subcommittee headed by Abraham Ribicoff charged that the federal government wasn’t doing a good enough job of informing the public about ineffective vaccines.”

Then in the video, reporter George Herman explains:

“Scientists at the division of biologic standards test vaccines for their potency and safety before licensing them for public use. However the division does not determine the effectiveness of the vaccine. That is left to the manufacturers. A case in point is the influenza vaccine. Four scientists in charge of work on the flu vaccine during the 1960s found it to be ineffective, and said they refused to give it to their own families. Two of those four scientists were transferred to other work, and a third left the division. And over the entire ten-year period, not one word of their unfavorable findings was allowed to be published.”

“But a more serious case involves the adenovirus vaccine given to thousands of American soldiers to prevent certain cold-like symptoms. When it was shown that the vaccine had a contaminant that caused cancer in laboratory animals, the vaccine was taken off the market, but not until three years after the division’s own scientists had pointed out the danger. Thus for three years American troops were injected with a vaccine that was causing cancer in laboratory animals.”

Again, that’s vax mania for you. For the sake of corporate profits, everyone must get the toxic shot, even if it gives them cancer. After all, “the science is settled.”

In the CBS News video (at the bottom of this post) reporter George Herman alludes to Simian Virus 40 (SV40) which had previously contaminated the polio vaccine. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that is known to cause cancer in animals. Between 1955 and 1963, around 90% of children and 60% of adults in USA were shot with polio vaccines contaminated with SV40. It is not known how many of them developed cancer as a result.

The CBS newscast then shows Dr. Roderick Murray of the U.K. National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, who justifies the use of the ineffective (but carcinogenic) vaccine by saying it took three years to examine the evidence against it.  Murray says, “It was more important to use the vaccines than to take them off the market and remove the (cancer-causing) agent.”

That’s vax mania.

Why do so many people fanatically defend vaccines, which are made by the same drug companies whose greed causes them to be routinely sued for the damages and deaths they cause? Perhaps you have heard about the exdploding epidemic of deaths caused by opioid overdoses.  This epidemic was caused by a single company called Purdue Pharma and its drug Oxycontin, which first hit the market in 1996.

Oxycontin is an opiate narcotic. (The opiates in Oxycontin are grown in Afghanistan under U.S. supervision.) Purdue Pharma knew that Oxycontin would lead to severe addiction, since it causes people to build up a resistance, so that people need more and more to get high, until they die from an overdose.

Addiction means profits. Purdue Pharma’s executives have become fabulously wealthy as narcotics dealers, and their sales reps get six-figure annual bonuses.  Purdue has also bought all the medical associations and doctors’ groups.

As a result, each year brings a new record number of deaths from opioids. If addicts cannot get Oxycontin, they resort to heroin, or to synthetic narcotics like Fentanyl, which is 50 times more potent than heroin, and 100 times more potent than morphine. Only 2 mg of Fentanyl is a lethal dose.

Opioid deaths are highest in the Midwest and north-east among middle-aged white males. Some of the worst-affected counties are rural.

Thanks to Purdue Pharma, the USA consumes most of the world’s prescription pain medication (such as hydrocodone and oxycodone) despite having only five percent of the world’s population. Nearly two million Americans are addicted to prescription pain relievers, and drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the USA, exceeding car crashes.

Naturally drug companies are exploiting this epidemic caused by a drug company. For example, opioid overdoses are treated with drugs like Naloxone, whose price keeps climbing as the demand for opioids keeps climbing. The prices for a package of two Naloxone auto-injectors in the US increased from $690 in 2014 to $4,500 in 2016.

It’s all about greed and profits, but when it comes to vaccines, most people (in the lower classes anyway) think that these same greedy and murderous companies are saintly. Most people in the lower classes become enraged if you question their blind faith in these evil companies. They defend drug companise even when they know that drug companies oppose Universal Medicare (i.e. Single Payer).

That’s vax mania. It is an example of the dream-world that poor people withdraw into as a means to cope with their misery and slavery.  Poor people want to feel that life is not all bad, and that vaccine makers are wise and benevolent, as are the doctors who administer vaccines.  This is why poor people respect and admire doctors much more than do rich people.  Poor people desperately cling to their protective delusions and dream-worlds, and they become furious when someone challenges their dream-world by questioning vaccines. In most cases, the questioners are people who had previously shared the same dream world until they or their children were injured by vaccines. They had been willing to listen to facts when a toxic drug was exposed, but they had worshipped vaccines. Now, since they have awakened from the dream-world, they are scum. They are “anti-vaxxers” (i.e. infidels).

The need for a protective dream world is so powerful that we may not wake up from it all at once. We may wake up in stages, still referring to vaccination as “immunization.” We may say, “I love vaccines, but I have questions about this particular vaccine.” No matter. We are sub-human “anti-vaxxers” if we question any part of vaccine dogma. For people in their dream-world, we are their allies or enemies, with nothing in between.

In this way the pro-vaxxers descend into madness (which is very profitable for Big Pharma). Just when they think that everyone is finally sharing their wonderful vaccine dream-world, they see people question the dream-world once more.  The result is rage. “You’re endangering me! You will cause measles to kill us all!”

The dream-world has magic elixirs. Take this shot, and all will be well. You are a victim who deserves this magic-vaccine-elixir. If you decline the elixir, you will be a freak, a heretic, a conspiracy theorist.  You will be “unscientific.” You will be a terrorist who threatens man with extinction.

Vaccines also prove that we are “superior” to brown people.  We refuse to help them with improved hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition, but by God we can bring them magic vaccines that do nothing to help them, and sometimes even kill them.

Anyway below is that CBS News video I mentioned above.

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  1. Beaner says:

    Some weeks ago I had surgery and was prescribed hydrocodone for pain. I took it for a week and a half and I don’t need it anymore; I guess I dodged the bullet of addiction.


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