The U.K. elects a parliament

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

And bullshit by any other name would smell as bad.

Tomorrow (8 June) the U.K. will have a parliamentary election. Most predictions have the Conservatives retaining their current majority by a slim margin. Therefore privatization, austerity, inequality, and poverty will continue to grow.

If, however, the Conservatives lose their majority to the Labour Party, then privatization, austerity, inequality, and poverty will still continue to grow. Why? Because both parties maintain the lie that the U.K. government must have deficit reduction, and that the government “can’t spend money it doesn’t have.”

Conservative politicians maintain this lie so they can steal more money for themselves, and give less money to the lower classes. (“The well has run dry!”)

Labor politicians maintain this lie so they can keep the masses on the edge of starvation while telling them, “We are your only protection from the conservatives!”

As you know, here in the West, the rulers of each nation (i.e. the money powers and the dug-in bureaucrats) make constant adjustments that will keep them in power and you in chains. This time around they may choose the Conservatives to win (or the Republicans in the USA). Next time around they may choose the Labour Party to win (or the Democrats in the USA, or the “Socialists” in Europe, or the “hard left” SYRIZA coalition in Greece).

All these parties are radical right-wing neoliberals, since all of them are puppets of the national rulers. Bought and owned. However the public sometimes grows tired of one style of bullshit, at which point the national rulers install the other style of bullshit. No matter how many times this happens, the public never catches on. Many Americans still insist that neoliberal Hillary would have been better than neoliberal Trump. Some Americans still like Sanders, even though Sanders has proven himself countless times to be a sell-out and a hack, e.g. his loyalty to the Democrat Machine even after it torpedoed him.

I mention all this because the neoliberal British media outlets are now cheering for the neoliberal Labour Party over the neoliberal Conservative party. Therefore the professional prognosticators may be wrong about the Conservatives retaining their majority. The U.K.’s rulers may have decided that the British public is restless, and the neoliberal Conservatives should be replaced by the neoliberal Labour Party.

The media outlets are focusing in Jeremy Corbyn’s criticisms of austerity. This is bullshit, since Corbyn favors deficit reduction — i.e. austerity.

Austerity has strangled Britain. Only Labour will consign it to history. ~ U.K. Guardian

Corbyn has caught the mood of a UK grown tired of austerity ~ Financial Times

Bernie Sanders is super excited about Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity campaign ~ The Nation

Austerity renders the lives of disabled people invisible, unliveable, and invalid ~ Open Democracy UK

Government austerity demands that we die within our means ~ Common Dreams

That last article notes that “austerity” has become a dirty word. Therefore British PM Theresa May says, “You call it austerity. I call it living within our means.”

And then that same article says this…

Ending austerity would mean, as all the political parties except the Conservatives recognize, taxing the rich.

“Tax the rich!” This is a gun that “progressives” always hold to their heads. Since the U.K. government creates its spending money out of thin air, there is no need to cut spending on social programs or raise taxes on the rich (who don’t pay taxes anyway).

Perhaps I am in error. Perhaps the corporate media outlets have indeed chosen the Conservatives to win a majority, and they are boosting the Labour Party in order to make the election seem “close.” Here in the West, national rulers choose their puppet, and then they rig the election so that their puppet “wins” by a mere 51%. This slim margin keeps the peasants from questioning the rigged election. The same trick is used with national referendums.

Occasionally this scam malfunctions, in which case the peasants are made to vote again and again until the electronic machines show the “correct” result.

Anyway it doesn’t matter who wins the UK election. Nothing will change until the masses snap out of their trance.

As an added bonus for the new owners, the infrastructure is already built. The owners will have nothing to do but sit on their yachts and watch their fortune grow.

Australia has already done this.

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