“Free speech” in Germany

With increasing poverty comes increasing social unrest, which requires increasing control of information to keep the peasants in line. This means censoring the Internet.

For example, today (30 June 2017) the German parliament outlawed “hate speech” and “fake news” on the Internet. Whatever people share with each other must now be approved by German politicians and bureaucrats. Any social media company (e.g. Facebook) that fails to remove “hate speech” and “fake news” will be fined up to €50 million (USD $57 million). Also, whoever a company designates to deal with complaints about “hate speech and “fake news” will be fined up to five million euros if that person does not meet government censorship requirements.

The German law does not define “hate speech” and “fake news.” German politicians and bureaucrats will decide, and their decision will be final (the new law does not include any means to appeal censorship). If you question the government’s hate speech and their fake news, you will be deleted. If you question war and imperialism, you will be deleted. If you question any lie told by the government or the media, you will be deleted. If you question the holocaust™ you will be imprisoned for five years.

Also the law does not clarify whether it applies to content that was posted outside of Germany. (In February 2007 the District Court of Mannheim Germany sentenced Ernst Zundel to five years for questioning the holocaust™ while Zundel had been living in the USA and Canada.)

In July 2016, police raided the homes of 60 people accused of posting “racist” and “extreme” messages on social media. On 20 June 2017 German police raided the homes of 36 people in 14 states accused of posting “hate speech” online.

The law will require companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, (which owns YouTube) to delete things like Nazi symbols or holocaust™ denial within 24 hours of notification. Every six months, companies must publicly report the number of complaints they have received and how they have handled them.

German justice minister Heiko Maas, who was the driving force behind the bill, says, “Freedom of speech ends where the criminal law begins.” And criminal law is what Mass says it is. In 2016 Maas tried to outlaw sex in advertising, the same as radical Islamic nations have done. In 2015 he tried to expand the definition of sexual assault to include consensual sex between a woman and her male boss.

American media companies like Google and Facebook say that German politicians passed this law because they are jealous of the size and power of American media companies. Forbes annually ranks the world’s largest companies based on revenue, profit, assets, and market value. In its 2016 compilation, seven of the top 10 tech companies in the world were American. Meanwhile Europe has just three companies in the top 20 (Germany’s SAP, Sweden’s Ericsson, and Finland’s Nokia).

In any case there were already laws against making threats online. This new law is not about reducing hate. It is about increasing control. The items that German politicians will order deleted are those that threaten the rich and the bankers. Anything that displeases Germany’s rulers will be “hate speech.” Objecting to the Germany military being involved in U.S. wars will be flagged as “hate speech.” Questioning Israeli atrocities is “hate speech.” Questioning the euro scam is “hate speech.” Questioning media lies is “fake news.” Questioning government extremism is “extremism.”

What a twisted world.



Today I saw a police car painted in “gay pride” colors. A friend of mine said this is a growing phenomenon in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. Police and ambulances in “gay pride” colors. What do you think of it?


The sound of stupid

This is in connection with Ellen Brown’s latest blog post, which you see above. I once corresponded with Ellen Brown for a month, trying to explain the facts to her, but she was too “brilliant” to grasp reality.

Unfortunately her blog posts are reprinted in so-called “progressive” blogs, thereby sustaining the falsehood that the U.S. government needs tax revenue. From this falsehood come attacks on social programs as “unsustainable.”

Ellen also pushes the falsehood that all dollars are loans from bankers.

In reality, all euros are loans from bankers, but not all U.S. dollars, or Canadian dollars or Australian dollars. In fact the governments of all but a handful of nations create their own spending money out of thin air. Banks also create money out of thin air (as loans) but that is a separate matter.

As I said, all euros are created by banks as loans. Therefore any nation that uses the euro, and which has a trade deficit (like France and Greece) must fall further into debt each day. Consequently those nations’ governments must impose more austerity each day.  Therefore those nations’ politicians who cling to the euro, while also claiming to be “progressive” must be liars.

When the banker-vampires installed the SYRIZA coalition in Greece (Jan 2015) I commented on several blogs that SYRIZA was a fraud, since SYRIZA championed the euro. I said that Greece would have more austerity no matter what. Many people flamed me. I was correct, of course, and many people have awakened from their delusion about SYRIZA, but not all. For many people, just calling yourself “progressive” makes you progressive, no matter how neoliberal you actually are.

If your nation uses the euro, and has a trade surplus (like Germany) then your nation sucks energy and assets from nations that use the euro, and have a trade deficit. And Germany, like all parasites, claims to be the “host,” while claiming that its victims (e.g. Greece) are parasites. Meanwhile politicians in the host nations (e.g. Greece and France) cling to the euro because they are on the bankers’ payroll.

For the host nations, the euro makes endless austerity and mass privatization obligatory. Any politician who opposes the euro is condemned as a “fascist” (e.g. Marine Le Pen).

Anyway, regarding Ellen Brown’s latest blog post , if you start with false premises, you will proceed through false corollaries to false conclusions.

If the Federal Reserve raises the fed funds rate to 3.5% and sells its federal securities into the market, as it is proposing to do, by 2026 the projected tab will be $830 billion annually. That’s nearly $1 trillion owed by the taxpayers every year, just for interest!

Oh no!

Fortunately the Fed creates money out of thin air to pay interest on T-securities.  When you buy a T-security, it is exactly like when you buy a CD from a regular bank. Your money is automatically credited to a Fed savings account that is automatically created for you.  Later when your T-security (or your CD) matures, your money is debited from your Fed savings account, and is credited to your regular bank checking account, plus interest. Taxpayers owe nothing on this, and pay nothing. The computer-automated system simply changes the numbers in computer logs (otherwise known as bank accounts). This is how banks work.

Then Ellen spouts total gibberish…

Personal income taxes are at record highs, ringing in at $550 billion in the first four months of fiscal year 2017, or $1.6 trillion annually. But even at those high levels, handing over $830 billion to bondholders will wipe out over half the annual personal income tax take. Yet what is the alternative?

Japan seems to have found one. While the US government is busy driving up its “sovereign” debt and the interest owed on it, Japan has been canceling its debt at the rate of $720 billion (¥80tn) per year. How? By selling the debt to its own central bank, which returns the interest to the government. While most central banks have ended their quantitative easing programs and are planning to sell their federal securities, the Bank of Japan continues to aggressively buy its government’s debt. An interest-free debt owed to oneself that is rolled over from year to year is effectively void – a debt “jubilee.”

WTF? This is claptrap. It’s meaningless. Federal income tax revenues are effectively destroyed upon receipt, and have nothing to do with paying back the “national debt.” Also, how can “Japan sell its debt to its own central bank”? This makes no sense. The “debt” is deposits in central bank savings accounts. All Japanese sovereign bonds (aka T-securities) are issued by the Bank of Japan. People buy Japanese T-securities in order to gain interest. Meanwhile the Japanese government creates its spending money out of thin air, just like the U.S. government. It has no need or use for tax revenues, or for interest from T-securities.

True, the US and Japanese governments gain interest from T-securities, because 40% of T-securities of the USA and Japan have been purchased by the governments of the USA and Japan.  (Hence 40% of the “national debt” is what the U.S. and Japanese governments owe themselves. So much for the “crisis.”) But as I said, the central governments have no need for this interest money.

The Bank of Japan is in the process of owning most of the outstanding government debt of Japan (it currently owns around 40%). BoJ holdings are part of the consolidated government balance sheet. So its holdings are in fact the accounting equivalent of a debt cancellation. If I buy back my own mortgage, I don’t have a mortgage.

What is Ellen smoking?  The Bank of Japan is not “in the process” of anything. This is the way it has always been. Ellen thinks the “national debt” is what the USA and Japan owe to bankers, or to China, or…someone.

The Saudis have deposited $700 billion in Fed savings accounts. Where did they get that $700 billion? For Ellen, the Saudis borrowed it from the Fed, so the Saudis could deposit it in the Fed. (Huh?) In reality they got $700 billion by selling oil to the USA. The $700 billion came partly from the U.S. government, and partly from banks that gave loans to people who wanted to buy Saudi oil.

Incidentally, last year the Pentagon evaluated China’s ownership of “U.S. debt” to see if it was a national security matter. The answer was no, since “ownership of U.S. debt” simply means that China has deposited $1.4 trillion in Fed savings accounts. That $1.4 trillion is seven percent of the total “national debt,” i.e. the national deposits / national assets. (Oh no!)

I’ll stop here, because Ellen proceeds to spout more and more of the same  gibberish. And her disciples lap it up.

Is there really a difference?

Democrats and Republicans are both neoliberal, yet many people continue to imagine that Democrats are “better.” Even people who admit that both camps are functionally the same, still insist that Democrats are “better.”

One blogger ludicrously claims that if you do not agree that Democrats are better than Republicans, then you are automatically part of a pro-Trump cult.

Anthony Rendon, Democrat, is the Speaker of the California State Assembly. This makes Rendon the second most powerful politician in California, after the CA governor.

Rendon has long claimed to favor Single Payer healthcare, but when the Democrat-controlled California Senate moved forward with Single Payer at the state level, Rendon (Democrat) killed it, even though nearly all aspects of the CA government are controlled by Democrats.

As chairman of the Assembly Rules Committee, Rendon will not let the State Assembly vote on Single Payer, since Rendon knows it would pass, and will thereby cause Single Payer to gain nationwide steam. Therefore it was killed by a Democrat.

No matter how Republican the Democrats become, many people still think that Democrats are “better” than Republicans. Rich people exploit this delusion to advance neoliberalism. If rich people want something (such as privatized Social Security) they use Democrats to get it when Republicans fail. Democrats get away with this because they “care.”

Of course, some people are finally waking up to this fact. This is why Democrats steer public attention away from themselves…

Actually there is no way that any state can pay for Single Payer health care without imposing massive tax increases on the middle and lower classes. (The rich pay no taxes.)

Meanwhile the federal government can pay for Single Payer with no tax increases, since the federal government can create infinite money out of thin air. However no one wants to admit this. Not even the staunchest advocates of Single Payer want to admit it. Therefore health care and health insurance gets more expensive every day.

All I’m asking is for people to be honest and logical. When Democrats act like Republicans (which is almost always) just admit it.


Poverty is making the world’s masses increasingly unhappy. Therefore governments are increasingly brutal, always claiming that repression is necessary to protect our “national security.”The more our police state becomes a dictatorship, the more it condemns its foreign targets as “dictatorships” and its domestic targets as “terrorists.”

For Western governments there is the so-called “threat” from “terrorists,” and from Russia and China and North Korea, and whatever nation that Western governments want to destroy.

The South Korean government represses its citizenry by claiming to defend them from the North Korean “threat.”  However a Counterpunch article explains that South Korea’s government is far more repressive and warlike than is North Korea’s government.

The article explains that South Koreans (including members of parliament) can be imprisoned for…

[1] Questioning government lies, such as the lie that North Korea torpedoed the Cheonan, a South Korean warship that was accidently sunk by a U.S. mine.

[2] Speaking favorable about North Korea, or about North Korea’s anti-neoliberal Juche philosophy.

[3] Recognizing North Korea as a political entity.

[4] Expressing any desire to visit North Korea

[5] Questioning South Korea’s aggression toward North Korea.

[6] Having any form of contact with North Korea (phone calls, emails, letters — whatever).

[7] Possessing a movie from North Korea, or possessing an even-handed documentary about North Korea.

[8] Failing to report someone who violates any of these measures.

South Korean politicians preach hatred of the north, in order to control the masses in the south.  In 2011 South Korean politicians shut down 178 South Korean websites for allegedly pro-North Korea content. In 2012, New York Times reported that South Korean police deleted 67,300 web posts they believed were too positive about North Korea and too negative about U.S. imperialism.

North Korea has repeatedly asked the US to engage in talks to cool off the tension.  The U.S. refuses, since it needs the North Korean “threat.” North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear research if the US agrees to end the annual war games along the border of North Korea. Again the USA refuses.

My purpose is not to defend North Korea, but to condemn the average Westerner’s eagerness to believe the lies of politicians and corporate media outlets.  Not just about North Korea, but about everything.

Politicians need “threats” and enemies. If none exist, they create them, or fabricate them, or imagine them.  Indeed most people need “threats” and enemies so they can live in a comic book world.

No doubt the U.S.-led sanctions cause average North Koreans to face hardships that average Americans do not face, but on any given night, 600,000 people in the United States are homeless. In North Korea there are no homeless.

Spiritual evolution consists of developing the willingness and ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so that we outgrow this kind of idiocy.

Are you in the 20%?

I’m finally back after my computer died.

Question: Why do societies stratify into rich and poor? Why do people insist on believing that money is physical and limited? It all comes down to ambient hate and selfishness.

But who is hateful and selfish?

Let’s say that only one person in five is hateful and selfish, and that the other four are more or less okay. Under the Pareto principle of statistics, that one person will keep the other four people miserable. Twenty percent of people ruin things for the other eighty percent.

Let’s look at this…

If you have ever worked for an organization whose members are miserable, you naturally assumed that most of the people around you were assholes. But if you had thought very carefully about each individual in the organization, you would have realized that only 20% were assholes, and they ruined everything for the other 80% of the staff.  If there were 50 employees, then up to 10 of them (20%) were selfish, mean spirited maggots. So it is with society at large. (This post is titled, “Are you in the 20%?”)

Not all organizations are like thus. But if an organization is miserable, then 80% of its misery is caused by 20% of the staff.

In short, the Pareto principle states that, for most events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

For example, if you own a business, 80% of sales are generated by 20% of your salespeople, and 80% of your sales (and your complaints) come from 20% of your customers. 80% of the actual work is done by 20% of employees (most employees just coast along).

In any nation, 80% of the land  and the wealth is owned by 20% of the people. In an orchard, 80% of the fruit is produced by 20% of the trees. In any project, 80% of value is achieved with the first 20% of effort. In computers, 80% of software problems are caused by 20% of bugs.

Mathematicians have studied the Pareto principle for over a century. I could give endless examples.

Where am I going with this?

Today in Pakistan a tanker truck overturned and spilled gasoline onto the ground. Scores of villagers raced to the scene with fuel containers to gather the spilled gas. Suddenly the wreck exploded, engulfing people in a gigantic ball of flame as they screamed in terror. The explosion killed at least153 men, women and children. Dozens more were left in critical condition. When the flames subsided, bodies were everywhere. Many were burned beyond recognition. Many were skeletons. Those who survived had severe burns over eighty percent of their bodies.

How does this relate to the Pareto principle?

I assert that 80% of people in any society are okay (neither saints nor demons) but 20% of people are filled with hate and selfishness, and it is they who keep everyone in the lower classes enslaved.

The rich, the politicians, and the bankers only have power because of the toxic influence of the 20%, whose are like a eleven gallons of raw sewage dumped into a 55-gallon barrel of drinking water. (20% of 55 = 11.)

We can hear the voices of the 20% in reader reactions to the explosion in Pakistan. I shall quote some reader comments from the Washington Post…

[1] “Scores of villagers raced to the scene with fuel containers Sunday to steal the oil.” There, I fixed it for you.

[2] The Washington Post’s political correctness is nauseating. It should read… “Scores of opportunistic thieves raced to the scene with fuel containers to steal the oil.”

As an average American in the 20%, my life is more comfortable than the lives of average Pakistanis. Therefore the victims deserved to get roasted, including the children. Since they are desperately poor (because of assholes like me) they were “stealing” gas that had been spilled on the ground. And since I am a selfish, hate-filled asshole (a member of the 20%) I condemn the Washington Post as “politically correct” because it simply stated the facts. I have never been roasted, so…fuck ‘em.

The 20% are parasites on the 80%, yet they regard themselves as hosts for the 80%. And since the 20% spread hate, selfishness, and despair, they keep the lower classes in their place.

[3] Idiots! All these deaths for spilled gasoline?

[4] Think of it as evolution in action.  

I live a better life than do average Pakistanis. Therefore, in evolutionary terms, I am a superior life form.

[5] So being poor excuses you from the law and morality? Are you a liberal?

For the 20%, poor people are automatically evil and guilty. By contrast, a rich person is only guilty if all other rich people declare him so.

[6] These morons ran towards the crash to steal the oil. I can’t feel that bad when faced with such stupidity.

Fortunately I have never been desperate. Therefore I condemn desperate people as stupid. And, being an asshole, I claim that my privileges are “earned” and “deserved.”

[7] These are all Darwin Award winners. Rushing to the scene of a tanker accident in search of free fuel is one of the most stunningly stupid thing I have heard in my lifetime. Normally I’d be appalled by this kind of a death toll. Here? Just shaking my head…

As a selfish piece of shit, I am always looking for ways to ignore other people’s suffering. I condemn victims as stupid in order to distance myself from the stench of inferior people.

Then we see an intelligent comment, followed by a response from a “twenty percenter” who is a white supremacist…

[8] This is what the USA will look like after a few more years of greed controlling everything. People so desperate they die gathering needed fuel. . . . Thank you Koch Brothers, GOP and Trump.

Reader response: You are a nutball! Thanks to Obama we have riots in the streets and disdain for the police!

The fault does not lie with the Koch Brothers, or Republicans, or Trump, or Obama. The fault lies with the 20%, who are disease. Scumbag politicians are symptoms of the disease. The 20% are the reason why we cannot have Universal Medicare, for example.


Not all groups have an evil 20%. But when a group or society is miserable, 80% of the misery is caused by 20% of the population.

So if the U.S. population is 325 million, then 260 million Americans are more or less okay, while 65 million are scum. We heard from them above.

How you are controlled

The corporate media outlets rarely (if ever) tell us the whole truth about any issue. Besides, we don’t want to be told the truth, since we like being lied to. Simplistic lies let us jump to conclusions that justify our pre-existing beliefs.  We become angry when someone challenges our beliefs by pointing out that, “We don’t yet know all the facts.”

Politicians encourage this phenomenon, and they exploit it. They conspire with corporate media outlets to give out just enough information to make us jump to the conclusions that they want us to. This is how they control our minds. We let them do it. We insist on it.

This mind control applies to all topics, but let me pick one topic at random, namely the case of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who visited North Korea via a tour company called “Young Pioneers Tours.”

As Warmbier was preparing to board a plane and depart from North Korea, he was arrested, was later convicted of “hostile acts” against North Korea, and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. This was in March 2016.

On 12 Jun 2017 the North Koreans released Warmbier, who reportedly has extensive brain damage that has left him permanently semi-comatose.

The U.S. government and most of the corporate media pundits claim that Warmbier was imprisoned for stealing a poster from his hotel wall, and was tortured for no reason. They say this proves that the North Korean government is brutal and insane, which in turn proves that NATO should destroy North Korea like it did Libya.

Most people agree with this crap, because it’s fun to do so. Most people jump to conclusions in order to justify their simplistic, comic book view of the world.

What really happened? What did Otto Warmbier actually do? The North Korean government says it never mistreats tourists, since it needs their foreign currency. They say that Warmbier contracted botulism sometime after his trial and fell into a coma after being given a sleeping pill, and that this caused his brain to become starved of oxygen long enough to cause brain damage.

All lies, say Trump and the other politicians (plus Warmbier’s own father). They claim that Warmbier was tortured – even though U.S. medical experts at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center have found no evidence of any torture.

None of the other people in Warmbier’s tour group had any problems. The tour company says Warmbier was the first to be arrested of the 7,000 people it has taken to North Korea.

So why was he arrested? Who is telling the truth? We don’t know — and this is my point. We believe what the U.S. government and the corporate media outlets want us to be believe. And we imagine that our belief is based on fact, when it is actually based on what the U.S. government and the corporate media outlets tell us. They routinely lie, but are they lying about Otto Warmbier? We don’t know — but we imagine that we do know. This is how entire populations are made to march off to war.

Few of us are able to travel to foreign lands. All we have are politicians and the corporate media, who are compulsive liars.

What did the North Korean government really convict Warmbier of? Was Warmbier just an innocent tourist, or did he do something illicit at the behest of the U.S. government? We don’t know.  All we have are claims by corporate media outlets that Warmbier simply stole a poster.  Is that true? We don’t know. We can’t know. But imagining that we do know is what reduces us to cattle.

And so everyone is saying, “Let’s destroy North Korea!”

NBC News:

What happened to Otto Warmbier after his sentencing might never be known outside the reclusive country.

Yes, because the reclusive U.S. government distorts everything said by the North Korean government. Also, if North Korea seems “reclusive,” it is because North Korea is sealed off by sanctions and blockades.

I am not defending North Korea. I am defending reason and logic. We know little about the world outside our personal sphere.  We imagine that we know, but this is mere belief.

Leftist elitists

Leftist elitists camouflage the neoliberal plague.  That’s their job. I just saw an article by a leftist elitists titled, “The long term threat to Europe isn’t Le Pen. It’s capitalism,” which has been reprinted in all the supposedly “progressive” blogs.

You and I know that the problem is not capitalism, but neoliberalism, with its privatization frenzy and its “free markets” (meaning owned markets).  Neoliberals seek to own everything and everyone.

Emmanuel Macron pledges to cut 120,000 public jobs, reduce spending by 60 billion euros, end the 35-hour workweek, raise the retirement age, weaken unions’ negotiating strength, and cut corporate taxes. This will certainly worsen the plight of jobless youth and seniors.

The article’s author (a leftist elitist) worries that these conditions could make France ripe for a future victory by the National Front, which the author thinks would be much worse than  Macron, because the National Front is “racist and nationalist.”

Got that? Leftist elitists regard poverty and inequality as preferable to racism and nationalism (i.e. preferable to a sense of shared community in which we rely on each other, instead of relying on our leftist elitist “protectors”).

Leftist elitists like this author don’t care about workers or equality. And they don’t care about racism. They care about staying on the neoliberal payroll, and about getting praised as “centrists” by the corporate media outlets, and as “progressives” by the naïve masses. For example, the SYRIZA liars in Greece (who call themselves “radical leftists”) are paid by the bankers to steer public attention away from what would really promote leftist equality, which is ending the euro-scam. Fake leftists are enablers of neoliberalism, and their lies have seduced many people, especially the would-be “sophisticates” in urban areas.










When leftist elitists attack “capitalism,” they keep the public distracted and confused while neoliberals privatize everything.

They also camouflage the fact that as long as France uses the euro, and has a trade deficit, France will have more poverty, austerity, and inequality no matter what.

The neoliberal’s ultimate weapon is the euro, and his ultimate camouflage is leftist elitists,  for whom “nationalism” (i.e. populism) is as evil as racism.

Leftist elitists are enablers of neoliberals like Emmanuel Macron.

Let me further clarify this. Juan Peron (below, speaking) was president of Argentina from 1946-55, and again from Oct 1973 – July 1974.

Peron gave women the vote, made social security universal, made education and health care free, and gave working students one paid week before every major examination. He commissioned vast low-income housing projects, made paid vacations standard, and gave mothers three months paid vacation before they gave birth, and another three months after giving birth. (Incidentally my own father lived in Buenos Aires for several months when Peron was still president. My father said it was the most beautiful city he had ever seen, and its people were the most friendly he had ever met. That was in 1954. I myself have never been there.)

Juan Perón also took some of the power away from the Catholic Church. This angered the clergy and the rich, since they depend on reach other for power over the masses.

Peron’s populism and nationalism are anathema to today’s neoliberals, who condemn Peron as a “communist.”

They are also anathema to leftist elitists, who condemn Peron as a “fascist.” They do this in order to stay “relevant.” Leftist elitists make sure you can never have free education and health care, so that leftist elitists can pretend to be your “only hope” and your “only protection.” For example, when U.S. President Nixon tried to enact a universal basic income, Democrats in Congress killed it, fearing that a basic income would make Democrats superfluous.

Bernie Sanders is a leftist elitist who pretends to oppose austerity, but actually promotes austerity by calling for higher taxes and lower deficits. This is how he satisfies both the neoliberals and the masses, even though he never gives anything to the masses.

Sanders promised to submit a Universal Medicare bill to the U.S. Senate, but he never did. Not that it would matter, since Democrats in the Senate would not let such a bill pass.

Over in the House, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) submitted a Universal Medicare bill (HR 676) on the first day of the current (115th) session of Congress.  The bill has 110 Democrat co-sponsors, but this is just for show. Democrats have no intention of actually pushing for Universal Medicare (aka Single Payer). Democrats are owned by the insurance companies — and besides, if the masses got everything they wanted, then they would not need Democrats to “protect” them.