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Every day the Counterpunch blog includes at least one helping of trash in its lineup. Today’s helping (above) is a reprint from the “Institute for Policy Studies” in Washington D.C. which is another of those bullshit “think tanks” (i.e. propaganda mills) that promote neoliberalism while posing as “progressive.” To maintain their pretense, they occasionally include a  truly progressive article among their mountains of lies.

The clown above says that social welfare policies in Europe are, “Now at risk because of a pincer attack by right-wing populism and neo-liberal globalism.”

That’s garbage.

The truth is that “right wing populism” is diametrically opposed to neoliberalism — especially regarding banking and economics.

Neoliberals defend the euro currency, because the euro makes austerity, privatization, and inequality inescapable in countries that use the euro, and which also have trade deficits (e.g. Greece, France, and Finland).

Meanwhile the so-called “right wing populists” like the National Front oppose the euro. They oppose inequality, banker tyranny, and the privatization of public assets. Hence they are labeled “fascists” (a term that is meaningless, but sounds good to idiots). If you oppose war, austerity, inequality, and banker tyranny, then you are evil. You are a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, far-right “fascist.”

Opposing the so-called “fascists” are neoliberals, who call themselves “moderates” and “centrists.” If you favor privatization, inequality, and banker tyranny, then you can call yourself a “centrist.” (In reality you are ultra-right-wing.)

For the corporate media outlets, whatever opposes neoliberal evil is “evil.” It is “far right.” It is “fascist.”

Whatever promotes neoliberal evil is “centrist.”

The clown above admits that the National Front’s program is pro-worker, but he calls it evil because…”fascists!”

Then the clown above condemns…

“authoritarians of the right (Vladimir Putin of Russia) and left (Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela).”

If you are a president who opposes neoliberal dictators, then you are “authoritarian” — i.e. you are a “dictator.”

Next, the clown above admits that the European Union is not democratic, and that it promotes inequality — but he praises the EU anyway, saying that progressives should support the EU so they can “reform it from within.”

And then the clown above shows that he is either a liar or a moron.

Leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon attracted a good number of supporters with his Keynesian proposals to inject 100 billion euros into the French economy, impose higher taxes on the rich, and increase social welfare programs. It was a bold, but expensive program.

Nonsense. As long as France has a trade deficit, the only way that euros can enter the French economy is as loans. This is why France is crippled by an ever-increasing debt load. The French government and economy must borrow all their euros from bankers who create euros out of thin air. It is not mathematically possible for France to have any kind of Keynesian “stimulus” programs. The French economy will continue to be crushed by debt and austerity until the French government dumps the euro and resumes creating its own currency out of thin air, like the French government did until 1 Jan 1999.

Just as bankers create loan money out of thin air, a monetarily sovereign French government would create its spending money (in its own currency) out of thin air. This would make the French government as powerful as French bankers.

France, Finland, and Greece have trade deficits. Thus, every “bailout” of these countries is simply an ECB reimbursement of the bankers who created euros out of thin air, and lent them to these three nations. Every “bailout” increases these nations’ debt loads. The debt load legitimizes more neoliberalism. More inequality, unemployment, poverty, and privatization.  Always more.

This is not an opinion. It is a fact. Anyone who denies it is a liar or a fool.  (Or is both, like the clown above.)

The situation with Greece, France, and Finland is exactly like an individual living totally on a credit card. A bank issues the credit card, and is continually paid off by a higher bank, while the individual who uses the card is continually indebted, worse and worse. In order to keep the credit card going, the indebted individual must surrender more and more of his blood to vampire financiers — until the individual dies.

The “fascists” understand this. The National Front (FN) is anti-euro. So is the French political party Debout la France (“On your feet, France”). So is the Freedom Party of Austria, and the Flemish Interest party in Belgium.

Actually most euro-zone nations have anti-euro groups, and they are steadily gaining ground as Europe’s masses fall ever-further into poverty, and become ever-more aware of the euro-scam.

Clearly the bankers could not let Marine Le Pen become president, since Le Pen threatened the euro-scam. She threatened the bankers’ tyranny. So in the 7 May 2017 election the bankers installed one of their own (Emmanuel Macron) who is pro-euro, pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-neoliberalism, and pro-every-other-evil you can think of. Macron will keep the euro-scam going a while longer.

Since the masses are starting to wake up to the truth, the bankers’ strategy is to sponsor fake leftists like the clown above, and also to infiltrate the so-called “fascist” groups in order to make them do an about-face and support banker tyranny. The bankers must replace nationalists with globalists. The bankers must get rid of anti-euro people like Marine Le Pen (the National Front’s leader), plus Florian Philippot (the National Front’s vice-president) and Gaetan Dussausaye (head of the National Front Youth).

How will the bankers do this? The same as always. The bankers will offer money and power to ambitious and corrupt mid-level members of the “fascist” groups, telling them, “If you support us, and make your group do an about-face, we will install you as the leader of your group, or nation.”

The bankers will bribe people like Gilbert Collard, who is a French MP and is part of the National Front’s inner circle. Collard says…

“For us, the question of the euro is over. The people held their referendum last Sunday. Marine Le Pen must listen to that message.”

That is, Mr. Collard says the National Front (FN) must do an about face. It must support the euro and the bankers. It must get rid of its leaders. It must replace patriots with neoliberals, and humans with debt slaves.

Gilbert Collard is one traitor to the National Front (FN), and to average people in France. Another traitor is Robert Menard, a mayor in the southeast who was elected in 2014 with FN support. Robert Menard says the FN needs “an adjournment” on the euro issue, and that, “victory depends on it.” (That is, victory” depends on total submission to the bankers.)

Another traitor is Pascal Gannat, an FN regional councilor, who told France Bleu radio that Marine Le Pen’s anti-euro stance was a “scarecrow” for both left-wing and right-wing voters. (That is, the National Front’s call for freedom and independence supposedly “scares” French voters.)

And then there is Marine Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen…

Marine Le Pen’s estranged father Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front, said on RTL radio last Sunday that his daughter’s euro stance was largely to blame for her defeat.

(The above words could have been quoted out of context. Jean-Marie Le Pen might have meant, “The bankers installed Macron because Marine Le Pen opposed the euro.”)

NOTE: A standard rule of bankers and neoliberals is, “If you can’t control the masses with bullshit, control them with the herd instinct.” You must claim that “Everyone is on my side, except a handful of conspiracy theorists.”

Here’s an example from Reuters

While most National Front supporters back a return to the French franc, opinion polls indicate that three-quarters of French voters want to keep the euro, including many older voters who fear their euro-denominated pensions could be devalued.

To repeat, “If you cannot control the masses with bullshit, then control them with the herd instinct.” This works very well, since humans tend to go with the herd, whose bullshit becomes “true” for us.

Of course, members who go with the herd deny that they go with the herd.

“Only conspiracy theorists question whether vaccines are safe and effective.”

“Only conspiracy theorists question whether Nazi Germany gassed six million Jews.”

Then the clown above says that progressives must be anti-Russian, like the warmongers and neoliberals.

It was startling in the French elections that the only candidates to reject Vladimir Putin were Emmanuel Macron and the Socialist Party’s Benoit Hamon.

Less comprehensible was the position of Melenchon, who had nothing critical to say about Putin’s domestic policies of silencing critics or foreign policies of seizing territory, backing dictators, and hacking into elections in other countries.

If order to be a good “progressive,” you  must support imperialistic war. You must cheer for “humanitarian” bombing. You must howl for the destruction of anyone that the bankers label a “dictator.” In short, you must adopt anti-progressive policies.

As I noted before, propaganda mills are paid by the rich to promote neoliberalism while they call themselves “progressive.” (The “Institute for Policy Studies” has a yearly budget of $3.1 million.)

I wonder: do the bankers also pay Counterpunch to reprint the same trash?

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