Are rich people stupid?

Before I get to the topic of this post, I note that the hysteria surrounding North Korea has become comical. The items below are exaggerations, but only slightly.

Sadly, most people believe this kind of garbage. This includes most “progressives” and “anti-war” people. They echo the Empire’s lies, while trying (and failing) to “spin” the lies in a “progressive” fashion.  It’s pathetic.

Anyway our question for today is, are rich people weak and stupid?

We know they are not weak, since money is power. What about stupid? Rich people tend to vote for their own interests, while poor people tend to vote against their own interests. For example, when poor people call for federal taxes to be raised, poor people uphold the lie that the U.S. federal government needs tax revenue.  In so doing they justify politicians cutting social programs that help poor people. Clearly rich people are not weak and stupid, at least when compared to poor people. Keep that in mind…

If you Google the words affluent + vaccination, you will find many different articles  from many different sources, all of which unanimously agree that, statistically speaking, a person’s refusal to submit to vaccination increases with a person’s wealth and social power.

Logically the reverse is also true: statistically speaking, a person’s faith in vaccines increases with a person’s poverty. In this I am referring to average people. Not doctors on Big Pharma’s payroll. Not the talking heads in the corporate media outlets. Not the bought-and-owned professors and politicians.  No, average people. Statistically speaking, the poorer people are, they more vax-submissive they are. The richer people are, the more vax-resistant they are. This is a fact.

Some examples (links embedded)…

Why do rich people refuse to vaccinate their kids?

Why are the rich most likely to not vaccinate their children in the US?

Why Do Affluent, Well-Educated People Refuse Vaccines?

Why Some Rich, Educated Parents Avoid Vaccines

Wealthy L.A. Schools’ Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan’s [This is one of numerous articles which note that the richer a community is, the less its people believe that vaccines are safe and effective.]

Barriers to Immunization in a Relatively Affluent Community

Rich, White and Refusing Vaccinations [People who rest vaccination tend to be white, well-educated and affluent.]

California’s rich, white unvaccinated kindergartners

Rich, educated, and stupid parents are driving the vaccine crisis

You can find many more examples by Googling the words affluent + vaccination.

 The articles I noted above (about rich people refusing vaccines) were mostly published from mid-2013 to mid-2015, and were part of an experiment that failed. By mid-2013 millions of people had awakened to the dangers of vaccines. Big Pharma and its minions tried to silence critics by making the lower classes angry with the rich for “getting away with” escaping vaccination. (Just today there was an article in the Washington Post titled When it comes to vaccines, rich parents get away with child neglect.)

The experiment didn’t work. Big Pharma forgot that when the rich people or corporatons screw the poor,  the poor do not attack the rich. Instead, the poor attack each other. For example, in 1863 the U.S. Congress passed laws that drafted Americans for the U.S. Civil War. However you could buy your way out of the draft by paying $300 (equivalent to $9,157 in 2017). This caused great resentment among average people, few of which had $300. But instead of resenting the politicians who drafted them, or the rich people who avoided the draft, poor whites resented Blacks, who had nothing to do with the draft. The result was the New York City draft riots, in which white gangs lynched large numbers of Blacks in New York City, and burned their homes.

To repeat: when the rich screw the poor, the poor attack each other. Rather than eat the rich who starve them, the poor devour each other — or else they attack people who are even poorer than they are.

When articles about rich people refusing vaccination did not boost vaccination rates (and therefore failed to boost Big Pharma’s profits), Big Pharma began bribing politicians in state legislatures to pass mandatory vaccination laws, starting with public school students.  Rich kids, of course, are exempt in private schools. How do I know this? Simple logic…

[1] Rich people resist vaccination for themselves and their kids.

[2] Politicians work for rich people.


[3] Politicians do not enforce mandatory vaccination laws on the rich.  Big Pharma makes its vaccine profits by exploiting the lower classes, who are far more submissive to authority than are the rich.

Therefore if you are an average person who champions vaccines, and who calls for the punishment of average people who resist vaccines, you are a stupid peasant.  You are one of the cattle.

Among conventional (i.e. allopathic) doctors, 99% are mere technicians for Big Pharma. They spend most of their time administering vaccines, and writing drug prescriptions. The 1% who resist being bullied by Big Pharma and its minions are always and invariably found in the most affluent communities of each state. Their patients are rich, and their patients agree with the doctor who recommends against vaccines.

Doctors in an average communities know that if they fail to recommend vaccines, the state health board will revoke their medical license.

For example, in 2015, Dr. Jack Wolfson (a cardiologist in Arizona) gave interviews to several lie factories such as CNN, in which Dr. Wolfson explained the dangers of the vaccine scam.  In retaliation, the Arizona State Board of Health put Dr. Wolfson under investigation — but when they learned that Wolfson’s practice was in the single most affluent community in all of Arizona (a place called Paradise Valley) they immediately dropped the case.  Wolfson was rich, and so were his clients.  They had political power, and they refused to be vaccinated. There was nothing that Big Pharma and its toadies could do.

If Wolfson had been an average doctor in an average community, the state medical board would have destroyed him as an example to all other doctors in average communities. And Wolfson’s patients would have applauded, since average people love the vaccines that cripple and kill them.  In the USA, vaccines are part of average people’s culture in which all problems can be solved by a pill, a vaccine, a gun, or a nuke. Are poor people getting sick? Don’t improve their hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. Vax ’em! If vaxxing doesn’t work, vax ’em some more! If vaxxing still doesn’t work, vax ’em some more! Always more!































Vaccine fanatics claim that vaccines only work if everyone is vaxxed. If they really believed that, then they would insist that rich people get vaccinated like everyone else. But they don’t insist. Why? Because, among average people, vax mania is not about health. No, it’s about venting one’s general anxieties at the people around you. It’s about compensating for helplessness and inferiority by attacking people around you. “He didn’t get the shot! KILL HIM!”

Among average people, vax mania is about hate. (For Big Pharma its about profits. For politicians it’s about power over the masses.)

This is why, among average people, vax fanatics see no contradiction between [1] supporting a woman’s right to choose abortion because she has authority over her body, and [2] forcing women to get vaccinations (“for the good of society”).

They see no contradiction between [1] condemning the forced sterilization of the 1920s and ’30s, or the Tuskegee medical experiments infecting black inmates with syphilis, and [2] insisting that everyone but the rich get vaccinated.

Rich people don’t submit to Big Pharma’s vaccination scam. Why should you?

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