“Free speech,” French style

At this moment it’s 6:00 am Sunday morning in Paris. The bankers, elitists, and neoliberals are confident that they will be able to rig today’s election in France so that their puppet Emmanuel Macron will win.

Still, just to make sure, the corporate media outlets in all European languages have spent weeks claiming that Marine Le Pen has no chance against Macron.

All day today, every commercial radio and TV station in France will announce every fifteen minutes that “Macron is far ahead” in order to make people stay home and not vote. (Usually this trick works.)

This will be a popular vote, and will therefore be easy to rig, unlike the U.S. Electoral College vote.

As you probably heard, there was a massive dump of Macron’s emails that reveal the depth of Macron’s corruption. It includes business documents and incriminating photos about financial swindles and offshore accounts. The French election commission is warning everyone not to discuss Macron’s corruption – or else. (If the Russian government did this, there would be a global outcry.)

Speaking of Russia, the media outlets are also repeating the standard nonsense that “Russia did it.” Therefore to vote for Le Pen is to vote for the evil Putin. And North Korea. And ISIS.™ And Hitler. And Trump.

Naturally Obama is endorsing Macron who, in terms of being an elitist and pro-banker, is ultra-right-wing. And, being right-wing, the corporate media outlets call Macron a “centrist.”

Meanwhile Le Pen opposes banker fascism. Therefore the corporate media outlets call her a “fascist.”

It’s all routine garbage, but what’s depressing is that many so-called “progressives” actually believe this filth. (Or do they? Do you believe it?)

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2 Responses to “Free speech,” French style

  1. M Semet says:

    I have spoken to a lot of my friends, and they suspect the media is lying about Macron being ahead of LePen. I don’t even think Macron actually won the first round. They suspect the reports are wrong regarding the numbers, but then they would have to admit that maybe their vote won’t count because the election will be rigged anyway. Scary thought, especially if you have been taught all your life that you live in a democracy. Personally, I do not know anyone who will vote Macron. In the city streets, his posters are defaced with devil horns. All these reports about his “popularity”…everyone knows it’s just propaganda. The question is, will people be brave enough to call the media on their lies? They know they are being lied to, but I am not really seeing a reaction yet. Sometimes, it takes a while to know how to react to an obvious con job–especially if it involves sacred cows like the belief that you live in an advanced democracy.


    • Yes the media outlets are lying about Macron. They claim that he is 20 points ahead in popularity. That is ridiculous.

      And I agree that Macron probably did not win the first round. Not even close.


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