Rare and precious points

I’m still very ill, so this post must be brief.

Below is the door to a typical vault that is used to store points for sports scoreboards in the state of New York. The vaults also store points for newspapers, magazines, radio announcers, and anyone else who mentions sports scores and sports statistics.  Because points are precious and rare, points vaults reassure sports fans that points are secure, and that no one without authorization can stuff a bag with points, throw the bag over his shoulder, and make off with points.

Every point on a scoreboard must first be taken out of the vault, and be rigorously accounted for. Otherwise the scoreboard will run out of points, in which case we will have no game.

Before each game, points are obtained from the vaults, and are loaded into trucks like that seen below, so they can be shipped out to stadiums, to newspapers, and to everyone else who uses points. During the game, if the score is changed from “5” to “4,” then the subtracted point is loaded into the truck. At the end of the game, all points are loaded into the truck and are returned to the vault.

BELOW: Each and every point is under guard for the entire time is it outside the vault. This assures sports fans of a smooth and orderly game.

The system of points storage and distribution is not perfect. Sometimes scoreboards run out of points. This is so embarrassing that fans are not told the truth. Instead fans are told that the game has been “rained out.”

I could continue with these silly images, but you get the idea. We create and destroy points by changing the numbers on a scoreboard. It would be absurd to pretend that points were physical and limited. Points are limitless.

Money is exactly the same. We create and destroy dollars by changing the numbers in bank accounts.

Everyone knows this, since they can see it with their own eyes, but most people pretend not to know it. They like to see vaults in banks, since they like to think of dollars as physical and limited. As a result, they meekly submit when politicians tell them there is “no money” for Medicare or Social Security.

This delusion is one of the deepest and most pernicious of all, and it is the primary means whereby most people today are impoverished and enslaved.



Trump wants to assemble a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that would improve roads, bridges, airports, schools, housing and broadband access, among other things. Aides have said this would be financed by roughly $200 billion in federal money, with the rest coming from private financing. In other words, rich investors will put up 1% of the money in return for 100% of ownership.

On the other hand, today (1 May 2017) Trump today said he was open to raising the federal tax on gasoline to pay for an infrastructure plan.

(The federal tax on gasoline is 18.4-cents per gallon, and for diesel it is 24.4 cents per gallon. On top of this federal tax, states charge additional taxes.)

Of course, the U.S. government could easily create the money out of thin air for infrastructure upgrades, without raising anyone’s taxes.

However 330 million Americans pretend that this is not true.

If rich people and warmongers want something, the federal government creates the money for it.

If the lower classes want something, then the U.S. government is suddenly “bankrupt.”

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