Comment re. vaccines

I’ll continue blogging because several people asked me to (much appreciated). Just now I can’t do a proper blog post, since I am very ill.

Someone today asked me about vaccines. I’ll quickly write my opinion below. If you are pro–vax, then I cannot reach you, and you will likely be angered by my opinion. Sorry about that, but remember that this is only one topic. It is not possible for us to agree on every topic.

My opinion, quickly stated with no illustrations this time…

[1] The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 made pharmaceutical companies totally immune from lawsuits for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines. Therefore if vax makers loaded their syringes with deadly plutonium, and called it a “vaccine,” they could not be sued. (Most people think this is an exaggeration.) Hence the vax makers have no need to maintain quality control. They put whatever they like into vaccines. In 2011 the US Supreme Court reaffirmed this total immunity (Brusewitz vs. Wyeth) and formally designated vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.”

[2] The vax makers’ total immunity means they have no need to spend any money conducting safety tests. This, plus mandatory vaccination laws, make vaccines extremely profitable for Big Pharma. After vax makers were made immune from lawsuits, they began to bribe politicians to pass mandatory vax laws, while concocting all kinds of new snake oil toxins they claimed were magical “cures.” The result was an explosion of autism, asthma, SIDS, Crohn’s disease, Type I diabetes, food allergies, speech delay, transverse myelitis, and other maladies associated with compromised immune systems.

[3] In any population, resistance to vaccines increases with income level. Hence Big Pharma mainly aims its vax scam at lower classes, who are more naïve than are higher income people, more submissive to authority, and less able to resist exploitation. When state legislatures pass mandatory vaccination laws, they usually exempt private schools for rich kids. Otherwise legislatures could not get away with passing mandatory vax laws. Rich people would not allow it.

[4] The more powerful Big Pharma becomes, the more its executives fear that one day the peasants might awaken from their trance, and end the vax scam. Therefore anyone who questions today’s vax mania is condemned as part of a “vast, highly dangerous underground anti-science cabal.”

In reality, it is the vax fanatics who are anti-science. If vaccines were safe and efficacious, then vax makers would not object to independent studies that tracked the health histories of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations. No such study has ever been done. Vax fanatics say there is no need, since “the science is settled” (even though true science undergoes continual revision, and is never “settled”).

Big Pharma’s fraud and greed are routine, as are fines and penalties. But when it comes to vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies are saints.

[5] In the USA, the strongest champions of mandatory vax laws are Democrats. The reason for this is that Republicans get power through money, whereas Democrats get power through leveling — that is by crushing the lower classes beneath a steamroller of political correctness and intolerant “tolerance.” Everyone in the lower classes must praise homosexuals, and must honor the “right” of “transgender” men to invade women’s showers. Everyone in the lower classes must honor the Jewish “holocaust,” and must pay federal taxes, even though the U.S. federal government has no need or use for tax revenue. Everyone in the lower classes must get shot with toxic vaccines. In all these cases the goal is not everyone’s welfare, but on getting power over others.

Vax mania is a manifestation of the Communist spirit which, taken to extremes, creates a Kafkaesque nightmare of insane bureaucracy with disposable drones. In the Communist (and Democrat) paradise, party bosses are above all. (In the Republican paradise, rich oligarchs are above all, and workers are again disposable slaves.)

This Communist spirit manifests in average people who are vax fanatics. They cannot stop the oligarchs from enslaving them via neoliberalism, but they can righteously condemn their fellow slaves as “terrorists” if they avoid vaccinaton. At all times the goal is not everyone’s welfare, but on getting power over others. That’s why average people push so strongly for mandatory universal vaccination (for the lower classes).

[6] No disease has ever been conquered by vaccines. On the contrary, vaccines help keep diseases alive (and therefore profitable). All victories over disease (no exceptions) were won by improved hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. Vaccines had nothing to do with it.

Today we send vaccines to “third world nations,” but we do not improve their hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. In this way we intentionally keep the natives sick, and thereby sustain a pretext for still more vaccines.

Average Westerners consider vaccines to be “silver bullets” that “prove” Western technological superiority, and therefore Western overall superiority. Westerners imagine that the “magic bullets” are what keep the natives alive, when in fact the “magic bullets” help to make the natives dead. Vaccines allow Westerners to pose as divine “saviors” as they shoot their snake oil into “inferior savages.”

In centuries past the natives were crushed by shooting them full of Christianity. Now they are crushed by shooting them full of vaccines.

[7] England made smallpox vaccinations mandatory in 1853, and thereby caused mass epidemics of smallpox. (Vaccines contained the smallpox virus.) Anyone who refused to be poisoned with smallpox was imprisoned, fined, and forcibly shot with smallpox (unless they were rich). Between 1857 and 1859, vaccinations caused 14,000 deaths from smallpox. From 1863-1865 they caused 20,000 deaths. From 1870-72 they caused 45,000 deaths. The higher the smallpox death rate from vaccines, the more the vax fanatics screamed that not enough people were being pumped full of smallpox.

In 1855 Massachusetts made smallpox vaccinations mandatory. Again this caused an explosion of smallpox. Explosions happened wherever smallpox vaccinations were made mandatory. Smallpox was finally eradicated by containment, quarantine, and sterilization. Vaccines had nothing to do with it.

[8] Doctors are mere technicians for Big Pharma. They get no vax training in medical school. None. Any doctor who refuses to dispense the toxic snake oil (or who hands out medical exemptions) will be ruined by the state medical board, which is always on Big Pharma’s payroll. Even if a doctor grants you a medical exemption, the state medical board will immediately reject it.

Most medical journals are funded by Big Pharma. Therefore every issue features articles that praise Big Pharma’s snake oil.

Speaking of journals, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his twelve co-authors never claimed that “vaccines cause autism.” They said there might possibly be a correlation between vaccines and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and that there might possibly be a correlation between IBS and autism. They concluded by recommending further study.

[9] Before the rise of vax mania, everyone had mumps and measles, and therefore developed lifelong immunity. This was part of nature’s process of building up our immune systems. Diseases like mumps and measles are harmless in their natural (i.e. wild) form. When a corporate media outlet claims that someone died of measles, or mumps, or the flu, it is a lie. Something else killed the person. Since the person had lifelong immunity to measles, he or she had measles antibodies in his system. Therefore “measles killed him.”

The purpose of vaccines is to checkmate nature’s process of immunity-building, such that vax recipients remain perpetually sick and in need Big Pharma’s drugs.

It works like this…

When you ingest a mild virus from the environment (like measles) your immune system first sends white blood cells to attack the virus, and also creates antibodies to mop up the stragglers. This becomes a lifelong template for that particular virus. The way your immune system first reacts to a virus is the way it will always react to that same kind of virus. Vaccines, however, cause your body to react with anti-bodies (your mop-up system) but not white blood cells (your main system). Therefore vaccines prevent you from ever developing real immunity. Big Pharma does this deliberately. They want you to remain sick all your life, so that you need their drugs all your life. Rather than create “immunity,” Big Pharma prevents immunity. This is calculated and intentional.

[10] Vax fanatics claim that autism rates are not skyrocketing. Rather, we just got better at autism diagnosis. Nonsense. Brain damage, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and so on are not things that doctors simply “missed” before. They were not caught before, because they had not existed before.

[11] All cultures (no exceptions) consist of fairy tales that are maintained by laws and taboos. Each society has its own form of the emperor’s-new-clothes. One example was geocentrism. Another example is the WW II “six million” narrative. Another example is the lie that the U.S. government is “insolvent,” and the claim that climate change is a “hoax.” Another example is vax mania. To question the emperor’s new clothes is to be a heretic, blasphemer, terrorist, traitor, anti-Semite, fascist, conspiracy theorist, and so on.

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