If Google had existed in 1633

“How could they have been so stupid?” So say people about everyone who came before them.

And so people will say about us in the future.

Like everyone before us, we boast that we have the Ultimate Truth. Climate change is a “hoax.” Vaccines are perfectly safe. Six million Jews were gassed. The U.S. government “can’t spend money it doesn’t have.”

These are “objective truths.” They are “scientific facts,” and “common sense” — just as it was once “common sense” that the sun orbited the earth

Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that germs cause disease, and that patients would have a much higher survival rate if surgeons simply washed their hands before operating. For this heresy, Semmelweis was ridiculed, condemned, and thrown into an insane asylum where he was tortured to death. Today in Europe you will be thrown into prison for questioning the narrative about “six million Jews gassed.”

“How could they have been so stupid?”



2 thoughts on “If Google had existed in 1633

    1. Each person has his own personal list of what is “real” and what is a “hoax.” No two people’s lists are exactly alike. When two people’s lists do not match, each person feels offended by the other person.


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