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7 Responses to End

  1. Charles Como says:

    Is this really the end? I hope not.


    • Evidently the blog is boring, as no one was coming here or leaving any comments. That’s my fault, not anyone else’s. I’ll continue if one other person (anyone) leaves a comment saying I should, but if not, then yes, this is the end.

      There are some artistic things I want to do that may interest you personally. I will show some samples here if you like. If not, then thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      • Charles Como says:

        I would say PLEASE keep it going! We are launching an app and TV show that involves taking back control of the government from corporate interests.. but a BIG part of that is educating the public on how money works.. of which we are going to make this a big part of what we do. So I hope you stay around long enough for us to work with you when we launch! Which should be in the next couple months. https://underground.net/



  2. M Semet says:

    I don’t agree with you on everything, but I do enjoy reading your blog. Lack of comments is not necessarily lack of interest. I mean of course if you have pressing obligations that interfere with the time you need to maintain this blog, then you do what you have to do. But if that is not the case, you should not shut your blog down based on “lack of interest”. It needs to remain so it can be accessed by curious minds. You think your words are disappearing into the ether, but they are not. You are not talking to yourself (and even then, talking to oneself can be therapeutic in that it helps you sort out thoughts and emotions and clarify what you really think and believe). If people have something to say, they will say it. Anyway, I hope you change your mind and continue to post. I’m not going to leave a comment “that was good” on every post I like. But I definitely come back for more. Have a good day.


  3. Greg Bacon says:

    Don’t give up, that’s too easy. Anyone can blog about popular shit, like the Kartrashians or Miley or cute kitty videos, the important stuff isn’t read much because people have been programmed to think stupid stuff is important.


  4. L Kinder says:

    I hope it’s the end of threatening to end the blog. Or, if you find a better place to explain economics, please leave a link.


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