Their jobs depend on it

I use “fake leftist” to designate someone who poses as a progressive populist in order to seduce people into supporting neoliberalism and all its evils (war, inequality, people-over-profits, worship of Israeli evil, etc.). In some cases, fake leftism is calculated and deliberate. In other cases it is a product of sheer stupidity. Either way it promotes neoliberalism.

((Unlike some people, I do not label fake leftists as “disinfo agents.” This label is a childish attempt to proclaim that, “I am the only source of truth! All others are disinfo agents! Therefore, ye maggots must worship my brilliance!”))

The article above says that in the French presidential election of 7 May 2017, progressives should support arch-neoliberal Emmanuel Macron, because his rival, Marine Le Pen, is a “fascist” (a hot-button label that has a different meaning for every person).

The article admits that…

>Macron will increase the wars that create refugees.

>Macron will increase all forms of neoliberalism.

>Macron will increase the police state.

>Macron will increase French support for Israeli atrocities.

>Macron is a puppet of financiers, the European Commission, and globalized elites.

>Macron was the main architect of François Hollande’s worst neoliberal “reforms,” including a new Labor Law that dismantled workers’ rights.

In short the article admits that Macron is an arch-enemy of populism and progressivism. Nonetheless, the article says that populists and progressives should support Macron because Le Pen is a “fascist” (i.e. Le Pen is a nationalist who opposes the tyranny of bankers, and the tyranny of unelected cabals like the European Commission).

Would Le Pen honor her promises if she became president? Maybe yes, or maybe no, but to support Macron simply because Le Pen is a so-called “fascist” is idiotic.

The article also repeats the standard fake leftist crap about “work from within.” In order to defeat neoliberalism, we must continually surrender to neoliberalism, and work to change it “from within.” We must support Macron so we can “change” Macron “from within.” We must submit to banker tyranny so we can change the bankers “from within.” We must submit to warmongers and Zionists so we can “change” warmongers and Zionists “from within.”

Democrats spout this same garbage in the USA. In order to get Single Payer health insurance, we must “work from within” — i.e. we must forever submit to Obamacare, which is designed to checkmate Single Payer.

The fake leftist does not care that neoliberals like Macron are slaughtering millions with their wars, and are driving the masses at home into the dirt. All that matters is defeating the so-called “fascist.”

On Sunday night, Macron and his supporters celebrated in a plush Paris restaurant, confident that the outcome of the second round was not in doubt. Le Pen showed up this week at the Whirlpool factory near Amiens which is set to close in 2018, wiping out several hundred jobs.

Got it. Macron and his neoliberal minions are already celebrating their victory (since everyone knows that the bankers will rig the election in Macron’s favor). Meanwhile Le Pen is visiting the actual victims of Macron’s neoliberalism. Therefore we must oppose Le Pen because she is a “fascist.”

Left-wing abstention is the greatest threat of all.

That is, French voters must not stay home. Voters must vote for the neoliberal Macron who will crush them as never before, so they can defeat the “fascist” Len Pen.

As I was reading this garbage, I became curious to see who wrote it. The author is one Philippe Marlière, a Professor of French and European Politics at University College London (UK).

That explains it.

With very rare exceptions, all professors throughout the Empire are arch-neoliberals. Their jobs depend on it.

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