Progressive “logic”

Blogger Harvey Wasserman normally criticizes nuclear power plants, but he is angry that some people favor French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen over the arch-neoliberal Emmanuel Macron. This is what passes for “intelligence” in the “progressive” blogosphere.

Wasserman says Le Pen must be defeated (in favor of Macron and neoliberalism) because Le Pen is a “fascist” (a label that Wasserman uses nine times in his article).

Populists are leftists. We support human rights, social democracy, peace and ecological sanity.

If that’s true, then populists cannot support neoliberals like Macron.

“Populists of the Right” are fascists. Their goal has a clear definition, as put forward by the term’s originator, Benito Mussolini: “Corporate control of the state.”

Corporate control of the state? That’s neoliberalism.

People mindlessly use “fascist” to denounce anyone they don’t agree with. It’s a variant on Godwin’s law, in which anyone we don’t agree with is “Hitler.”

When fascists take power, they become National Socialists, using the government to enrich the corporations and the rich, rather than Democratic Socialists, or social democrats, using the state to serve the people.

Again, that’s neoliberalism. As you can see, Wasserman quickly degenerates into Nazi-baiting. In doing so he is committing blasphemy, since the goal of National Socialists was not to enrich corporations and the rich, but to gas Jews. (Right?)

We must support Macron, and oppose Le Pen because…

> Macron is a globalist. Le Pen is a nationalist.

> Macron defends the euro. Le Pen opposes the euro.

> Macron is a Rothschild banker (literally) who wants more decriminalization of big banks. Le Pen wants more regulation.

> Macron favors “free trade” agreements. Le Pen opposes them.

> Macron supports the Empire’s wars. Le Pen opposes them.

> Macron favors privatization of all energy. Le Pen favors greener energy.

> Macron favors privatization of education and health care. Le Pen wants public ownership.

For Wasserman, all these things prove that Le Pen is a “fascist” who must be destroyed. You don’t like war, globalism, or privatization? Then you are a “fascist.” You don’t like the tyranny of bankers, and the lack of Single-Payer health insurance? Then you are a “fascist.”

Fascists support enriching the rich and to hell with the rest of us. They are racist, misogynist, anti-ecological, militaristic and authoritarian. They hate democracy, freedom of speech and an open media. They take power by fomenting hate and division.

Again, that’s neoliberalism.

Anyone who calls himself a “progressive,” and who attacks Le Pen without also attacking Macron and neoliberalism is a liar. Wasserman is a liar who should have stuck to criticizing nuclear power plants.

Le Pen, now in in the runoff for the leadership of France, is a classic fascist, as is her American counterpart, Donald Trump.

If Le Pen is Trump, then Macron is Hillary. Anyone who thinks that Hillary would have been better than Trump is living in a dream-world. Both Hillary and Trump are loathsome.

The term “populist” has a clear historical origin in the United States. It’s important we claim it.

For Wasserman, we become “populists” by supporting anti-populists like Macron.

We saw Wasserman’s kind of idiocy during the run-up to the U.S. election, in which many “progressives” admitted that Democrats were identical with Republicans, but they insisted that Democrats are somehow “better.”

Both parties are equally devoted to war and neoliberalism, but Democrats will still better because…”Fascists!”


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