You decide

The UK Telegraph is featuring a two-and-a-half-minute video that was supposedly issued by the North Korean state-run outlet Arirang-Meari. The video shows granny excerpts of various weapons used in war. It then shows an aircraft carrier (presumably American) fading into in a white glow (presumably nuclear). The UK Telegraph calls the video, “The dictatorship’s latest provocation.”

Is the video from the North Korean government?

Or was it fabricated by someone in the Empire?

(The written Korean language is not difficult to fake. There is Google translate. Plus there are 93,000 Koreans in Baltimore Metropolitan area, 200,000 in the greater New York are, and 300,000 in Los Angeles.)

Let’s start by noting that the Empire’s politicians continually use wars, rumors of wars, and threats of wars to legitimize an ever-bigger and ever-harsher police state, and to distract the masses as they are impoverished by bankers and the corporate lords.

Meanwhile, average people in the Empire like being being distracted and deceived like ths. They insist on it, for they use it as an escape from reality, like a football game. The peasants are helpless to defy their owners and masters, but they can flex their “muscles” (in their imaginations) by pointing at North Korea on the map and howling “Nuke ‘em!”

This howl grows louder with each new “threat” that the corporate media outlets claim is issued by the North Korea government.

The phenomenon is analogous to a person with a gambling addiction. He is not addicted to money, or to winning, but to the thrill of gambling, because it provides him with an escape from reality. This is a pathological condition that gamblers call, “being in the zone.” The more the addict’s life is destroyed by gambling, the more he seeks to escape reality by further gambling. Casinos rake in countless billions from this disease.

Likewise among the peasants, mass warmongering is a mass escape from reality. “Nuke ‘em!”

Getting back to our video, it seems  that we have one of two logical choices.

[1] The North Korean government actually made the video because the government is too stupid to understand what I just wrote above. (One wonders how the corporate media outlets miraculously obtain these things.)

[2] The Empire fabricated the video to keep the peasantry distracted, and in a mood to escape from reality.

You decide.

The latest video can be seen here. The U.K. Telegraph says it shows the White House, but it actually shows a brief shot of U.S. Capitol building, located well over a mile away from the White House. (Such errors are irrelevant when there are nations to be bombed.)

YouTube has many similar videos. Enter the search terms “latest North Korea video.”

Are any of them real? You decide.

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