A hope and a prayer

There are times when I hope and pray that the media outlets are lying.

For example, I hope and pray that the French government is lying when it claims that the Emmanuel Macron got the most popular votes in the first round of the French presidential election.

I hope and pray that the media outlets are lying when they claim that average people in France are marching to protest Marine Le Pen’s strong showing in the first round.

I hope and pray that the ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest worldwide is an unavoidable phenomenon of large modern societies, and is not strictly the product of mass stupidity.

Suppose that a person opposes Marine Le Pen’s call for restrictions on immigration. In that case, the last candidate a person should support is Emmanuel Macron, who has called for a bombing campaign against Syria, which would create more refugees than ever.

Therefore I hope and pray that the first round results in France are a product of lies and election rigging, because if they are not, then it means the French public is truly stupid.

It’s like being on a sinking ship. It is bad enough to know that you are about to die along with people around you, but it is worse to hear the people around you cheer as they watch rich assholes steal all the lifeboats and safely escape. Are people really that stupid? I hope and pray not.










If people are that stupid, then we’re screwed no matter what. But if the French election is simply rigged, then at least the French can comfort each other as they are marched to the neoliberal slaughterhouse.

Never have we seen a candidate for public office been so unabashedly neoliberal as Emmanuel Macron.

I shall not discuss why Macron is so loathsome. You can find it out yourself with a quick Internet search. No, this post is about average French people. Do any of them really support this Macron-maggot? Or is the election rigged, as I hope and pray?

Everything about Macron is questionable. He met his wife while he was a student in her drama class. He was 15, and she was 39-year-old single mom with three kids. That’s okay on its face, but when it’s combined with everything else that we know about this Macron-maggot, it’s creepy. Everything in Macron’s life has been about advancing himself by screwing workers on behalf of bankers and neoliberals. He is the French equivalent of Paul Ryan. Such dwarfs are not fit to work as garbage collectors, let alone hold public office.

(If there is an afterlife, and if it has any semblance of justice, then garbage collectors will have immeasurably higher spiritual status than will politicians and neoliberal bankers.)

As for Marine Le Pen, I am neutral about her, although I agree with her opposition to the euro, and to E.U. tyranny. Not that it matters, because if Le Pen is sincere, then the E.U. bankers will never let her become the French president.

I just hope and pray that no one in the French populace actually voted for Macron.

The idiot at right says that Le Pen’s strong showing is proof that “the Nazis won after all.” He says (gasp!) that Le Pen’s National Front “Don’t like Jews very much, and French Jews are alarmed by the outcome of the election.” He says that Le Pen is an insult to the WW II “Americans who died to prevent a fascist take-over.”

The superior candidate is of course Macron, who will grind average French people into the dirt as never before.

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