Comment on fake leftists

An article in Counterpunch notes that the French presidential election is shaping up to be a contest between [1] “centrists” who favor neoliberalism and the EU, and [2] anti-neoliberal candidates on the right (Marine Le Pen) and the left (Jean-Luc Mélenchon).

 Corporate media outlets seek to hide this reality by pretending the contest is not between pro and anti-EU people, but between pro and anti-racism people. The media outlets say that Marine Le Pen, for example must be defeated because she is a “racist,” when in fact the outlets want Le Pen defeated (along with Jean-Luc Mélenchon) because they are both nationalists who want France to break free of EU tyranny.

(For the neoliberal Empire, nationalism is good when it supports imperialistic war, and bad when it opposes globalism.)

So far so good. But then the Counterpunch article says this…

“Today, nationalism and ‘sovereignty’ have become a bad word in the mainstream left because leftists have been won over to the current form of imperialism, which is globalization. This kind of imperialism uses military force and ‘soft’ power to enable transnational finance to penetrate every corner of the earth, and to reshape all societies in the endless quest for profitable return on capital investment. The left has been won over to this new imperialism because it advances under the banner of ‘human rights’ and ‘anti-racism’ – abstractions which a whole generation has been indoctrinated to consider the central, if not the only, political issues of our times.”

Hold it…

The only “leftist” supporters of globalism (and with it, the neoliberal Empire) are fake leftists and “social justice warriors.” They don’t care about racism and human rights. (If they did, they would oppose globalism.) They only care about getting power for themselves. Militant feminists, “gay rights” thugs, and the intolerant preachers of “tolerance” are all basically Democrats, meaning they seek power by supporting the neoliberal Empire while they pretend to care about “the people.”

Fake leftism occurs in various forms. For militant Zionists it manifests as “progressivism” regarding immigrants, racial issues, and “human rights” in the USA,  plus support for atrocities committed by Israel.

For other people, fake leftism occurs as support for the Empire’s lies regarding World War II.

The Empire’s main weapon against true leftists is fake leftists. If Marine Le Pen’s anti-globalism becomes too popular, then the Empire trots out fake leftists to accuse Le Pen of “racism,” and to call Le Pen a “fascist” and a “right wing nut job.” Likewise if Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s anti-globalism becomes too popular, then the Empire claims that he is “trailing far behind in the polls.”

At all costs the Empire must get rid of these “extremists” and install “moderates” (i.e. install extremist servants of the Empire).

Another form of fake leftist is people who say that climate change is both real and a “hoax.”

In all cases the fake leftist’s goal is to pretend to care about “the people” while enjoying the benefits of riding on the coat-tails of a neoliberal Empire that despises “the people.”

Fake leftists are self-contradictory, but (contrary to the Counterpunch article) this does not mean they are schizophrenic. No, they are simply liars and hypocrites. They are intolerant toward any “intolerance” other than their own.

Whenever the masses start to question neoliberalism and the Empire, the powers-that-be hand the microphone to a fake leftist, who screams “homophobia!” or “sexism!” Voila: the citizenry resume bickering with each other while they all sink deeper into poverty.


“As the traditional left goal of economic equality was abandoned, it was superseded by emphatic allegiance to ‘human rights,’ which is now taught in school as a veritable religion.”

Today’s religion is not “human rights,” but fake leftism. If you question neoliberalism, then the Empire will charge you with violating “human rights.” And fake leftists will side with the Empire against you, for their own personal gain.

“The French left bought heavily into this ideal, partly because it deceptively echoed the old leftist ideal of ‘internationalism’.”

No. They bought into it because these days, if they are not rich or well connected, their only hope of getting any power over others  is to become a fake leftist. That is, to support the Empire while pretending to support “the people.”

And then the Counterpunch article discusses the issue of nationalism and sovereignty…

“It has become more and more obvious that EU monetarist policy based on the common currency, the euro, creates neither growth nor jobs as promised but destroys both. Unable to control its own currency, obliged to borrow from private banks, and to pay them interest, France is more and more in debt, its industry is disappearing and its farmers are committing suicide on the average of one every other day. The left has ended up in an impossible position: unswerving loyalty to the EU while calling for policies that are impossible under EU rules.”

Exactly. Social justice warriors can whine all they want about “LGBT rights,” but the lives of everyone in the lower classes will continue to deteriorate as long as France uses the euro, and has a foreign trade deficit, and remains under the heel of the EC and the ECB.

Solution? “Let’s escape from economic reality by marching for some dreamy social issue!”


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