Venezuela’s Maduro caught using nerve gas

Rich neoliberals In Venezuela have spent years fabricating lies in an attempt to goad the USA to come and forcibly install a puppet dictator who will “restore sanity” to Venezuela (i.e. will restore the massive gulf between the rich and the rest). The latest nonsense seeks to exploit the alleged “chemical weapons attack” by the Syrian government.

The buzzword “chemical weapons” inspires people to amuse themselves by imagining whole populations dying like cockroaches, where no one escapes, and no one is spared.

Meanwhile chemical weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorous are okay no matter how many horrors they actually cause, since they are routinely used by the Empire.

In Venezuela, neoliberal politician David Smolansky is accusing President Nicolás Maduro of using chemical weapons against pro-neoliberal protestors. Maduro responded by requesting a national investigation into these lurid claims. He said the Venezuelan government has never had chemical weapons, let alone used them.

Smolansky, mayor of the elite Caracas municipality of El Hatillo and national coordinator for the hard-right Popular Will Party (VP), tweeted that, “the National Bolivarian Guard is using a chemical that causes people lose their balance, vomit and even lose their eyesight.” Smolansky added that the “chemical weapons” also cause “skin irritation” and “breathing problems.”

In other words the police are using tear gas to control rioting in neighborhoods where people are loyal to the neoliberals. Tear gas burns your skin, irritates your throat, causes dizziness, and can even make you vomit –but it causes no permanent damage except in very rare and extreme cases. You would know this if you had ever been tear-gassed yourself. But why let facts get in the way of propaganda?


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