Cocoon logic

All of us sometimes slip into the delusion that everyone is rational, and can be persuaded by facts and logic. This is not the case. Not remotely. For example, I recently disagreed with a racist who praised Trump’s attack on immigrants, and who justified his contempt for economic refugees by condemning them as participants in a “neoliberal plot” to “drive down wages.”

I agreed with this racist that rich people and corporate bosses seek to drive down workers’ wages any way they can, but I was curious to know how immigrants could “drive down wages” at a historical time when no one without papers can even get a job at McDonalds. And at a time when Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has issued new edicts that ICE is using to arrest and deport immigrants at a record rate. At a time when even H1B visas are being reduced.

However it is useless to argue with a racist. When hate enters the equation, it obliterates logic and facts. The hater is “right.” Period. Especially when he is insulated from reality like our supremacist is. He sleeps in a room provided by his Mommy, eating Mommy’s food, and panhandling for money through his blog, while he whines about immigrants “stealing jobs” — even though he himself doesn’t want a job. The general rule is, the more we are safely insulated from reality, the more our bubble of hate becomes impenetrable.

All of us have exhibited the same pathetic symptoms as our racist, albeit in various degrees and in various topics. Spiritual evolution consists of maturing through a series of psychic bubbles, each of which we seal ourselves inside of for a time before we eventually break out of them. The walls of our cocoon consist of emotions, especially hate. Inside our little cocoons we are always “right.” We are “brilliant.” We are God. We are supremacists.

Our cocoon membranes are semi-permeable. They filter out whoever does not worship our godhood, and does not reinforce our cocoon. Nothing else can get through — and why should it? Everything outside our cocoon is evil and false. It is inferior to us. Besides, we are uniquely free of cocoons, right? It is everyone else who is sealed in cocoons. Right?

Breaking out of our current cocoon requires us to choose to modify our membrane so that it becomes more permeable. It is not possible for anyone to choose tis break-out for us. Only we can choose. Therefore no one can possibly persuade us of anything that we have not already chosen to believe in.

Unless we get more exposure to outside reality, we remain trapped. For example, regarding the racist noted above, I don’t know him personally, but I doubt he has ever lived with foreigners in foreign lands, ever learned a second language, or ever even traveled outside the USA. He has had no exposure to, or experience of, anything outside his little cocoon of hate, inside of which he is God. Therefore he has zero sympathy for economic refugees. And, being God, he sometimes becomes lonely and has seizures. For example, he has periodically wigged out in his blog, blasting all his readers as parasites on his “genius.” Then he deletes the wig-out post, and he proceeds as though nothing happened.

This is human nature. We have all acted like this racist fool in various ways at various times to various degrees. Moreover, when we finally mature enough to break out of one bubble, we find ourselves in a new bubble, whereon the process repeats. We have more spiritual wisdom, but we stay in the new bubble for a time before we evolve past it.

THE POINT HERE is that it behooves us to recognize when someone is in a different bubble from ours. When I see this phenomenon, I tell the other party that it is not possible for ether of use to persuade the other, since we live in two different universes; two different bubbles. At that point, it is best to end the discussion, unless we are in the mood to have fun.

For instance, when you recognize that you and the other party live in separate bubbles, and you say that further discussion in useless, the other party sometimes becomes hostile. How dare you question his superiority? He starts slamming his bubble into yours repeatedly, demanding your submission and your worship. You can depart. Or — if you feel like having fun — you can (like I did) become a bullfighter, jabbing the puny little god each time he impotently charges at you, watching him squirm around inside his wretched little cocoon until at last he proves his “superiority” by banning you. He “wins.” His cocoon walls are safe. Then he sits in a hot tub with others who share his cocoon, ;licking each other’s, ah…wounds…and offering mutual congratulations for their “victory.”

Again, we have all done this at one time or another, in one way or another. Our racist may be pathetic, but he is not unique.

Sometimes, for the purpose of safety, we share other people’s bubbles, even if we disagree with them. For example, our racist believes all the lies he has been told about World War II. He also believes the lie that the U.S. government borrows all its money, and must pay the bankers back, using money that the government gets from…wherever. People share cocoons because there is safety in numbers, even if it collectively reduces them to slaves.

When you realize that you and the other party (or parties) do not share the same bubble, know that further discussion is useless (unless you feel like having fun).

Inside our bubbles we insist that “facts,” “logic,” and “commonsense” are universal (especially our “facts” and “logic”), but they are actually limited to our respective bubbles.

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