Are you a rational person?

Let’s find out.

First, the set-up…

Perhaps you know that pharmaceutical companies are so greedy and fraudulent that they must pay an average of 125 million dollars each month to settle lawsuits against them. However their profits are so extreme that $125 million a month is a trivial cost of doing business.

If I explained all the reasons why Big Pharma must pay 125 million dollars per month, you would see that drug companies and bio-med companies indulge in every kind of lie, fraud, bribery, corruption, and extortion you can imagine.  Usually they get away with it, but even so, during the last fourteen years they have had to pay over 18 billion dollars in legal settlements.

In addition, drug companies profit from endless war, since war casualties need drugs as part of their treatment. Soldiers need opiate derivatives, which come from fields in Afghanistan that are guarded by U.S. troops.

(U.S. government spokesmen say they maintain the production of Afghan heroin in order to give the natives a livelihood, so they don’t join the Taliban. The U.S. government ships countless tons of Afghan heroin to the USA, where it creates jobs for countless prison guards and law enforcement personnel.)


Drug companies are a criminal racket. They are major pushers for the TPP and TTIP. Their power and corruption is beyond most people’s grasp. And the unholy trinity of Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and the insurance industry makes the United States the most costly, broken, corrupt, destructive healthcare system in the world.

You already knew this.

Drug companies and many bio-med companies tell any lie to boost their profits. They co-own the politicians at all levels. Drug companies write legislation, and they pay politicians to pass it.

You already knew this too.

Now let’s see if you are a rational person…

Despite the lies and the evil of Big Pharma, most people defend the evil, and become extremely angry when anyone exposes the evil. Most people self-righteously attack anyone who would prevent you from being harmed.

They defend the evil of Big Pharma by defending Big Pharma’s vaccination scams.

Neil deGrasse TysonAre you one of those people? An example is “science” guru Neil deGrasse Tyson (seen at right) who is so popular with audiences that he often gets a standing ovation when he walks onto a stage, or walks onto a TV talk show. Tyson says that anyone who questions Big Pharma’s lies about vaccines is “unscientific,” and that anyone who questions the lies about genetically modified food products is “irrational.” Tyson is a corporate whore sell-out who sits on a board sponsored by the Pentagon whose mission is to design more lethal and destructive weapons. (Anything for cash.)

VACCINATION 01I could write a tightly reasoned blog post about this, with citations and examples, but you can discover the truth yourself by Googling the words “vaccination scam.”

Of course, you shouldn’t have to, since you already know that drug companies lie, and are infinitely greedy and corrupt.

Pick any supposed epidemic of contagious diseases, and add the word scam to it. Then Google it. Zika scam. Ebola scam. HIV scam. Bird flu scam. Polio scam. Vaccination scam. You will see that although these diseases are real, the “crises” connected with them are lies fabricated by Big Pharma and Big Biomed to boost their profits, and to increase the amount of federal dollars they receive.

Corporate media outlets repeat these same lies, for the same reason (profits) since the outlets depend on advertising revenue from Big Pharma. Besides, people who own stock in Big Pharma also own stock in the big media companies, plus the banks, the weapons makers, and so on.

Vaccines don’t work. They are useless at best, and very harmful at worst. No disease has ever been conquered by vaccination. None. Not ever. Instead, the cure has always been three simple things: proper hygiene, proper nutrition, and proper sanitation.

VACCINATION 03Note that I said vaccines, not anti-biotics, which are different things. There are cures for bacterial infections, but there are no cures for any viral infections, except your body’s immune system.

In theory, vaccinations enhance the body’s immune system, but in practice they don’t. Often vaccines damage the body’s immune system, sometimes permanently.

Again, I could wrote a blog post about all this, but why bother? If you are rational, you can Google the truth for yourself. If you are not rational, then no amount of proof will ever change your mind. It’s the same with the “holocaust”™ lies, or the lies about monetarily sovereign government finances.


There is endless information available about these topics, and I don’t mean fuzzy self-contradictory stuff like we see among people who claim that climate change is a hoax. I mean formal analyses.

Big Pharma does not care about you. Big Pharma cares about profits. This is why politicians (bribed by Big Pharma) are increasingly making vaccination mandatory for everyone, and why politicians are constantly adding to the mandatory list of shots that people must get. It’s all about profits for Big Pharma, and bribes campaign donations for politicians.




None of this should surprise you. Doctors, politicians, and “experts” are routinely paid by corporations to lie. There was a time when big tobacco companies paid doctors and “experts” to claim that tobacco products were good for your health. For decades, anyone who questioned this lie was dismissed as “irrational” and “unscientific.”

Again, it was all about corporate profits. (Public health be damned.)


CRISCOConsider partially hydrogenated oil (aka trans-fats). This was the first man-made fat to become part of our food supply more than a century ago when a German scientist presented Procter & Gamble with ways to add hydrogen to cottonseed oil. The product was originally intended for soap, but since it looked like lard, Procter & Gamble started selling it in 1911 as Crisco (the name derived from “crystallized cottonseed oil”).

Synthetic compounds like this are easier and cheaper to produce than are all-natural oils, and they have a longer shelf life. This makes them more profitable for manufacturers. As a result, big companies like Procter & Gamble paid doctors, politicians, and “experts” to lie, claiming that trans-fats were healthier than natural fats.

In reality, trans-fats are deadly, even in trace amounts. (They fill your bloodstream with bad cholesterol.)

TYSONThe lies were deadly but profitable, and people believed them for decades, since the (bribed) “experts” were authority figures. Anyone who questioned the lies was angrily dismissed by his peers as “irrational” and “unscientific.”

Food manufacturers added partially hydrogenated oil to cookies, crackers, bread, frozen foods and more. Food companies and restaurants used it for frying. As average people smugly and self-righteously defended the lies they had been told, millions of them died of heart disease.

oleomargarine2And speaking of trans-fats, during the 1930s depression and World War II, butter was in limited supply, and oleomargarine was widely used in its place. Oleomargarine was originally made with beef fat, but by 1950 it was made with partly hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are deadly. As always, the big food manufacturers paid doctors and “experts” to claim that margarine was better for you than was real butter. Anyone who questioned this lie was dismissed as “irrational” and “unscientific.”

Even though a food label may read zero grams trans-fat, if the ingredient list includes partially hydrogenated oil of any kind, the product has trans-fat. Below are some examples. The FDA allows any product with up to half a gram of trans-fat per serving to claim that it has “zero trans-fat.” Avoid any food product whose ingredients include the words “partially hydrogenated.” In fact, try to avoid all processed foods as much as you can. You will be healthier, and you will automatically lose weight without having to exercise.

food products

In the long history of corporations boosting their profits by paying doctors, and “experts” and politicians to lie, nothing has succeeded like the vaccination scam. Average people become enraged if you question it.  They say that unless you are shot full of Big Pharma’s venoms, everyone is doomed. They say that if you avoid Big Pharma’s  vax-poisons, you are directly threatening their lives.

go again

Of course, rich people don’t have to get the shots. When state legislatures make vaccinations mandatory, they excuse the elite private schools, because that’s where rich people send their children. If rich people’s kids were forced to get shots like average kids must, then rich people would shut down the entire scam.

walking dead

Vaccines are “disaster capitalism” at its finest. Big Pharma and Big Media declare that there is a “crises,” and then they get rich selling the fake “cure” for the “crises” (i.e. selling useless and often harmful vaccines) along with the (fabricated) “news” about the “crisis.”

omegaCurrently we have the Zika virus hoax.  The Zika virus is real (it’s been known for decades) but the Zika epidemic is not. Nor has any link been proven between Zika and infant microcephaly. Nor is the Zika virus particularly dangerous or widespread. Most people who get it never have any symptoms.  If you doubt me, then Google the words “Zika hoax,” or “Zika scam.” You will get clear, irrefutable explanations. (By contrast, if you Google the words “climate change hoax,” you will get garbage.)

So what do you think? Are you a rational person?

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One Response to Are you a rational person?

  1. Beaner That Looks Like A Cracker says:

    Except that, when it came to the Olympics, they downplayed any potential problems the Zika virus could pose to the athletes. I guess postponing or canceling the Olympics could have hurt their wallet. I have also heard that the most important sporting events (namely the world cup and other soccer events) are nothing but a smokescreen to launder money; but I don’t know, maybe the vaccines I received as a kid have fucked my brain too hard.


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