A “miracle” in France

Dunkirk 00

A new movie is being filmed about the 1940 Allied evacuation from France during World War II.

Titled “Dunkirk,” it will portray the evacuation as a “miraculous” amid a heated battle.

It will be yet another lie, just like almost everything else you have been taught about World War II, including the “six million” nonsense.

On 8 April 1940, about 24,500 British, French, and Polish troops invaded Norway, intending to occupy it as a base of operations against Germany. (The British called their aggression“Plan R4.”)

The following day, however, the Germans counter-invaded Norway, and quickly defeated the Allies (“Operation Weserübung”).

Then, instead of taking the defeated Allied troops as prisoners, Hitler ordered his generals to let them peacefully return to England. This was a peace offering from Hitler.

A month later the Allied Expeditionary Force (almost half a million soldiers) invaded France, intending to surround and invade Germany. Once again they were quickly defeated. Beginning on 10 May 1940, German forces routed them in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. By 21 May 1940 the Allied forces were trapped along the northern coast of France. However the following day Hitler ordered his forces to halt.

Once again Hitler made a peace offer to England, telling the British commanders that they could safely evacuate their troops.

As a result, over 700 private boats (merchant marine boats, fishing boats, pleasure craft, etc) sailed from Ramsgate England to Dunkirk France between 26 May and 4 June 1940. There was no hurry, since there was no hostile fire from the Germans. British warships and troop transports also arrived.

The evacuation from Dunkirk alone took nine days, during which time the Germans watched the British troops depart without firing a shot.

In addition to Dunkirk, the Germans also let 11,059 British troops depart from the port of La Havre (“Operation Cycle,” 10–13 June 1940), plus another 191,870 Allied soldiers depart from Cherbourg and St. Malo (“Operation Ariel,” 14–25 June 1940).

After the Germans let the Allied soldiers depart peacefully, the Allies fabricated the propaganda legend about the “Miracle of Dunkirk,” which is only a “miracle” if you ignore the facts.

Overall it took 29 days for the allied troops to peacefully leave France, whereas the “Miracle of Dunkirk” legend pretends that they only had an hour or two at most, and that the Germans were mercilessly shooting at them the whole time. It’s all a lie.

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Below is a 60-second trailer for the upcoming movie. It is clever but totally false.

Dunkirk 01

Dunkirk 02

Dunkirk 02a

After having defeated France and chasing the British invaders off the continent, Hitler proposed generous peace terms to Britain. Hitler´s legal advisor, Ludwig Weissauer, was a friend of Sweden´s Supreme Court Judge Ekeberg, who was known to Victor Mallet, the British ambassador to Sweden. Hitler’s operatives pledged to Ambassador Mallet that they would withdraw from all German-occupied areas of Europe. They also pledged to never challenge any British colonial possessions overseas.

The British rejected this. They also rejected Mussolini’s offer (plus the Vatican’s offer) to mediate peace between Germany and Britain. Later (May 1041) they also rejected written peace proposals brought to England by Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess, in which Germany pledged to withdraw from Western Europe if England would be neutral regarding Germany’s dealing with Stalin and the USSR.

The British rejected all these, and began a terror-bombing campaign against German civilians.

Hitler refused to respond to this bombing, hoping that his restraint would prove to the British people that he wanted peace with the UK. But as the British bombing continued, political pressure in Germany forced Hitler to eventually retaliate — but even then he did not target civilians like the British did. Instead, Hitler targeted military airstrips in England.

Dunkirk 04

As the British continued their terror-bombing of German civilians, Hitler bombed more and more military airfields in England. Eventually Hitler targeted weapons and munitions factories, always hoping that the British would agree to an armistice. Finally, after five months, he called off his British campaign and turned to the east, where Stalin was days away from launching an invasion and conquest of all Europe.

Of course, this does not accord with the lies that everyone repeats to each other. All your life you have been told that World War II was the “good war,” and that the Allies were kindly, gentle, heroic, noble, peace-loving saints who saved the world from an “evil madman” who was “bent on global conquest.”


All victorious peoples do this same thing. All of them. They lie about what happened. There are no exceptions to this phenomenon, anywhere, any time. The victors glorify themselves as saints, while they vilify the vanquished as demons. And when you expose this universal phenomenon, people always say, “Yes, but we were an exception. This time we were indeed righteous.”

They all say that. “This time was an exception.”


Asians, Persians, Europeans, Africans, Native Americans, it doesn’t matter. They all bullshit. The victors always call themselves “noble, heroic, and righteous,” no matter how aggressive they were, and no matter how many atrocities they committed.

Indeed they regard their gratuitous slaughter of innocent civilians as “proof” of their “moral virtue,” since it meant they were righteously willing to “do what was necessary” to defeat “evil.” Every innocent child they gleefully slaughtered was a “human shield” and a “necessary loss.”



“Don’t blame us. Our defeated enemy made us commit atrocities, which weren’t really atrocities, since we were defeating evil. They were anti-atrocity-atrocities.”

To justify this lie, we falsely claim that the vanquished enemy committed even bigger atrocities than we did (e.g. the mythical “six million”).

“We won because God was on our side. And God was on our side because we won.”

This is what all victorious people have said throughout the world, and throughout history. And it continues today.

“Yes, but we are the one exception.”

evil 01





























evil 02

evil 03

Occasionally a victorious people will pretend to care about the atrocities they committed, but this is all for show. For example, today we consider slavery wrong, and the genocide of Native Americans wrong. But we still have institutionalized racism, and we still slaughter people in the Middle East, in Somalia, and elsewhere.

What I’m saying is that all people and societies live by fairy tales that vary in their absurdity and hypocrisy.

Anyway, getting back to the “Miracle of Dunkirk,” a recent book by British historian Peter Padfield corroborates what I say here.

PadfieldPadfield says Rudolf Hess brought with him from Hitler a detailed peace treaty, under which the Nazis would withdraw from Western Europe in exchange for British neutrality regarding Stalin and the USSR. This is according to an informant who says that he and other German speakers were asked by MI6 to translate the treaty for Churchill. The German speakers were assembled at the BBC headquarters in Portland Place, London. The first two pages of the treaty detailed Hitler’s precise aims in Russia, followed by sections detailing how Britain could keep its independence, its Empire and its armed services, and how the Nazis would withdraw from western Europe.

Mr Padfield believes the treaty was suppressed, because it would have complicated Churchill’s efforts to get the USA into the war, and would have helped people in England who wanted a negotiated peace with Germany.

Therefore Churchill kept the peace proposal quiet, and put Hess into prison for life. And since Hess’s mission for Hitler had failed, it suited Hitler to call Hess a “rogue agent.” (Hess died in prison in 1987, without ever being given a chance to publicly explain himself.)

Even today a large amount of documents from World War II still remain classified in England and Germany.

The lies must be protected. The allies were saints. Hitler was evil. The evacuations from France were “miraculous.” Rudolf Hess’s flight to the U.K. was “unexplained.” And so on.


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4 Responses to A “miracle” in France

  1. Beaner That Looks Like A Cracker says:

    “History is written by the victor”-that quote perfectly summarizes the point you tried to get across here. Can you explain your position on the “Holocaust”? A family member showed me a video that uses a lot of great evidence to refute the claim that Germans used gas chambers to slaughter Jews; Needless to say that video actually made me think and question the official story of what happened during those times. I can’t find it right now but I will try to look for it to give you the link. Also, are you a National Socialist? And I don’t mean the “oh my god you’re so hateful and racist” person.


    • Yes I am a National Socialist, but not (I repeat NOT) a Neo-Nazi. I am a paleo-Nazi. I favor nationalism over corporatism, and socialism over neo-liberalism.

      Today’s Neo-Nazis have no understanding of authentic National Socialism. They hate me more than they hate Blacks, because I condemn racism. I know this from having communicated with them.

      As for the holocaust,™ no Jew was ever gassed. Not a single one. Not ever. This is so obvious to anyone who researches the issue (without bias) that I will not debate the topic. Nor will I respond if anyone chooses to attack me.


  2. Beaner That Looks Like A Cracker says:

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