Defending a fantasy


Liberals are still whining about the Brexit vote, as though the EU is a benevolent institution that opposes racism. They admit that the EU participated in the destruction of Greece, but Greeks are lazy bums, right? And yes, the EU participated in the destruction of Libya and Syria, but who cares about those rag-heads and sand niggers?

The EU is pro-corporate, pro-banker, pro-austerity, and pro-neoliberalism, but we’re talking about racism, which is worse than any of these. Right? True, neoliberalism causes poverty, which exacerbates racism. And true, the EU’s imperialistic wars create immigrants, but dammit, the EU is worth fighting for because it opposes racism! (Actually it doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.)

must be good

Some liberals say the Brexit was wrong because there should be no such thing as national borders. These clowns share the communist delusion that there should be no such thing as borders, or nations, or private property, so that everyone is equal (except for party bosses and high ranking bureaucrats who are more equal than others).

Neoliberalism is all about ownership and mass privatization. However communists go to the other extreme. It just doesn’t work. (I favor a balance. Some things should be privately owned such as your house, your car, or your body, while other things should never be privately owned, such as banks, police, prisons, utilities, the military, and so on.)

These pro-EU creeps will get their wish when the TTIP is enacted, since national sovereignty will be pushed aside by corporate sovereignty. This will plunge most humans into deeper poverty than ever.

Some liberals agree that the Brexit was the right vote, but they say it was wrong because it was done for the wrong reasons. It was right, but it was wrong. That’s how muddled they are.

Look at the girl below. She protests in favor of the EU, and against nationalism, while she wears a Danish flag on her face to proclaim her nationalism. She calls for democracy, while she defends the European Commission and European Central Bank, which are opposed to democracy, and are staff by unelected bureaucrats.


How can she be so idiotic and conflicted? Answer: She’s young, white, and comfortable enough to live in a self-righteous dream world, where imperialism and neoliberalism are trivial concerns. A world where she can be a nationalist or an internationalist according to her mood. She doesn’t care about immigrants. If she did, then she would put more energy into opposing imperialistic war (which creates immigrants) than she does in defending the imperialistic EU. She protests because it’s fun. She finds it amusing to talk about doing away with national borders, as long as she doesn’t have to personally experience the consequences.

She does not defend the EU. She defends a fantasy EU.

Most of these protesters don’t even understand what they are defending. They think the EU is democratic because the European Council and European Parliament consist of elected people. However these two bodies have very little power, and they write no laws. All the power rests with the European Commission and the European Central Bank, whose bureaucrats are not elected.

Unlike these creeps, I am genuinely pro-immigrant, because I oppose the wars and the neoliberalism that creates immigrants. For me, all immigrants are refugees from one kind of war or another. But before we throw open all the doors permanently, let’s first correct what reduced them to refugees. If they are desperate, then yes, let them in. But if we go overboard, then we will further enable the continued creation of refugees.


Some reader comments I have seen…

[1] I always thought that “union” meant “we’re all in it together,” but the EU’s treatment of Greece as an economic “partner” was despicable.

[2] It’s possible that the EU had democratic potential at its birth, but today it’s just another neoliberal/neocon structure to administer the global capitalist empire.

[3] I heard that the anti-Brexit buffoons in Trafalgar Square were holding hands and signing the Beatles song, “Hey Jude.” Did any of the bankers join them? Talk about useful idiots!

[4] The middle class and poor of Europe are worse off today than they were a generation ago. Despite whatever good intentions there may have been in the beginning, the EU experiment has not been  good for average people. And now, as a facilitator of NATO expansion eastward, the EU is helping to drive the world toward nuclear war.

[5] These protesters would rather be permanent wage slaves to unelected neoliberal corporate elites, and cannon fodder for the neocon’s military arm, NATO, than live free under a real democracy. Brexit is the first meaningful counterattack in four decades against the evils of the neoliberal/neocon conspiracy. Hopefully it’s just the first step in the disintegration of both the EU and NATO, which are barriers to economic equality and world peace.


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