An oppressive institution

If a nation has a trade deficit, and cannot create its money out of thin air, then the nation will have ever-increasing debt, poverty, austerity, inequality, unemployment, and privatization.

There are no exceptions to this rule. None. Never.

France has a trade deficit, and cannot create its money out of thin air. Therefore, as seen in the chart below, an average of 2.011 billion more euros flow out of France each month than come into France. This means that France must borrow an average of 2.011 billion more euros each month. France goes 2.011 billion euros deeper into debt each month.

France 01

Why has Greece been destroyed, but not France? Actually France is being destroyed, but the damage has not been as obvious (yet) because the French economy (i.e. GDP) is 12.4 times bigger than the Greek economy. So it’s taking longer for France to be reduced to a wasteland. But France will eventually become Greece.

Like I said, no exceptions.

If 2.011 billion euros leave France each month, then where do those euros go? Thirty percent of them (603 million euros) go to the bankers who lend to France. The rest go to Germany (19.5 percent), Belgium (11.3 percent), Italy (7.6 percent), Netherlands (7.4 percent), Spain (6.6 percent), UK (5.1 percent), and China (4.9 percent). These nations are the top sources of goods and services imported into France. The share of money going to the bankers keeps increasing. France’s debt-to-GDP is 95% and rising. Soon it will hit 100%, at which point France will only exist to pay the bankers.

France has no money to pay the bankers. (France has to borrow another 2.011 billion euros each month.) Therefore France will pay like Greece pays: via waves and waves of privatization. France will sell give its public assets to bankers and rich people.

Now let’s look at Germany. In the charts below there is no red zone, since Germany enjoys a trade surplus that is huge and getting bigger all the time. The charts show that Germany is getting richer by 16.2 billion euros per month (on average), and the amount keeps accelerating. That money is sucked from the rest of Europe (especially France), although Germany also trades with China, the USA, and other nations.

France 02

And since the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, the state of Germany effectively rules Continental Europe. This is why Germany has always been the loudest champion of the euro scam. The euro lets Germany be a debt parasite on the rest of Continental Europe.

The media outlets all praise the euro, since the outlets are owned by the rich, who love debt parasites. Indeed most rich people are themselves debt parasites.

Politicians in the rest of Europe know all this, but bankers and rich people bribe them to keep using the euro. Politicians accept bribes to destroy their own nations.

The U.K. does not use the euro, and is therefore not ruled by the European Central Bank (ECB). However the UK is part of the European Union, which includes the ECB.

The point is that the E.U. is an oppressive institution. It helps rich people and some states (like Germany), but it causes average people to become poorer each day.

There are 28 nations in the EU, of which 19 (almost two thirds) use the euro, which is the glue that keeps the entire neoliberal nightmare from unraveling. Of the remaining 9 nations, seven are required to adopt the euro at some point.  Required. (Denmark and the UK are not required.) Thus, the nightmare will continue to expand.

Is there any way that the euro-zone could be improved? Yes, if the ECB gave money directly to member nations, instead of only giving money to bankers who lend to member nations. In that case the euro-zone would need a common finance minister. However this would checkmate much of Germany’s privileges as a debt-parasite. Greece would be freed from German tyranny. This is why Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is staunchly opposed to creating a common finance minister.

Most people are too stupid to see any of this, because it is so simple. Children can understand it, but most adults cannot. Or will not.

referendum 02

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