Voices from the U.K.

NYT2The Brexit is only an “advisory” referendum, which means it is not legally binding, and the U.K. parliament can  ignore it.

The process of leaving does not begin until the prime minister officially invokes Article 50 of the European Union’s governing treaty. So he or she could continue as if the vote had never happened. This is referendums 2what the corporate media outlets are urging Cameron to do. Ignore the will of 17.4 million Britons who voted to leave.

Actually most referendums in Europe are “advisory,” which is why politicians so easily ignore them.

However they can be symbolically important. The “leave” vote is important enough to have infuriated right-wing elitists, along with covert neoliberals (i.e. faux “leftists”).

British columnist Martin Kettle is enraged. He says the UK should outlaw referendums.

The referendum is now the weapon of choice for populist parties of left and right.  The European Council on Foreign Relations pointed out today that populist parties around Europe now propose a total of 32 referendums on issues ranging from EU membership to refugee quotas.

Got that? Democracy is now a “weapon of choice.”

After what we have experienced in the past month, we need political reform more than ever. But the verdict on referendums should be a ruthless one. Never again.

Can you believe this bastard?

One trick the neoliberal elitists might use is to blame everything on the Scots.

The House of Lords said in an April report that any decision to exit the European Union would have to be approved by the Parliaments of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Wales supported a Brexit, but 52% of Northern Irish voters and 62% of Scottish voters did not. The governing Scottish National Party has pledged to take any available measures to remain in the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, has suggested that her Parliament could withhold consent.

So the U.K,. parliament could simply ignore the referendum, continue to impoverish the masses, and blame everything on Scotland or Northern Ireland. Sweet!

Or the U.K. parliament could order another referendum, and make sure it is rigged this time, so that the peasants vote “correctly.”

Covert Neoliberals

Right-wing neoliberals are join by covert neo-liberals, or faux leftists, which include people like Dean Baker of the “progressive” Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC, who says,

The push for Brexit was driven by nationalistic, xenophobic and racist sentiments. There is no point in putting a pretty face on it.

Wrong. The “leave” victory in the Brexit vote was not about racism. It was about inequality, unemployment, and voter exclusion from politics. If you were comfortable, you voted remain. If you were uncomfortable, you voted leave.

bus 01

The only thing worse than a racist is a liberal who falsely brands others as racists.

Faux leftists are deformed mutants who have totally sold out to the right wing and its neoliberal, imperialist, warmongering goals. An example is Zoe Williams who calls herself a “progressive” and a feminist…

When Marine le Pen and Donald Trump celebrated the “leave” victory, it was like being punched in the face. They are racists, authoritarian, small-minded, and backward-looking. They embody the energy of hatred. The principles that underpin internationalism – cooperation, solidarity, unity, empathy, openness – these are all just elements of love.

Got it? The destruction of Greece was an element of “love.” Neoliberalism and debt slavery are elements of “love.” Ever-worsening inequality is an element of “love.” NATO’s destruction of Libya, and its proxy war against Syria, are elements of “love.”

Let me share some statements by Britons who voted to leave…

cameron 01I want a stable UK where people from all counties across the UK are heard, and not fed scraps from the south. The charge of racism is an insult. It is used to smear the people who live with the consequences of the decision makers in London who constantly roll the shit downhill. There is no sign of a recession in London. The city has alienated itself from the rest of England.

Britons in the northern and eastern sections of the U.K. feel that London and the southwest parts live in a bubble, and don’t care about the rest of the U.K.

I want a sense of job security. I do not want to feel that if I am not willing to work ten hours a day, seven days a week, then I can be easily replaced by a foreigner.

agony4This is not “xenophobia.” It is a product of the neo-liberal race to the bottom.

Society is reflected in the people who access mental health services, which I have worked in for thirty years. The biggest issue today is that people feel disconnected in society. I haven’t seen any EU benefits to mental health at all.

The EU seems to be run by Germany. Angela Merkel decided to allow a million migrants into Germany, breaking EU law, and not consulting the German Bundestag. Germany destroyed Greece and is offering expedited negotiations to let Turkey into the EU. The EU is not accountable. It does not consult. It is not a union.

The more you actually listen to people’s complaints, the more the charge of “racism” weakens.

I used to be pro-EU, feeling that Europeans had a better standard of living than us. However I became disillusioned as the EU expanded to include countries like Romania. I can’t see how being in a union with failed states benefits us.  

FREEDOMIt’s all about bringing every European nation under the heel of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, and unelected bankers in Frankfurt.

In the run-up to the vote, I was shocked by how much the establishment provided only pro-remain viewpoints. They all warned of disaster if we voted to leave. They went so far overboard in this that they became obvious to even the slowest among us.

I was insulted by politicians in the U.K. and across Europe who said we were not “educated” enough to decide our own fate. Chief among them is Jean-Claude Juncker, the unelected head of the European Commission. The wrong people are in charge of an economic and political system that no longer allows decent people to rise through the ranks.

refugees 02Immigration would not be such a problem if the UK built homes and infrastructure, and trained adequate doctors, nurses and essential workers. But politicians are deliberately creating scarcity. Consider housing, where politicians are helping landlords reduce everyone to tenants while demand for homes continues to be stoked by immigration, pushing up rents and making us poorer by the day. We are being returned to serfdom. The government and the Bank of England are pushing us down, and this vote was the only way we had to hit back at them.

Poverty. Austerity. Anxiety. Inequality. If you complain about any of these, you are a “racist.”

For me it was about sovereignty; the ability to make our own decisions and not be ruled by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. I did not like being marched into ever-more-oppressive super-state that no one ever sought my opinion over. Even if the economy falters, we needed to regain control of our country so we can once again make our own decisions and take action to rectify the problems. It was about regaining a say into our own destiny.


I want an independent Britain that trades and lives peacefully with its European neighbors, but is not ruled by them. I want a government that listens to the needs of ordinary people and not just those of the middle class elite in London.


refugees 01As a senior citizen, I resented how the pro-remain people said my vote to leave was selfish and of less value than a young person’s vote. They said I owed something to young people, and that I should think about their future. Well, I did think about their future. I wanted a future in which a free and independent nation was again able to make its own decisions unencumbered by Brussels. Younger people even suggested that we seniors should not be allowed to vote. So much for democracy.


I voted “leave” to support the UK fishing industry. The EU sets a quota for the maximum amount of fish that can be taken out of UK territorial waters. UK fishermen are only allowed 30% of the quota. The rest of the fish in UK territorial waters are taken by foreigners. The “remain” people blocked fishermen’s protests in the Thames River. They shouted insults at working class men who are just trying to provide for their families. The entire “remain” campaign consisted of lies, sneakiness, and foul play.


Maybe now the U.K. can start producing quality cars and machinery again. Manufacturing has died since we joined the EU with all its rules and regulations.

“Leave” voters resented the EU’s tyranny, arrogance, and neoliberalism. 

On the day of the vote, I hesitated when I saw people’s reactions on Facebook. Around 98% of my Facebook friends strongly favored “remain.” At our staff briefing the head-teacher talked about it being a bad day. All my colleagues voted remain. So I’ve had to keep my vote private.

I oppose the secret TTIP discussions. Also I feared that the EU would insist that we privatize the National Health Service. Furthermore I didn’t like the lies from the remain camp who claimed that our workers’ rights only existed because the EU gave them to us. Our rights were won by local trade unions. They were not given to us by the EU.

The “remain” camp continually implied that anyone who disagreed with them was a right-wing bigot. They took this way too far. They considered us racists for wanting to make our own decisions for our own country.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Treasurer George Osborne’s threat to cut £30 billion from public services if we displeased him by voting the wrong way. This was blackmail. I decided to call his bluff.

Senior figures in the Labour Party have demanded that the parliament overturn the referendum result. David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, said: “We can stop this madness and end the nightmare through a vote in parliament. The referendum was an advisory, non-binding referendum. Let us not destroy our economy on the basis of lies and the hubris of Boris Johnson.”

Wolfgang Schauble, the finance minister of the European Union, says the EU should punish the UK with trade barriers so that everyone sees the consequences of defying Brussels.

By the way, the corporate media outlets claim that an online petition for a second referendum has 3.9 million signatures and counting. This petition is a hoax staged by trolls on 4chan, an English-language image-board website that is the subject of routine pranks and hoaxes. 39,000 signatures supposedly came from Vatican City (population 800). 23,788 came from North Korea, one of the world’s least internet-connected countries.   30,000 signatures supposedly came from Ghana. The trolls have bragged about using bots and other tricks to create millions of false signatures, but the corporate media outlets continue to claim that the fake petition is real.

As three million people sign a petition for a second EU referendum we ask – could it actually happen? UK Telegraph

Petition for Second Brexit Referendum Draws 2 Million Signatures Time

EU referendum petition signed by more than 2.5m  BBC

Petition to hold second EU referendum reaches 2.5m signatures … The Guardian

Brexit petition hits TWO MILLION as Brits call on Parliament to force … The Mirror

Brexit: Second Referendum Petition Gains More than 1 Million … Newsweek

It’s all a hoax.

But remember, the item below is not a hoax. Right? RIGHT?



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5 Responses to Voices from the U.K.

  1. coolslim says:

    I voted leave, I feel that the way Greece and other countries have been treated by the EU is despicable. When I brought this up with people I know who voted remain, they told me that the people of Greece are ‘lazy parasites who deserve to be crushed’.

    So much for remain voters being ‘tolerant’!


    • Many people say they did not like the nastiness of the referendum. However most of the nastiness (by far) came from the “remain” side. They shouted at people who wanted independence, condemning them as racists, xenophobes, and so on. They said senior citizens should not be allowed to vote. They said the EU was a force for love and compassion. They project their blazing hatred onto their victims, claiming that people who voted for Independence only did so out of hate.

      “Remainers” justify their general hatred by condemning Greeks, for example, as lazy parasites.

      Germans likewise disparage Greeks. Germans are appallingly self-righteous. Because of their holo-hoax fable, they imagine that they have a sense of exalted morality. They whine about Greeks getting “bailouts,” when Germans know that only bankers get bailed out (many of them in Germany).

      Swedes also condemn Greeks as lazy.

      The reality is that among the few Greeks who still have jobs, they work more hours per week (on average) than do any other people in Europe, including Germany. Greeks work an average of 42 hours per week, whilst Germans work only 35. Figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that the average German works 1,408 hours a year, whilst the average Greek works 2,017 hours per year. Thus, Greeks work 30% harder than do Germans. Also, Greeks take fewer holidays than do workers in Germany, France or Sweden.

      Are Greeks “living beyond their means”? Yes, because of the euro scam, led by Germany. Greece has a trade deficit, and cannot create its money out of thin air. This makes Greece a host for the German debt-parasite.

      Back in the UK the “remainers” are useful idiots for the wealthy bankers, globalists, and neoliberal financiers in the City of London. They are too stupid and spineless to question their owners, but they can scream about “fascists,” even though “remainers” are the most fascist of all. Everyone must bend to the will of the “remainers,” who in turn grovel before their rich owners. They countered the lies of “Project Fear” by claiming that “leave” voters indulged in “Project Hate.”

      We have the same scum here in the USA. Little worms who claim to favor “tolerance,” but are the most intolerant of all.

      I have personally helped many foreign immigrants, i.e. economic refugees from south of the U.S. border. Mexicans and Central Americans. (I speak Spanish.) Half a dozen times I have taken them into my house after they walked 178 miles across the desert from the border. Literally walked 178 miles. Others came here legally, and I let them stay with me, rent-free, until they became established with jobs. In some ways I have been almost a saint to these people. And yet, if I was living in the UK, I would have voted for “leave.” For “remainers” to call people like me a “racist” makes my blood boil.

      Fuck them.


      • Narco-Capitalist says:

        The UK should give an economic stimulus to White British people (with no foreign background) who reproduce with other White British people. That may help bring London and other major back to a White British majority. But yes, I know I am a: racist, xenophobe, Nazi, authoritarian, asshole who is full of hate.


        • Am I pro-immigrant? It depends on the place. I don’t have a big problem with immigrants to the USA from Mexico and Central America, since I speak Spanish, and since most Latinos in my state do not have bad attitudes. If they are not here legally, then they are limited to doing manual labor. They are not causing any housing shortages, nor are they depressing wages — at least where I am.

          The UK, however, is an island nation with high unemployment. Non-white people tend to live in the larger cities, and many of them have bad attitudes because of the local economics. Many white people (who in some places are a minority) think that immigrants are taking all the jobs, and are pushing down wages.

          In any case, if the UK government is going to continue imposing gratuitous austerity (in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest) then I think the UK needs some limits on immigration. I do not think the EU should be allowed to set immigration quotas. Most of all, I think Europe should stop participating on the wars and the neoliberalism that create immigrants in the first place.


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