The physics of money


The 53-minute video at the bottom of this post describes a hidden order in the cosmos, with mathematical constants everywhere we look. Mathematics is the key to understanding almost everything in the physical universe (but not the mental universe).

If we were inside a computer game, then surfaces in the game would consist of various combinations of the numbers 0 and 1. They would be mathematical constructs. Everything inside the computer game would be composed of numbers and equations. Yet the numbers would be physical for us, and as solid as stone.

Most mathematicians say that the physical universe is a kind of computer game, in which the perceived physical solidness of objects is a product of mathematical laws, just like the perceived physical solidness of “objects” inside a computer game. In both a computer game and the physical universe, the closer you look at anything, the more you see its mathematical “coding.”

The image that you now see on your computer monitor consists of pixels, each of which has three numbers that determine the pixel’s amount of red, blue, and green. Together the pixels create a mosaic that you interpret as words and images.

For people like Max Tegmark, a Physics Professor of MIT, mathematics doesn’t just describe physical reality; it is physical reality. Mathematics is the essence of physical reality. The physical world doesn’t have some mathematical properties; it has only mathematical properties.

I would not go that far, since numbers only have meaning in the human mind, just as the pixels in your computer monitor only have meaning in your mind. But I do agree that the perceived solidness of the physical world is a product of mathematical laws, just as the solidness of the world inside a computer game is a product of mathematical laws. The actual “stuff” or essence of things inside a computer game is mathematically coded electricity. The actual “stuff” or essence of things in the physical universe is mathematically coded…what? Mind? Consciousness? God? Pick your label.

Where am I going with this?

Mathematicians and physicists agree that a number 2, for example, is a mental concept that does not exist physically. No one has ever seen the number 2, but we can represent the number with a mark that looks like this: “2.” It is the same with all numbers.

Incredibly, mathematicians and physicists do not take the next logical step, which is to see that money (like numbers) is not physical, and is a purely mental concept. Therefore money (like numbers) is infinite in supply.

No one has ever seen a dollar, or seen his own bank account. They are mental constructs. What we see in the physical world are marks that represent numbers and money and bank accounts.

Thus, for nations whose governments create their spending money out of thin air, no government program can ever become “unsustainable” unless politicians arbitrarily decide to cut a program’s funding.

This should be obvious to everyone, yet few people grasp it. Even the best physicists and mathematicians fail to grasp it. The people who do grasp it tend to be liars and swindlers, such as bankers and politicians – or else they are people like you, who manage to retain their childlike genius.

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