The blitz is on


The corporate media outlets are owned by the rich, who don’t want the U.K. to break free of the European Union. If you want to enslave a continent, it’s easier to do it through something like the E.U. than it is to enslave 28 separate countries. For example, the TTIP is mainly being negotiated with the E.U.

Therefore the corporate media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic have mounted a last-minute blitz against a Brexit. They have doubled their fear mongering, and they are claiming that “Remain” and “Leave” are neck-and-neck, so that no one will question the final vote when it is rigged to show that the Remain side “won.”


Here is USA Today:

The odds on British voters choosing to leave Europe in Thursday’s referendum were always fairly long, but have gotten longer after last week’s assassination of a pro-European Union Member of Parliament.

They mean Labor Party MP Jo Cox, who was pro-EU, and pro-war. Cox wanted NATO to destroy Syria’s government in order to “protect Syria’s children.” Despite her madness, Time called her an “outspoken humanitarian.”

It was far from certain even before the assassination that the Leave campaign would actually convince voters to make the leap into the dark that “Brexit” would entail.

The U.K. existed long before the EU, and would continue to exist if it broke free of the EU.

In a similar situation two years ago, Scottish voters backed off from the consequences of a split with England as a referendum on independence lost by more than 10 points. 

I believe the Scottish independence vote (18 Sep 2014) was rigged, just as the U.K. independence vote will be rigged. Politicians work for the rich, who oppose a Brexit. In referendums, the “results” are whatever politicians say they are.


British voters have few compelling reasons to leave the EU, aside from the vexed issue of immigration.

Few compelling reasons? Here’s an editorial that mentions some reasons…

Imagine an American Union office based in Buenos Aires.

Americans wouldn’t like having unelected foreign bureaucrats dictating U.S. tax, immigration and regulatory policies.

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union, responsible for 60% of U.S. laws, telling us we couldn’t deport criminals or control our borders.

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union dictating that we could no longer buy food by the pound, but had to buy it in kilos because in Latin America food is measured in kilos. (The EU tells Britain that everything from tomatoes to butter to flour must be sold in kilos.)

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union dictating how many hours a week we are allowed to work.

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union setting our standards for cars and trucks. (That’s what the EU does to Britain with its numerous automobile directives.)

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union that is dedicated to erasing U.S. national identity and national sovereignty.

Just as the U.S. wouldn’t want to live under an American Union, and declared freedom from England 240 years ago, Britain now wants to declare freedom from the EU.


And then there are David Cameron’s and George Osborne’s threats to punish the British masses with increased austerity if the masses don’t vote the way their rich owners want them to.

Quite simply, average people worldwide are sick of the status quo. They are sick of becoming poorer each day, which the rich get richer. They are sick of one candidate winning the popular vote (e.g. Bernie Sanders) while a hated candidate wins the rigged vote. They are sick of lesser-of-two-evils-ism.

Back to USA Today:

Win or lose, the Brexit referendum has already changed the trajectory of Europe’s future, putting an end to the idea of a United States of Europe.

Wrong. The EU was only the start of the globalization process. The finish will be the TTIP Treaty (favored by the EU) which will make corporations supreme, and will erase national sovereignty.

By the way, Cameron and Osborne say that a “Brexit” would destroy the U.K. economy. If that was true, then we would see changes in the bond markets. In a panicking bond market, interest rates rise, because investors demand more compensation for buying risky bonds. In reality, British government bond yields are falling. Ten-year gilts (British Treasury securities) now carry a yield of only 1.1%, which is well below the yields of equivalent U.S. Treasury bonds.

Cameron and Osborne are liars. Everyone knows this, but it doesn’t matter what everyone knows. What matters are the vote results, which will probably be rigged. The wealthy globalists are so panicked by a Brexit that they must rig the referendum. I will be extremely surprised if the “Leave” side wins.

The referendum will be this Thursday 23 June. A third of the way into it, before any votes are counted, the media outlets will start claiming (falsely) that the “Remain” votes have won. This lie will reach a crescendo at 5:00 PM local time (12:00 noon U.S. Eastern Time). The polls will close at 10:00 PM (5 PM U.S. Eastern Time).

When the “Remain” side is announced as the winner, David Cameron and all the other elitist assholes will praise average Britons for “coming to their senses.” They will say that “reason and prudence” won the day. Life will return to “normalcy.” The rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to get poorer. There will be more wars, more austerity, more poverty, more inequality, more pollution, more worship of Israeli atrocities, and so on.


Lawrence Summers, super elitist, doesn’t want any threat to his privileges. He repeats David Cameron’s excrement…

Brexit would be the worst self-inflicted policy wound by a G-7 country since the formation of the G-7 40 years ago. It is a risk no that prudent policymaker would take. It would unsettle the global economy and tip the world into recession. The damage would be irreversible. Markets would suffer extraordinary volatility, leading to a Black Friday. Foreign investors in British stocks would lose 15 percent off the bat. There would be systemic risk. A Brexit would undermine confidence and increase uncertainty. Businesses would hold off on new investment, and would decide it is much safer to base European operations outside the U.K. Prudence dictates the avoidance of needless risk. Remain is the only rational economic choice.

Anyone who believes these liars say is a fool. These same liars predicted that the U.K. would be doomed if the U.K. didn’t sacrifice its monetary sovereignty and adopt the euro.


The rich globalists fear that Brexit would lead to the unraveling of their campaign to enslave the planet. Here’s the New York Times:

A Brexit would be very bad for Europe, and disastrous for Britain. All economic models predict terrible long-term consequences for the British economy. It would increase the probability of another Scottish independence referendum. The economic and financial shock would darken the E.U. economic outlook considerably. Other populist and anti-E.U. parties across the continent would try to copy the political strategy of establishing a link between E.U. membership and – to them – unacceptable levels of net migration. If anti-immigration sentiment is capable of taking the U.K. out of the E.U., there is no guarantee that it would also not fuel the departures of other member states.


Finally, here is some total bullshit from Bloomberg…

Anthony Mansell, the only British barista at a Costa Coffee shop near London’s financial district, worries about what might happen if the U.K. votes to leave the European Union. All his co-workers are from other EU countries, including Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Nonsense. Bloomberg is claiming that a vote to break free of the E.U. is a vote to deport all non-Britons.

The U.K. employs 2.2 million workers from elsewhere in the EU, including strawberry pickers, truck drivers, construction workers, hotel cleaners and sandwich makers. With unemployment running at 5 percent, the lowest since 2005, businesses say they could face staff shortages if the U.K. votes to leave the EU in next week’s referendum and ends the free movement of labor.

Unemployment is at five percent? In what country? And even if there were “staff shortages,” it would give more power to workers, whose wages would rise. Moreover a vote to leave the E.U. would not “end the free movement of labor.” Instead, it would let the U.K. (not the E.U.) decide on the movement of labor.

These clowns make up whatever they like.

But I don’t blame them. I blame readers who actually believe this garbage.


The media outlets are claiming that the “Remain” side was given a huge boost by the murder of Helen Joanne “Jo” Cox. Why? Because Thomas Mair, the alleged killer, supposedly said “Britain first!” as he attacked Cox. There is no proof that Mair said this. No recording. Nothing but the claims of the BBC, which were repeated by all the other corporate media outlets.

Cox mem


Germans hate the Greeks, and call them lazy. Britons hate Russians, and call them aggressive. The French hate everyone. But when a state holds a referendum to actually leave the E.U., then suddenly “we are all Europeans.”

Maybe one day in the distant future, Europeans will actually feel “European,” as opposed to feeling French, British, German, or Italian.

But until that day, the E.U. has no choice. It must be tyrannical and bureaucratic.

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4 Responses to The blitz is on

  1. coolslim says:

    My dad even told me that the UK only became rich after the formation of the EU in 1993.


    • What is his proof of that?

      By the way, as a Briton, what do you think of this issue? For me it is not about immigrants. It’s about global enslavement by the rich.

      I just added a picture to the end of the post above.


  2. Narco-Capitalist says:

    Have you seen John Oliver’s take on this issue?


    • Yes. Oliver opposes a Brexit, because he is the corporations’ bitch.

      His show is on HBO, which is owned by Time Warner, a multinational corporation that opposes a Brexit. If Oliver told the truth, he would be fired.

      Hillary, Obama, David Cameron, George Osborne, Paul Krugman, Larry Summers, the globalists, the assholes pushing the TPP and TTIP, all the top bankers and financiers, all the corporate media outlets — all of the worst-of-the-worst oppose a Brexit.

      That’s all I need to know.

      Oliver thinks Americans are too stupid to understand what’s happening. For the most part, he is correct.

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