An Empire that “cares”

stop hate 03Today the criminal bankers, financiers, warmongers, and establishment politicians in Europe are resting a bit easier.

For a while it looked like average Britons might actually vote for the U.K. to leave the European Union. Such a “Brexit” would have complicated things like the TTIP, which will reduce hundreds of millions of Europeans to poverty. (Switzerland, by the way, has withdrawn its application to join the EU).

On 16 June 2016 the evil Empire was saved when Helen Joanne “Jo” Cox was shot to death outside a public library. Ms. Cox was a member of the British parliament, and she opposed a Brexit.

Thomas Mair, 52, has been accused of shooting and stabbing her. He was a reclusive gardener with a history of psychiatric problems.

Since the corporate media outlets are part of the evil Empire, they oppose a Brexit, and are therefore claiming (with no proof) that Thomas Mair shouted “Britain first!” as he allegedly killed Helen Cox. The media outlets are claiming that Mair was anti-immigrant, and that he had alleged “links to white supremacists.”

In other words, Thomas Mair is “Hitler.” Therefore anyone who favors a Brexit is “Hitler.”

The evil Empire seeks to enslave anyone who is not rich, regardless of his or her race or ethnicity. But when the peasants looked like they might vote for a Brexit, the Empire suddenly “cared” about racism, and about the refugees that the Empire creates with its wars.  The Satanic, warmongering, genocidal, planet-killing Empire is as evil as ever, but it “cares.”

Many liberal blogs are echoing the Empire’s lies. They say that the pro-Brexit people are racists, and that everyone should therefore vote against a Brexit (so they can remain the slaves of the Empire).

The Empire’s media outlets are all exploiting this. Tomas Mair-Hitler. Mair-racist. Mair-evil. Mair-Brexit. Brexit-Hitler. Brexit-EVIL.

stop hate 05

Since Mair reportedly had a history of mental problems, he would be a perfect patsy for the Empire to turn public opinion against a Brexit.

Who gave Thomas Mair a gun in the first place? This was the first killing of a sitting MP for more than a quarter of a century.

The U.K. Guardian claims that when Thomas Mair was asked his name in court, he gave it as “death to traitors; freedom for Britain.” How convenient. Did he actually say that? If he did, was he instructed to say it by his attorney Keith Allen, so that Mair could claim an insanity defense (and also derail the Brexit campaign)?

Ms. Cox was with the Labor Party whose leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is anti-Brexit. Corbyn says that Ms. Cox was killed by a “well of hatred.”

stop hate 08Every representative of the Empire is exploiting this. Obama personally phoned Cox’s husband from Air Force One to offer his condolences. Prime Minister David Cameron said society must redouble its efforts to embrace the values of tolerance and community that Cox stood for. (Translation: “Vote STAY in the referendum!”)

stop hate 09

Four days before Ms. Cox was killed, a gunman in Orlando FL allegedly killed 50 people, including himself, and wounded another 53 in a homosexual nightclub called “Pulse.”

The Empire is exploiting this too. (But it “cares.”)

The assailant was identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, an American citizen born to parents of Afghan background. His victims were mostly young Latino males.

Witnesses said Mr. Mateen was a regular patron of the nightclub, and that he had used gay dating websites in the past. However the FBI claims that shortly before Mr. Mateen opened fire, he called 9-1-1 and swore allegiance to U.S.-backed terrorist mercenaries (i.e. “ISIS”™).

A former coworker said Mateen voiced “hatred of gays, minorities, and (gasp!) Jews.

How much of this is accurate? We don’t know, but something about it stinks. Mr. Mateen became a person of interest to the FBI in May 2013 and July 2014. The 2013 investigation was opened after he made “inflammatory” comments to coworkers about having family connections to al-Qaeda and being a member of Hezbollah. That’s a red flag, since al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are mortal enemies of each other. Either Mateen lied or the FBI is lying.

The CIA says there are no links between Mr. Mateen and “ISIS.”™

A police academy classmate named Susanne Coburn Laforest told the Wall Street Journal that Mateen threatened to shoot his classmates at a cookout “after his hamburger touched pork, in violation of Muslim laws.”

“Evil Muslims!”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu suggests that Mateen did it to benefit Palestinians. He said, “Islamic terror threatens the entire world and all enlightened nations need to unite in order to fight against it.”

stop hate 10

That sign above is fake (I added it) but you get the idea.

John McCain says Obama is “directly responsible” for Orlando shooting “because he pulled everybody out of Iraq.” (There are still over 5,000 U.S. military personnel in Iraq.)

Glenn Greenwald describes how right-wingers exploit events like the Orlando shootings.

Decorate the GCHQ headquarters or the Tel Aviv city hall with the LGBT’s rainbow flag colors, and suddenly mass surveillance and decadeslong military occupation seem liberal. Choose militaristic U.S. presidents who represent social milestones of race and gender, and suddenly their militarism strikes liberals as tolerable, and even inspiring. Pretend that the war on Afghanistan is about feminism, and aggression toward Iran is about protecting LGBTs, and watch liberals melt with appreciation.

For most liberals the only topics that matter are racism and gay rights.

The Empire exploits this. By pretending to “care” about racism and gay rights, the Empire gets away with enslaving the planet.  What are the TPP, TISA, and TTIP compared to the importance of gay rights?

Here is Hillary:

On Sunday, Americans woke up to a nightmare that’s become familiar. Another act of terrorism in a place no one expected. A madman filled with hate, with guns in his hands, and just a horrible sense of vengeance and vindictiveness in his heart, apparently consumed by rage against LGBT Americans, and by extension, the openness and diversity that defines our American way of life.

cackleYou go girl! Defend “LGBT Americans” as you enslave them on behalf of Wall Street.

We know that he pledged allegiance to ISIS, that they are now taking credit and that part of their strategy is to radicalize individuals and encourage attacks against the United States…

As you can see, the Empire will exploit any tragedy to further its neo-feudal aims.

We should pray for everyone who was killed, for the wounded, those who are fighting to regain their lives and futures, for our first responders who walked into danger one more time. As a mother, I can’t imagine what those families are going through.

But Hillary can imagine murdering countless people in Libya, Syria, and so on.

Here was Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State…


Yes indeed. The Empire “cares.”

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2 Responses to An Empire that “cares”

  1. coolslim says:

    I talked to a guy yesterday about the referendum, he argued that we should stay in the EU, because we don’t know what it might be like outside of the EU.

    A very risk averse attitude.


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