Right-wing “leftists”

The U.K. Independent is owned by Alexander Lebedev, one of the Russians who became a billionaire oligarch after the USSR collapsed. Mr. Lebedev also owns the London Evening Standard newspaper.

Articles in the Independent often take a superficially “Leftist” slant in order to promote right-wing causes such as neo-feudal project to privatize everything.

EXAMPLE: the Independent has an article titled “Lexit: A Plea to My Friends Who Want Lexit – This Is Not the Time.”

The right-wing author poses as a “Leftist” in an attempt to convince actual Leftists that they should vote alongside the financial right-wingers for the U.K. to remain part of the EU.

Put another way, the author poses as a “populist” in the hope of convincing authentic populists that they should support the anti-populist EU nightmare.

So, right away we get a whiff of bullshit strong enough to sting our noses.

I’m not a great fan of the EU. Virtually all of my life is spent campaigning against its policies. Whether it be big business trade deals like the EU-US trade deal TTIP, the destructive austerity imposed on Greece or inhumane pacts with Turkey to keep refugees out of the richest part of the world, there’s not much to like.

But, he says, Britons should nonetheless support the EU, the TTIP, and the globalists, because Europeans can better fight the globalists “together” — i.e. from under the globalists’ heel. In order to walk away from their dungeon, it is better to walk away while they are trapped inside the dungeon, rather than walk away from the outside.

Such bullshit doesn’t just sting our noses. It makes us dizzy and nauseous.

There have been times over the last year when I could even have been converted to Brexit, most notably as Greece was sent into oblivion by an unelected commission and central bank. The principle reason I haven’t is that I prefer the idea of being a European citizen to being a British subject.

Disgusting. He supports the destruction of Greece so he can feel like a “European.”

By the way, does this happen to you? You’ll be surfing the web, and you start reading an article that seems reasonable at first, but halfway into the first paragraph you stop and think, “WTF? What is this blog anyway?” You scroll to the top of the page, and you see it. “Oh. The Independent. No wonder it’s bullshit!”

Being European seems to distance me from the crimes committed on the world by the British Empire.

Cute. In order to “distance himself” from the crimes of the British Empire, he supports the crimes of the globalist neo-feudal empire.

The bullshit gets deeper by the minute.

When a progressive British government is halted in its steps in the way Greece was last Summer, then I would conceivably vote Brexit. But that day is not today.

Here he moves from the nauseating level of bullshit into the deeper, asphyxiating level. The SYRIZA politicians in Greece have never been “progressive.” Quite the opposite. They have always been neo-feudal. They have always supported austerity and the euro scam. That’s why they were installed by the bankers. I called SYRIZA a bunch of liars from the day they took power (26 Jan 2015), and I was correct. The bankers installed right-wing thieves who called themselves “radical leftists” so that the bankers could continue raping the Greek masses.

An exit from the EU on 23 June would represent possibly the most right-wing exit imaginable. Even a fanatical optimist cannot believe that the values of internationalism and equality will be reinforced by a Brexit in these circumstances.

Like all right-wingers, this creep inverts reality into its opposite at every turn. Since the EU is a hideous right-wing scam to eliminate national sovereignty, he claims that a left-wing exit from the right-wing scam is a “right wing exit.”

I only mention this article because it has been reprinted in several “progressive” blogs, which shows how labels are all-important. It does not matter how right-wing you are. As long as you call yourself a “Leftist,” the masses will believe that you are a “Leftist” — e.g. SYRIZA and Obama. It does not matter how neo-feudal and anti-socialist you are. As long as you call yourself a “socialist,” the masses will believe that you are a “socialist” — e.g. François Hollande of France.

Why? Because labels are all-important. If you are a benevolent leader, and the corporate media outlets label you a “dictator,” then the Western masses regard you as a dictator.

The masses claim that they don’t believe the corporate media outlets, when in fact they believe everything they are told. Why? Labels. “Dictator.” “Terrorist.” “Socialist.” “Zimbabwe.” “Human rights violations.” “National Security.” “Israeli Defense Force.” (sic)

The leaders of the Brexit campaign are prepared to do anything and say anything to win this referendum.

No, moron, that’s the anti-Brexit creeps you are talking about. Desperate to preserve their enslavement of the masses, they falsely claim that freedom (a Brexit) would destroy England.

Our role must be to convince Britain’s alienated and dispossessed that the ordinary people of Poland, Greece and France are not our enemies, but our allies in this battle. We will transform or break up this structure together.

ASSHOLE! Pro-Brexit Britons have nothing against the ordinary people of Poland, Greece or France. What they oppose are the lying, unelected, parasitic, and tyrannical EU bureaucrats in Brussels. They oppose being part of a union that saddles them with burdens without offering them benefits.

We can simplify this whole topic. How do we know that a Brexit would be a good thing? Because Obama, Hillary, Wall Street, David Cameron, George Osborne, and corporations like Monsanto oppose it, as do the neocons and the NATO warmongers, plus Goldman Sachs, and all the other big bankers.

The elitists oppose a Brexit because it might cause the EU and NATO to unravel, and it might complicate the TTIP project to privatize the planet. A Brexit certainly would not be good for the globalists. Notice the acceptance that Monsanto, GMOs and glyphosate get from the EU, but not from member countries like France. French law conflicts with EU law, which is essentially corporate law. Such conflicts are why the Brexit issue exists in the first place.

A “Leave” vote can change everybody’s mentality and convince others to disbelieve the lies. It would influence people in other countries across the world.

But will the “Leave” side actually win? I doubt it. In Western countries, referendums are almost always rigged. Even when they are not rigged, governments simply ignore the results. On 5 July 2015 the Greek masses voted in a referendum to stop submitting to the bankers and austerity. The SYRIZA government ignored them, and continued to impose austerity.

In any case, the peasantry prefers their torture dungeon to the world outside. They are told that if they vote for a Brexit, then the UK will enter “uncharted waters” full of dragons. It’s all lies, but the peasants prefer slavery to the unknown. They like the feeling of things being familiar and certain, even when things are agonizing. That’s why they are peasants. Even when they overthrow a tyrannical king, and they vow to never again have a king , they quickly revert to wanting another king. That’s what peasants do. It is their nature.

Definition of a peasant: A person who prefers agony, poverty, and slavery to the unknown.

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