When lies backfire

Brexit 02On 23 June 2016 the U.K. will have a referendum. People can vote for the U.K. to remain in the European Union, or leave the EU.

The “Leave” camp has generated momentum by focusing on immigration. They say the U.K. will not have to accept so many immigrants if the U.K. ceases to be subject to EU laws.

British Finance Minister George Osborne opposes the “Brexit,” because it might start a domino effect that could demolish the EU — and with it, the supreme power of bankers and financiers. A “Brexit” could set in motion forces that could lead to the dismantling of the elites’ plan to abolish national sovereignty, and privatize everything.  A “Brexit” could threaten the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is the ultimate in neo-feudalism. It could even threaten the euro.

Therefore Osborne says that if the referendum result is “leave,” he will punish the U.K. masses with an “emergency budget” consisting of £30 billion ($42.6 billion) in tax hikes and spending cuts.

Brexit 04Osborne claims that he will be forced to close schools, cut more funding from the National Health Service, cut funding for military contractors, and impose higher duties on fuel and alcohol, in order to plug a £30 billion “black hole” in public finances that will be caused by a “Brexit.”

This is a lie. There will be no “black hole.” The U.K. government creates its spending money out of thin air.

Osborne also claims that a “Brexit” would cause housing prices to fall by 18% across the U.K., and would cause the cost of mortgages to rise. He says that most jobs would be wiped out, and the U.K. would go into a recession.

In short, he claims that a “Brexit” would destroy the U.K.

David Cameron says the same thing.

All lies.

Osborne is desperate, because he knows that the masses are tired of austerity, and tired of being dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The masses think that immigrants are putting downward pressure on wages, and they are terrified of the TTIP.

The Brussels eurocrats have a boundless desire for more power. They want to have their own military, their own border patrol, and their own police force to crush protesters. They want to outlaw “hate speech” such as questioning the euro, or questioning austerity, or imperialism, or questioning the “holocaust”™ lie. They want to force 508 million people in the European Union to use government-issued ID cards if they want to log onto social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Brexit 01The eurocrats favor big fishing corporations by imposing limits on what individual fisherman can take from the sea. This has ruined many individual fishermen in the U.K. In 1995 there were about 20,000 fishermen. Today, because of the eurocrats, that figure has been cut almost in half, and it continues to drop.

Osborne says that a “Leave” vote would cause pensioners to lose £32,000 per year. This is the opposite of reality (as are all his lies). The unelected Brussels eurocrats favor big insurance companies by requiring smaller companies to increase their cash reserves, supposedly to guard against the risk of insolvency. This has driven down the benefits from annuities, which millions of workers must buy in order to turn their private or company pensions into a retirement income.

Brexit 05David Cameron knows that the British masses want out of the EU. Therefore Cameron proposed the referendum in January 2013 as a safety valve. His plan was to rig the referendum so that the “remain” vote won, and the masses stopped complaining about the EU.

However Cameron’s scam went awry. If 60% of the masses want out, then you can rig the referendum to show that only 49% wanted out. But if 90% of the masses want out, your vote-rigging becomes too obvious.

That’s why Cameron and Osborne are desperate. Osborne is pleading with U.K. voters not to “impose” a £30 billion tax hike and spending cut on themselves by voting to leave. “If we walk through that door, there will be no coming back! It’s going to be a one-way exit!!!!”

“GOOD!” respond the U.K. masses.

“A Brexit would only be good for the rich,” Osborne pleads. “People on lower and middle incomes will lose their jobs!”

“LIAR!” respond the U.K. masses.

The “Leave” side says the U.K. government sends £350 million per week to the eurocrats in Brussels. The “Stay” side says yes, but the eurocrats give some of it back.

The financial elitists are desperate. Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan, says that if U.K. voters approve a “Brexit,” he will lay off 4,000 U.K. employees. (JP Morgan employs 16,000 people in the UK.)

Hillary and Obama oppose a “Brexit,” since they work for the financiers. Obama went to the U.K. to beg the masses to vote “stay.”

Trump, however, favors a “Brexit,” and he will arrive in the U.K. the day after the referendum.  

The fear mongering has become comical. In the USA, corporate media outlets are warning that if the “Leave” side wins, then Trump will become the U.S. president.

The U.K. masses do not believe any of this garbage. As a result, Osborne’s threat of an “emergency budget” has backfired so badly that Osborne has lost his chance to ever become Prime Minister. Indeed, 65 parliamentarians in Osborne’s own Conservative Party are so embarrassed that they pledged to block Osborne’s “emergency budget.” The parliamentarians wrote this in a letter to Osborne that the “Leave” campaign got hold of and publicized, thereby neutralizing Osborne’s threat.

Still, the elitists have not yet lost. They can rig the referendum, or they can order another referendum, and another until the peasants vote “correctly.” Moreover, even if the “Brexit” side wins, the European Treaty says that the U.K. cannot leave the EU nightmare for two years, which is plenty of time to checkmate an actual “Brexit.”

Brexit 03On the other hand, everyone knows that Osborne is threatening them with an immediate “emergency budget” to deal with something that will not happen for at least two years.

Osborne’s lies have morphed into a monster. Most people are predicting that he and Prime Minister David Cameron will not survive this political fiasco.


draft 01If the United States was attacked militarily, there would be no shortage of volunteers to defend it.

Therefore military conscription in the USA is unjust and unnecessary. Its only purpose is to make rich people richer.

The USA drafted men in both World Wars, plus the U.S. wars on Korea and Vietnam. In 1975 the U.S. government ended conscription, but mandated that all males aged 18 to 25 must continue to register with the Selective Service, in case our owners (i.e. the rich) decide to draft them. “All males” means both citizens and non-citizens.

On 14 June 2016 the U.S. Senate passed a bill that will require all women ages 18 and 25 to also register with Selective Service.

If you fail to register, you will be denied student loans (such as FAFSA), job training, federal employment, and naturalization. You can also be fined up to $250,000, and imprisoned for up to five years. Plus you will have a federal felony on your record.

These same penalties apply if you knowingly counsel or help anyone to avoid being drafted by their owners (the rich).

The U.S. Constitution says that only the Congress shall have the power to declare war. However U.S. presidents have ignored the Constitution since the end of World War II. And since the U.S. President now has the power to assassinate (or imprison for life) any U.S. citizen any place, any time, without any charge, a draft could be used to set Americans against each other.

draft 03During World War One, men who were drafted, but who refused to go and die (to make rich people richer) were imprisoned in military facilities like Fort Lewis (Washington State), Alcatraz Island (California) and Fort Leavenworth (Kansas).

In prison they were punished with reduced rations, solitary confinement, and physical beatings.

The Sedition Act of 1918 outlawed any criticism of U.S. involvement in World War One. Hundreds of Americans were sent to prison. One person, a woman doctor named Marie Equi, was arrested for giving an anti-war speech in Portland, Oregon, and was convicted after the war was over. She was sentenced to three years in prison. In June 1918, the Socialist Party figure Eugene V. Debs was arrested for speaking against the draft. Debs was sentenced to ten years in prison. In April 1918, industrialist William Edenborn was arrested at his railroad business in New Orleans, LA. Edenborn was accused of speaking “disloyally” when he allegedly belittled the “threat” of Germany to the security of the United States.

During the Second World War, 12,000 men refused to go and die to make rich people richer. They were given a choice of prison, or they could be sent to one of 152 labor camps throughout the USA, plus four camps in Puerto Rico, and one camp in Chungking, China.

Camp inmates had to provide their own food, clothing, and housing, as the federal government refused to do this for them. They had to work nine hours a day, six days a week, and they were subjected to forced medical experimentation. For example, some victims were injected with blood plasma that carried hepatitis, malaria, venereal disease, and so on. Others were forced to drink infected fluids and contaminated water. Others were forced to consume the body wastes of infected inmates.

After the inmates died from these “experiments,” their bodies were dissected so that government “doctors” could study the effects. At one camp, inmates were starved so that “doctors” could observe the effects of malnutrition.

Inmates were not released until 1947, almost two years after the war ended.

During World War II, most police departments in the USA (state, county, and municipal) had lists of people who had been drafted, but who had failed to respond. Police officers energetically pursued draft dodgers, knowing that if they didn’t, and the U.S. government required more victims, then police officers themselves might be drafted to go and die (to make rich people richer). If you were a young, able-bodied male walking down the street, minding your own business, the police would stop you and demand identification, so they could check to see if your name was on the list of draft dodgers.

draft 05All military bases had military police (MPs) who kept order among the troops. MPs outside the USA also watched for deserters, knowing that if they didn’t, and the U.S. government required more victims, then the MPs themselves would have to go and die (to make rich people richer).

If you walked away from a combat unit, you would have to live by your wits in a hostile country whose language you didn’t speak. Sooner or later you would encounter U.S. military personnel. If you would not identify yourself, and explain what you were doing there, you were given to the MPs, who would make a brutal example of you, and then give you a choice of jail, or else go and die (to make rich people richer).

If the U.S. government instituted a draft, would it actually draft women? I don’t know, but forcing women to register is another way that the rich can keep track of their property (us). Selective Service information is given to private creditors who have no scruples. They are equal opportunity slavers who sacrifice to the One True God (monetary profit).

draft 04The measure concerning women is in the military spending bill for fiscal year 2017, which begins on 1 Oct 2016. The Senate version requires women to register with selective Service, but the House version does not. The two houses must now haggle and horse-trade in order to arrive at a final bill. We don’t yet know if the women feature will be kept or not.

In any case, I think that military conscription for anyone in the USA is unjust and unnecessary.

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5 Responses to When lies backfire

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    The irony of a rich man (Edenborn) being persecuted for speaking against something that benefits the rich and powerful. I guess the club turned against him for being so blasphemous.


    • Our harshest punishments are always given to traitors. Consider Jewish militants. They despise the Goyim, but their harshest attacks are on “self-hating Jews” (i.e. traitors).

      It’s the same with the ultra-rich. Their harshest attacks are on rich people who grow a moral conscience, and thereby become traitors to their class.


  2. Narco-Capitalist says:

    Latest statistics show that people who self-identify as “White British” are a minority in London. Is this in any way something the rich orchestrated? Or did England really need to import many immigrants?


    • I don’t think it was intentional, but it was welcomed by the rich, since racial tension keeps the lower classes divided and conquered.

      Incidentally I have been to the U.K. White people are now the minority in all the biggest cities (London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, and Liverpool.)

      However white people are still the majority in smaller cities and in rural areas.


  3. T. Nelson says:

    The U.S. did not get into WWII for money. To make rich people richer. It got in because it was attacked and all of Europe would be high stepping with brown uniforms if we didn’t get involved. Carry on.


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