Media distortion

Here’s a quick example of how the corporate media outlets distort reality.

Every four years, bankers, rich people, and Wall Street install a U.S. presidential candidate who is guaranteed to expand the wars, increase U.S. support for Israeli atrocities, and widen the gap between the rich and the rest. This time around the chosen scumbag is Hillary.

This is one reason why the rich continually get richer, and the rest continually get poorer.

When the corporate media outlets show “mass rallies” for the chosen candidate, they present the candidate with a few people behind him or her. For all we know, these clowns are paid to be there. We are expected to believe that the few people in the background are part of a vast crowd.

Let’s use Hillary as an example…

media lies 01

















If there is a another candidate that is far more popular, then the corporate media outlets will show him or her in the similar way in order to create the illusion that his or her general popularity is equal to or less than the chosen candidate’s popularity. Here is Sanders…

media lies 02

What the corporate media outlets do not show are the vast crowds that attend the populist candidate’s speeches.

Here is Sanders again, this time with wider angle views. The corporate media outlets will rarely if ever show a wide-angle view of a Hillary speech, since the media outlets don’t want you to know that the venues are almost empty.

The pictures below were taken by ordinary people with their smart phones.

media lies 03media lies 04media lies 05media lies 06media lies 07

The corporate media outlets did the same thing in 2000 with the presidential candidate Ralph Nader. As a third party candidate, Nader filled stadiums, but the media ignored this.

This time around, Sanders is far more popular among average people than is Clinton. Nonetheless, Clinton “won” the primary process, since it is rigged. I could write several blog posts about massive vote fraud and voter suppression in favor of Hillary.

This rigging ensures that Hillary will “win” the White House. It also makes average Americans feel hopeless and lonely, which is exactly how the rich want them to feel. The peasants tried so hard to make a difference by supporting Sanders, only to be “outvoted” in the (rigged) primary process.

Thus, in order to distort reality in favor of the rich, the corporate media outlets lie, and they also control what you see and don’t see.

Here’s another quick example…

Charlie Hebdo 01

Charlie Hebdo 02

Charlie Hebdo 03







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