Hillary’s plans for you (Pt. 3)

The corporate media outlets said Sanders had no chance against Hillary. Now they are saying that Trump has no chance against Hillary. They never stop their bullshit, since people never stop believing it.

Here’s the Washington Post:

“The general election begins with Democrat Hillary Clinton already ahead of Republican Donald Trump on the Road to 270 electoral votes.”

The sad thing is that Hillary remains popular with Blacks and Hispanics, even though they will be screwed by Hillary’s mass-privatization blitz.

exaggerationHillary must privatize, because the TPP, TTIP, and TISA will let corporations sue any government that does not privatize.

The corporations will sue in tribunals that are owned by the corporations, and the rulings cannot be appealed. Corporations will sue against any government-run program that helps average people, calling it “unfair competition,” and a “threat” to corporate profits.

Food Stamps, TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, National Parks, public highways, and whatever else helps average people must be eliminated, since they are a “threat to profits.”

NASA, the NOAA, and most other government agencies will be a “threat to profits.”

Failure to impose mandatory immunization laws nationwide will be a “threat to profits.” Failure to start new wars will be a “threat.” Pollution laws, food safety laws, minimum wage laws, and truth-in-labeling laws will be a “threat.”

case dismissed

The TPP, TTIP, and TISA will change the way things are privatized. Until now, privatization has always been a three-step process.

[1] Defund

[2] Make sure that things don’t work until the peasants become so angry that they beg for privatization.

[3] Hand it to the rich, who then screw the peasants as never before.

Until now this scam required patience, because privatization would become too obvious if it was done too quickly. The best approach was to cut more and more funding each year. For example, the process of privatizing Social Security began in 2011 with funding cuts for the Social Security Administration (SAA). This caused a hiring freeze, which caused phone service to suffer. At present the average caller to SSA’s 800 number can expect to spend over 15 minutes on hold. Ten percent of callers never get through at all.

The cuts also hit SSA field offices, where people can apply for benefits, or replace lost Social Security cards, or report name changes (due to a marriage or divorce, for example).

The funding cuts have caused the SSA to close 64 field offices and 533 mobile offices since 2010, and to reduce hours at remaining offices.

Before the funding cuts, more than 90 percent of applicants could schedule an appointment within three weeks. Today, fewer than half can.

Our economic depression has caused the number of Disability Insurance (DI) applications (and rejections) to rise dramatically, yet SSA lacks the resources to keep up with appeals from rejected applicants. Between 2011 and 2016 the average wait for a hearing rose from 360 days to 540 days (i.e. 1.4 years).

It’s all designed to make the peasants suffer until they beg to be screwed via privatization. And the corporate media outlets cheerlead it.

Also, the number of applicants awaiting a hearing has risen to over 1 million, which is an all-time high. We’re talking about disabled people (many of them horribly disabled) getting no help from a government that can create infinite money out of thin air.

Lack of adequate staff forces the SSA to delay critical behind-the-scenes work necessary to pay benefits accurately and on time, such as awarding widows’ benefits when their spouses die, or adjusting benefits for early retirees and disabled workers. Beneficiaries wait an average of four months for SSA to complete these tasks.

The TSA has had its funding cut too, as part of a plan to privatize it.


In Chile’s privatized Social Security system, administrative costs consume 34 percent of benefit payments. Thus, benefits are automatically cut by 34%. In the USA’s Social Security system, administrative costs are only 1.3 percent of benefit payments. Privatizers call the U.S. system “inefficient,” since it brings no profits for rich people.

But as I say, the TPP, TTIP, and TISA will change the way things are privatized. Anything that isn’t privatized will be labeled a “threat,” which will lead to a lawsuit, presided over by the criminal corporations.

Why do the thieves get away with this every time?

Here is why…

not listening

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2 Responses to Hillary’s plans for you (Pt. 3)

  1. Danny says:

    You are dilusional. If anything, these social programs and grown and will continue to grow.


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