Hillary’s plans for you


What will happen when Hillary privatizes Medicare and Social Security? Chile provides an advanced view. The blood-soaked (and U.S.-backed) dictator Augusto Pinochet privatized Chile’s system in 1981.

Everything below has happened in Chile’s privatized system. Hillary will make sure that the same effects of privatization also happen in the USA.

[1] Pinochet’s forces exterminated 3,065 dissidents, and imprisoned 80,000, torturing 30,000 of them.  Pinochet rewarded his butchers by exempting them from having to participate in the mandatory privatized system. The Chilean government pays for the medical and social security benefits of retired military and police personnel. Hillary too will exempt retired military and police personnel, for the sake of “national security.” It will be their reward for crushing us.

[2] When Hillary privatizes Medicare and Social Security, a third of all FICA tax revenue will be consumed by fees, commissions, and administrative costs. (Just like what happens in the private medical insurance industry.) Each participant in the privatized program will be mailed a quarterly statement that explains what is being done with his or her payments. The statement will be unintelligible, in order to hide the exorbitant fees, commissions, and administrative costs.


[3] Hillary will falsely claim that Social Security is doomed, even though the U.S. government can create infinite money out of thin sir. Everyone will believe her, because everyone refuses to believe the truth about money. The price of such foolishness will be horrific poverty. Hillary will also appeal to the average person’s greed. She will falsely claim that with privatization, retirees will get over twice the benefits they would receive under the previous Social Security system. In reality, retirees will get only 40% of what they had received, while the other 60% will go to the private retirement insurance companies. In the USA this will be over $600 billion per year, which will make the insurance companies so powerful that no politician will be able to stop them from doing whatever they want.

–>Again, this has already happened in Chile. It will also happen in the USA.

[4] Hillary will claim that competition will keep prices down, and benefits high. And indeed, participants at first will be able to choose from one of several different companies to send their FICA taxes to. However, because the dynamic of the market is one of consolidation and concentration, there will be a wave of mergers and acquisitions. The big fish will eat the smaller fish (just like in the banking industry) until there are only two or three gigantic insurance companies remaining. These will cooperate with each other, thereby creating a monopoly, which will let them triple the average American’s mandatory contribution to his retirement insurance. It will also let them cut benefits by two thirds, in order to further boost profits.

Hillary Netanyahu

[5] To further maximize profits, the insurance monopoly will raise the retirement age to 70 or 75, so that most people will die before they can receive any benefits.

[6] As millions of elderly and disabled Americans are reduced to living in cardboard boxes, politicians will admit that “something should be done.” However no politician will actually do anything. If any politician tries, the insurance industry will remove him or her from office by funding his or her opponents.

[7] In 1981 when the Chilean system was privatized, Chilean workers were given a choice to send their tax dollars to a private insurance company, or stay in the government system. This offer was necessary in order to sell privatization. Many Chilean workers opted for the private system, believing the lie that it would bring them more benefits when they retired. When they retire, however, they get a notice from their insurance company informing them they will get only a third of what they were promised, and that benefits will be paid as a (taxable) annuity spread out over 20 years, in order to minimize the monthly benefits received.

Meanwhile the Chilean workers who opted to stay in the government system (back in 1981) get over twice the monthly benefits, which continue until they die.

After 1981, young workers who entered the system had no choice. They were (and still are) required to pay the private insurance companies. Contributions became mandatory. Hillary will probably not offer the same option when she privatizes Social Security. Payments to retirement insurance companies will be mandatory right away, just like payments to health insurance companies are mandatory under Obamacare.

Another reason why there will be no choice is that opponents of privatization will explain to the U.S. public what happened in Chile. For Chileans who remained in the government’s system (back in 1981) the maximum retirement benefit is now equivalent (in Chilean pesos) to about $1,250 a month. To get that same amount from a private pension fund, Chilean workers would have to contribute more than $250,000 over their careers, a target that has been reached by fewer than 500 of the private system’s 7 million past and present contributors.

In other words, among Chileans who believed the lies, and who opted to enter the private system in 1981, only 1 in 14,000 of them get the same retirement benefits as Chilean workers who stayed with the government system.

I repeat that all this will happen because average Americans refuse to believe the truth about money. The price of such foolishness will be horrific poverty. Anyone who votes for Hillary will accelerate the coming catastrophe.


Incidentally the main architect of the privatized Chilean system is José Piñera, who was labor and social security minister from 1978 to 1980 during the blood-soaked (and U.S.-backed) Pinochet dictatorship. Mr. Piñera is now chairman of the International Center for Pension Reform Privatization. He is also co-chairman of the Cato Institute’s Project on Social Security Choice Privatization, and he has been a board member of several Chilean corporations. Mr. Piñera will advise Hillary on how to reproduce the Chilean nightmare in the USA.

[8] The handful of private insurance companies who run the system will make so much money that foreign banks and insurance companies will invest in them, making them bigger, richer, and more powerful than ever. They will increase the FICA tax on workers, and will reduce benefits, and they will protect their monopoly by paying politicians to pass laws that prevent other insurance companies from entering the game. This killing of competition is called the “free market.”

[9] People who are self-employed, or who work seasonally, or in temporary jobs, or who otherwise do not participate in the privatized system will get no retirement benefits at all. At first this will be about 30 percent of workers. As the insurance companies increase the amount of mandatory FICA payments again and again, many workers will be forced out of the system, since they will be unable to pay. Soon, half of the U.S. citizenry will receive no retirement benefits at all.

The private insurance companies won’t care, since their profits will be sustained by workers who make enough money to keep making payments. And politicians won’t care, since the insurance companies will pay them not to care.

Average Americans who vote for Hillary say they do so keep a Republican (Trump) out of office. However Hillary is far more likely to privatize Medicare and Social Security.

73 million Americans have brains. (20% of the population)  They will be dragged down by the other 292 million (80%) who do not. Welcome to the nightmare.

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P.S. A certain someone at a different blog keeps bashing Trump and the Republicans. Like most people in his tribe, he is ultimately a one-issue voter. “What’s best for Israel?”

Answer: Hillary.

Please don’t ask if I am referring to (               ) as I will neither confirm nor deny it.

I myself will vote for Trump, because I despise Hillary. Many Sanders supporters will do the same.

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