Mr. Rogers’ Nonsensehood

rogers 1cT. Rowe Price is an investment firm that offers mutual funds, retirement planning, investment planning, and account management for individuals, institutions, and financial intermediaries.

In short, they work with money.

Brian Rogers is the company’s chairman, chief investment officer, and portfolio manager. Since Brian is managing our accounts, let’s hear what he has to say about the (fake) “national debt crisis.”

I may need to give him a little help. The words in blue are mine.

rogers 1a

We shouldn’t lose sight of a critical trivial issue that the candidates keep ignoring: our ballooning national debt, which is irrelevant. When Hillary takes office in January, she will face a frightening routine fiscal outlook, with budget deficits and our national debt rising as far as the eye can see.

rogers 1bOf course, the U.S. government has no fiscal problems, since it can create infinite money out of thin air, but I call it “frightening” because you idiots believe it. When we rich people want something, the government creates the money for it. When you maggots in the lower classes want something, we say, “How will you pay for it?” In this way we silence you every time.

According to the nonpartisan (i.e. right-wing) Congressional Budget Office, deficits — the difference between spending and revenue in a given year — will begin rising again this year, which means that more money will remain in the economy after taxation. That’s a good thing, but don’t tell anyone. The U.S. government’s deficit is the economy’s surplus, and the U.S. government’s surplus is the economy’s deficit. But don’t tell anyone.

rogers 0That trend will continue thereafter, to more than $1 trillion by 2022 and more than $1.3 trillion by 2026, while our debt grows by more than $10 trillion over the next decade. Or so says the CBO, which promotes neoliberal lies. Actually the deficit in any given year, and the so-called “national debt,” is whatever size the politicians want it to be. Their decisions are 100% political. But don’t let anyone know that.

These numbers seem abstract to most Americans, since no American will ever have to pay a single penny on the “national debt.” The “debt” is simply money that people have put in savings deposits at the Fed.

rogers 1dWorking families that are trying to make ends meet, send their kids to college, and save for retirement do not think the national debt affects their standard of living. But the truth is that it does. Okay I lied. The public debt has no effect on you morons whatsoever. But I claim that it does, so that you idiots will keep sending me payments on your private debt such as student loans. When you squawk about your slavery, I shut you up by saying, “Just be glad that you don’t have to pay on the national debt!”  And you retards believe it!

And now I shall indulge in pure bullshit. As a result of our unsustainable so-called debt level, a typical American could neither lose nor gain about $250,000 in income over a 40-year career, according to analysis by the nonpartisan neoliberal Campaign to Fix the Debt. You know, the creeps that are always lying in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

rogers 1eJust as troubling trivial, as the debt someday drives up interest rates, a family with a $300,000 mortgage can expect to pay at least $60,000 more over the course of the mortgage. Our national debt is not just an abstract number; in fact, its impact will have damaging consequences on our economy and our children’s future. Okay, I lied again. The truth is that interest rates are decided by the Fed, regardless of the size of Fed deposits (i.e. the size of the “national debt”). But I want you to think the U.S. government is living on a credit card issued by China, or by Saudi Arabia, so you will think the U.S. government is “broke.”

rogers 3The more money we spend on interest on the debt, which is the fastest growing part of the federal budget (even though it’s less than six percent of the total on-budget money created out of thin air each year), the less we have available to invest in schools and repair our crumbling roads and bridges — resulting in fewer jobs and a slower economy with lower wages and a lower standard of living.

Damn. I lied again. U.S. dollars are limitless, but I want you to think they are limited, so that you remain in poverty while I live in splendor.

Now is the time for the candidates from both parties to provide more leadership and offer credible plans to put our country on a better fiscal path. Such leadership would entail a massive increase in federal spending, plus laws to ensure that the money goes to you, and doesn’t go to rich liars like me.

rogers 4Many people often treat addressing our national debt and growing our economy as mutually exclusive goals, but they’re not. Adopting targeted spending and revenue reforms to reduce our long-term debt will boost job growth and wages, which in turn improves our fiscal condition. And by “reforms” I mean cuts in social programs that help you, plus increases in social programs that help me. When I and my cronies want another trillion-dollar bailout, you idiots never ask, “How will you pay for it?” You are such losers!

rogers 6What we need now is a responsible plan that calls for gradual changes to decrease spending growth and increase revenue growth over the long run. Whoops. Reverse that. I mean we need spending growth and revenue shrinkage — i.e. lower taxes. A balanced plan would not only increase certainty and improve the country’s fiscal outlook but also accelerate economic growth. This means we must make sure that federal dollars go to Main Street, not to Wall Street.

The debt assets will be there when Hillary takes office, and it will influence every initiative she proposes, since Hillary will lie about it in order to give Medicare and Social Security to thieves like me. So it’s important for the candidates to address this issue during the campaign by outlining the tough choices that need to be made and explaining to voters why fixing this problem is important to the economic security and financial well-being of our country.

We as voters have a responsibility to find out how the candidates would deal with the country’s unsustainable long-term fiscal path. And the candidates have a responsibility to be candid and tell us. And I have a responsibility to stop feeding you this excrement, but I won’t stop, since you morons eat it up!

rogers 2


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