Pressure relief valves

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I apologize for being cynical about this, but if we don’t speak truthfully, we will never improve our situation.

Today (5 June 2016) Swiss voters will decide whether every citizen in Switzerland shall have a government-guaranteed minimum income (i.e. universal Social Security). Every nation should have this, since jobs are being eliminated by offshoring, by robot automation, and by sheer corporate greed.

However the Swiss measure will fail, because average people in Switzerland don’t want it. Reason: they think like peasants, as do average people everywhere else. They hate and envy each other, and they resent the idea of people (other than themselves) getting government money for not working (like rich people get).

(Being a “peasant” is not a material condition, but a state of mind. Not all average people are peasants, but intelligent people are drowned out by the hate-filled mob.)

In order to rationalize their hatred of each other, the peasants refuse to accept the fact that the Swiss government can create infinite Swiss francs out of thin air. Hence they submit to the notion that the basic income would be funded by an (unnecessary) hundred-per-cent consumption tax — in a country that already has one of the world’s highest costs of living.

Big 02This is why pundits and professors get away with lying. They exploit and encourage the peasants’ hatred of each other. When they falsely claim that there is “no money” for free college, the masses accept this lie, because it rationalizes their hatred of each other. Their hatred in turn justifies the lie. This cycle of hatred and delusion among average people is what causes people to remain peasants from cradle to grave.

Big 03In addition to rejecting the facts of monetary sovereignty, the peasants also rationalize their hatred of each other by condemning a basic income as “Marxist,” or “Socialist.”

Many of them spout falsehoods, such as, “If people had a bare minimum subsistence income, then everyone would stop working except for me!”

Or, “I have to pay more taxes so everyone around me can sit on their asses while I toil? Forget it!”

Big 04Their hatred of each other makes them chant mantras such as “There’s no free lunch.” (Except for bankers and rich people.)

Some peasants complain that the basic income would only be for Swiss citizens, not for foreigners, who make up a quarter of the workforce consists of foreigners. These sanctimonious peasants don’t care about foreigners. They’re just rationalizing their hatred of other peasants. The Swiss referendum organizers have proposed 2,500 Swiss francs per month (equal to under U.S. $2,524 per month). This would let Swiss people hire more foreigners.

Big 05How intense is the hatred among Swiss peasants? According to opinion polls in Switzerland (assuming they are not rigged) 70% of Swiss peasants oppose having a basic guaranteed income, and will vote no in today’s referendum.

The top reason given? The peasants say the Swiss government can’t afford it (even though the Swiss government can create infinite money out of thin air).

Big 07The Swiss parliament, which is owned by the rich, is overwhelmingly opposed to the measure. Swiss politicians and corporate media pundits claim that it would destroy the Swiss economy (i.e. it would reduce inequality).

This whole thing is a scam designed to silence the few people in Switzerland who do not think like peasants. That’s why the rich are allowing it. Psychologically and politically, the referendum is a pressure relief valve to pacify the peasants as they are stomped by the rich.

Rich people and their puppet politicians are constantly devising pressure relief valves. Whenever they install a new president or prime minister who calls himself a “liberal” or a “socialist,” this is a pressure relief valve. Once in office, the “leftist” does an about face, e.g. Obama and Hollande (of France).

“See? We held a vote, and you people didn’t want it! So shut up about poverty, inequality, and banker-thieves!”

Big 06Thus functions the pressure relief valve. As the global depression worsens, you will see more and more pressure relief valves. War itself can function as a pressure relief valve.

A similar measure is being discussed in Finland. It too is a scam; a pressure relief valve designed to silence the few average people in Finland who have brains. It too is doomed to fail, since Finland’s peasants (like all peasants) hate each other.

Indeed it is designed to fail. Quite simply the Finnish government (unlike the Swiss government) cannot afford to hand out a basic income. Finland is in a severe recession, and has a huge trade deficit, and cannot create euros out of thin air. Therefore the Finnish government (unlike the Swiss government) must borrow all its money.  By holding a referendum on a basic income, and by making sure that the measure is voted down, the Finnish government will silence the peasants who are being crushed by debt, austerity, and unemployment. Pressure will be temporarily relieved, so the rape can continue.

Meanwhile rich people in Finland (the rapists) are getting richer than ever.

Robert Reich, the former labor secretary, sees a national guaranteed income as the most likely endgame in an economy with “more and more people getting pushed out of the middle class into the personal service sector of the economy getting lower and lower wages.”

Reich is dreaming. He thinks the cancer (i.e. bankers and rich people) will one day be forced to develop a conscience. The truth is that rich people will never let the peasants have a basic guaranteed income. Why should they? They make their money in the casinos. What do they care if the 99% live in cardboard boxes? Besides, poverty is what the peasants want. For most people, having a decent job and a dignified life is less pleasurable than being able to righteously spout, “There’s no free lunch!” (Except for the rich.)

In the USA the peasants can’t even have single payer health care. And soon Medicare and Social Security will be privatized. This will happen because the peasants would sooner starve to death than stop thinking like peasants.

This is why the peasants submit to ever-greater poverty, and why they will submit to having Medicare and Social Security privatized (i.e. given to the thieves of Wall Street).

The Swiss measure was initiated by people who are worried about the loss of jobs to offshoring and robot automation. YouTube has numerous videos about this, under the heading of Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (Basic Income). Unfortunately I do not speak German.

Hate is a product of fear. The antidote to fear is courage. The source of courage is love. That’s what we are short of.

Maybe life is meant to be ugly. Maybe the point of life on earth is express love while everyone around us is full of hate. If everyone loved each other, then our own compassion would be less significant.

I don’t know. I’m just speculating.

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7 Responses to Pressure relief valves

  1. Danny says:

    Have you evet considered that perhaps your source believe that printing money = free is wrong?

    Would that not negate your whole theory and in fact tell you that the opposite of what you believe is true?

    That, like the bible says, you will survive by the sweat on your forehead?

    I think the bible is right.


    • Got it. There’s no such thing as money.


      • Danny says:

        What is money without goods and services? The core of your believe is wrong.

        Goods and services are represented by dollars at a point in time, they are measuring sticks. Like all else, the more measuring sticks you have the less the measurimg sticks are worth. Supply and demand?

        Many governments in the past have abused their power, and they’ve all ended in the same place – a deboged currency.

        You can try to control people “for their own good” (which is normally code for my own good) but people will always have alternatives. Fidel Castro tried for over 50 years – they are about to get their first shipment of gum in 40 years this week. The wealthy cubans left and the country descended into miscery for over 50 freaking years. He saw first hand what happens in a socialist utopia. Nonetheless his pride was worth more to him tha the miscery of his people.

        Greed has been instilled in you by design by our creator. Greed is what drives the world – the urge to have more. More stuff enhances the lives of those around you.

        The only myth around here is that the rich are the bad ones. I think thr middle and poorer classes are worst. The rich know that they can get richer by producing more, the lower classes mostly havr the notion that the heroic thing to do is sit on your ass and collect government checks. Amazing how a society can go from heros giving their lives for generations they’ve never met to free loaders full of their own sick misery that could give a rats ass about future generations.

        Your notion of heroism is twisted.


        • Narco-Capitalist says:

          “More stuff enhances the lives of those around you”. So, only caring about yourself will enhance other peoples’ lives?

          BTW, fuck your god. Fuck him right in the ass.


          • For the greedy person, it is not enough that he succeeds. He must ensure that everyone else fails. His sense of wealth is not based on having things, but on having more than you. He is a parasite that wants to be worshipped as a god.

            By the way “Danny” (aka Chunch, aka Vanessa) this is just a heads up…You can insult me all you want, but if you insult anyone else who visits this blog, then your comments will all be deleted, and you will be banned again, only permanently. Be cool.


            • Narco-Capitalist says:

              Are you sure that warning wasn’t for me? I insulted Danny’s deity and he/she has not insulted anybody. This person has just been trolling around, but has never insulted anyone, not even you.


            • “Danny” (i.e. Chunch) is a troll. You are not. I tolerate Chunch because I ignore Chunch’s comments. But if Chunch adds insults to his trolling, then Chunch will have to go (again). People can troll or they can insult, but not both. That’s all I was saying. Everybody be cool.


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